Come to Syria for Excitement, Romance, and Jihad!

The following interviews with foreign mujahideen in Syria were recorded recently in the environs of Aleppo. Notice that the first man interviewed, the older one, traveled to Syria from some unspecified country — Britain? The Netherlands? Sweden? — which he describes as a disgusting nest of democracy and unbelief.

But now he’s so happy — he’s in Syria, where jihad is making the law of Allah a reality!

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

5 thoughts on “Come to Syria for Excitement, Romance, and Jihad!

  1. The whole Syrian scandal really shows what is going on and what the future is.

    Besides creating, financing and arming this thugs, the Elite is importing them by the millions to Europe so they can create “Yugoslavia part II x 100” . The “democracy” of the West is a farse. From this awful ethnic/religious conflict they will create either a openly fascist and balkanized police/surveillance state that is part capitalist and part communist or there will be no balkanization at all and the Muslims are destined to be wiped out or expelled. For the next centuries, this new fascist state will be in a permanent state of conflict with the Muslim World BUT most of it ruled by “Saudi Royals & Co” who are in turn ruled by our Elite. This is the New World (Dis)Order for you, even the term New World Order is a lie because it gives you the impression that there will be order in the first place.

    Having said this these [Islamic persons whose intelligence may be doubted] could also use their bain a little more: “Wait a minute, why is the evil infidel system importing us by the millions and giving us immense privelage? What if we’re being used by someone?”

  2. The British public seems to be waking up to the Muslim threat. Over 40% of those polled by the (PC) Guardian believe civil conflict in Britain involving Muslims is *inevitable*. **Inevitable!!** What confidence they must have in the wonders of multiculturalism and in the wisdom of their leaders who insist on importing millions of Muslims into their midst.

    If 40% of the British population believes civil war is inevitable, what percentage of the ethnic British population believes it? 50% maybe? I don’t know, but I’d wager it was higher rather than lower.

    The question is at what point does the tipping point occur? What is inevitable is that we’ll get there – things aren’t getting any better, so it’s only as matter of time. And it seems to me that the powers that be are becoming a little hysterical – I wonder what that means?

    • An interesting letter appeared in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph:

      “Jenny MCCartney (ST 29 Sept ’13) hit the nail on the head when she compared aspects of the Islamic terrorism we are witnessing to the Nazi regime.

      We are witnessing the same murderous violence, the same religious and racial hatred, the same cultural intolerance. And both ideologies have the same objective, namely to subjugate everyone to their will.”

  3. Stay there then if it so great.And please take many others with you if they are so delighted to wage jihad for their 72 virgins.
    We are not enamoured with you either mostly welfare parasites, biting the hand that feeds you is the most gross indecency and ingratitude that exists.

  4. Correction…ONE of the most gross indecency and ingratitude that exists.
    Certainly not the only or main one, i can think of a lot more indecent actions these adherents of the ” religion of peace” commit on a regular basis. The list is too long to place here and I don’t have the time at the moment.

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