Christine Tasin, “Islamophobe”

Christine Tasin is a French Counterjihad activist for Résistance Républicaine. In a recent street encounter, she was upbraided by a Muslim for her “Islamophobia” in an attempt to force her into a humiliating retreat while the cameras were running. Despite the bullying, Ms. Tasin kept her cool throughout the confrontation.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   So, we agree…
00:04   You are Islamophobe. Yes, I am Islamophobe, so what?
00:08   but it’s normal. I’m against Islam that causes problems
00:12   I don’t find it normal that one tortures animals
00:16   I don’t find it normal that one veils women
00:20   do you find it normal
00:24   that one breeds battery chicken?
00:28   I’m talking about a serious problem
00:32   you only have a problem with Islam
00:36   It’s not the animal cause, you have a problem with Islam. I have not a problem with Islam
00:40   it is FRANCE who has a problem with Islam. No, it’s you
00:45   France is a secular country. Well, exactly!
00:49   Secularity! where liberty reigns over hatred of a religion. It is not
00:53   hatred. Pray at home, eat halal at home. Madam I wish you a good day
00:57   But we are at home here. This must not happen in public space.
01:01   It is outrageous that everyone has to eat Halal without knowing it
01:05   There is something which is not ok.
01:09   it’s not normal that we pay
01:13   you tell lies
01:17   60 % of animals killed in France
01:22   are killed ritually (according to Islam) and people eat Halal without knowing it
01:26   Here you have enormous dangers regarding sanitation.
01:30   Tonight, when you see the water jets dispersing the blood
01:34   and the contents of stomachs and intestines will finish up in the drains
01:38   in the rivers. You lie! Really?
01:42   so before saying things…
01:46   look first… You invite me to look closer? One can visit?
01:50   An authorisation will be distributed to
01:54   persons who we accept. You are only here to provoke
01:58   You are in the provocation. No, I am in the information
02:02   You are not here to serve the cause of France, you serve your cause
02:07   which is hatred of Islam. Hatred of Islam? Yes, of course, and I am proud of this.
02:11   Islam is filth. Thank you Madame, it’s very kind.
02:15   It’s a danger for France. Absolutely.
02:19   Pardon? …inaudible
02:23   blabla…Racism…attention
02:27   stotter…
02:31   we must not (exploit?) this on a national level
02:36   We want her to (inaudible)
02:40   noise
02:44   The thing is that religions
02:48   compared with …
02:52   ….She is overtly Islamophobe
02:56   Islamophobia is not a crime I think. It is a crime, racism is a crime
03:00   in 1990…
03:04   it’s like anti-Semitism. No it’s not the same thing…
03:09   In fact, these are things…
03:13   of hatred and out of context. No.
03:17   Madame, are you a member of the Front National (Marine LePen). No. I am independent, I am president
03:21   of “Résistance Républicaine”, an association Law 1901, who fights against Islam.
03:25   What’s your name? Christine Tasin.

12 thoughts on “Christine Tasin, “Islamophobe”

  1. Inspirational, Tasin. Just for once, no grovelling, no apologizing, no evasion, no watering down, no trying to be nice. She just gave them the truth, straight from the hip.

    • “She just gave them the truth, straight from the hip.” And they couldn’t cope with it. I particularly like it when talking about ritual slaughter the man said you can only comment if you have seen – or words to that effect – and Ms Tasin asked ‘I may visit?’ ie to see what goes on. The man declined with tail between legs. Anybody else think he was physically aggressive?

  2. The Muslims are immigrants to our Western countries but unlike immigrants who came before them Muslims are NOT expected to make any contributions to society! They are not EXPECTED to work! Muslims are provided with free money, free homes, free healthcare and luxury goods! In France, Muslims are eager to show how much they appreciate infidel generosity by burning lots and lots of infidel cars.

    In non-Muslim countries it is a vital part of Islamic WAR strategy for Muslims to ALWAYS be on the offensive and place infidels on the defensive. Muslims never stop accusing. Never stop condemning. Always DEMANDING special rights that will DESTROY our merciful Western culture and civilization and replace it with an Islamic one. Barbaric halal slaughter DESTROYS our precious Western civilization.

    Muslims accuse: “You hate Islam”. YES! We don’t believe in the Muslim DEATH god! We infidels believe in our Glorious, Awesome Creator! We believe in God’s eternal Laws: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER.

    We are called Islamophobes because we believe it is WRONG to hurt other people! Barbaric mass murderer, founder of Islam, Mohammad was a HUGE slave trader who married a six year old child when he was in his fifties. Mohammad is regarded as the perfect man and role model by devout Muslims.

    We are Islamophobes because we believe in God’s Laws! God gave the death sentence for kidnapping/slave taking. Bible Exodus 21:16
    He who kidnaps a man whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

    We are proud to be Islamophobes! We are proud to believe in our Wonderful, Precious Awesome God Who cares so deeply for the humanity that He lovingly created.

    The 1,400 years of the horror and suffering of the cruel, EVIL, forbidden-by-God, Islamic practice of Muslims taking slaves continues to this day in Sudan, Mauritania and other countries. And Muslims are upset with Islamophobes for hating Islam.

    Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs

  3. Truly the ‘Ummah’ are arrogant beyond belief!

    Ms. Tasin stood her ground and spoke the truth, I salute her courage. Many more of us need to do the same, in this way the repulsive ideology known as Islam will be exposed and put to an end.

  4. If it wasn’t being filmed Ms Tasin would have certainly been physically attacked by her interlocutor.

    What stands out in all these types of encounters is the claim by Muslims that opposing Islam is “racism”. It is if Muslims worldwide have grasped that Westerners have an abhorrence of being called “racists” and therefore they seize upon the term as a cudgel to batter questioning or doubtful Westerners into silence and submission.

    I recall reading a pseudo-erudite piece in the Guardian or Independent by a hand-wringing milksop Englishman that agitating against Islam was indeed “racism” because … wait for it … “most Muslims are brown”!

    By that logic being anti-Communist must also be “racism” because most Communists – given the size of China’s (and Vietnam’s) population – are “yellow”. This would never be advanced because abovementioned writer is seeking to establish, in order to exculpate Islam, that it isn’t the religion of immigrants that generates public animosity it is their colour.

    The official statistics related to crimes committed, however, undermine his silly contention. It is abundantly clear that Hindus and Sikhs in the UK, despite being the same colour as Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, do not attract anywhere near the same level of animosity from natives Brits as the – Muslim – latter do. The statistical discrepancy on the incidence of criminal convictions between the former two groups and the latter two groups in the UK is, prima facie, staggering. From memory the likelihood of a Sikh being convicted of a crime compared with a Muslim is in a ratio of 3 to 50 and for Hindus it is 8. Moreover, it is noted that in places like Bradford – where the earliest waves of migration from the Indian subcontinent arrived – the Hindu and Muslim community originally hailed from the same socio-economic stratum: so “poverty” and “low educational background” cannot be blamed.

  5. Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl were Islamophobes! Islam is a religion of peace. And death to you who dare to question that ‘fact’

  6. Too bad she didn’t tell him that she wasn’t a racist. Since Islam is neither a race nor a religion. When will these counter jihad people at the front finally learn to frame their arguments more poignant?

    I’ve been accused of being a racist and anti religion because I speak against Islam. I love this because it gives me the opening I need to enlighten these morons that Islam is NOT a race and it is NOT a religion but a theocracy.

    Of course they don’t care. When you’re a …phobe, you’re a …phobe…

    But wha I wish is that the people that really matter at the Sturmfront, should reframe their arguments better because it will educate those sitting on the fence, stump the opposition, and cause more people to look into it and educate themselves more.

    • Stormfront types do see race as the driving issue. Even if
      one brings up the Hindu and Sikh exception.

      • I think that the issue is importing masses of millions of Others into the homelands of European Christians. This is not a position to be ashamed of. Takuan Seiyo takes this position. That this is a crime against the indigenous peoples of Europe.

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