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  2. Nice. Thanks!

    I’m 2/3 into her book, it’s scarier than Stephen King. This is real, and had very real implications for us here in Europe. Diana is not your typical professional university-educated historian, and thank God for that! She still has the ability to get outraged over the outrageous, follow interesting trails and hypothetical “What if?” situations. Although I do have reservations towards her assessment of some military scenarios, but that is minor compared to the overall picture of a fatal loss of national sovereignty. For no good reason.

    Read it, absorb it, and enjoy the ride down the rabbit’s hole!

  3. I too am 2/3 through the book. I’m tempted to say it is the single most important secular book I have read. It really has had that big an impact upon me. It explains SO much of current Western thinking. For instance: the similarity of Roosevelt’s “Convergence” doctrine to the doctrine of “Communitarianism” today proffered by the Fabian Society which has produced so many prominent politicians, academics & businessmen. The book really puts things in place for me and makes sense out of a previously disparate jumble of events & facts. So much to learn from the history of another country (america) 50-80 years ago that is directly applicable today. Brilliant book.

  4. This is the point that should have been investigated and expanded upon but instead was drowned out by the ridiculous ad hominem abuse dished out by Horowitz and Radosh – the infiltration of the CURRENT American political scene.

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