A Turkish Trifecta

Like the news about the massacre in Nairobi, these three translations by JLH came in while I was in Warsaw. Although they are no longer current, readers will still find them of interest.

First, from Zuerst!:

Syrian Conflict: Turkey Shoots Down Syrian Helicopter and Islamists Behead Both Pilots

Turkey, supporter of most of the Islamist rebels in Syria, shot down a Syrian helicopter, reportedly after it had violated Turkish air space.

According to the news agency dpa, the Turkish assistant head of state, Bülent Arinc, announced that the Russian-made helicopter had flown past the Turkish border and been warned numerous times. Several fighter planes had been scrambled from a support point in Malatya province. The helicopter was finally struck by a rocket. After several incidents at the border, the Turkish air force had strengthened defenses and acted accordingly, said Arinc. Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu declared that no one would dare to violate the Turkish border again.

According to Turkish television stations, the helicopter crashed on the Turkish side, 400 meters from the border. Both pilots were able to save themselves by parachuting, but then, as shown in a video on You-Tube and grisly pictures on Facebook, were beheaded by rebel fighters.

From Politically Incorrect:

Muslims Behead Helicopter Crew and Children

On September 18th, the Turkish air force shot down a Syrian helicopter because it allegedly violated Turkish air space. What has not yet been reported in the media is that the crew of the helicopter survived the shooting-down of their machine and then used their parachutes.

As news agency ZUERST reports, the crew, after landing safely by parachute, were beheaded by Islamic terrorists. A video on YouTube shows the helicopter being shot down and the reactions of the faithful. Another video shows the beheaded crew. For Turkey to shoot the helicopter down for violation of air space is incredible nerve. The Turkish border after all has become a gateway for jihadists from all over Europe

Meanwhile, the blog Shariaunveiled reports that true believers massacred and beheaded several Christian children in a village. The [gruesome!] video shows bearded men shouting Allahu Akbar and holding up the headless body of a child, with other dead and mutilated children lying on the ground. The perpetrators are said to be rebels of the FSA — Free Syrian Army — who have done most of the recruiting of jihadists from around the world.

Should these barbarians win the war with the help of the West, not only would Assyrian Christianity — the oldest Christian community in the world — be slated for annihilation; the entire Near East would be destabilized. To say nothing of what would happen when thousands of these barbarians “flee” to Europe.

In unrelated news, a story about an “Austrian” Islamic activist in Turkey from Kurier. NOTE: This case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 200%:

Austro-Islamist Set Free by Turkey

The Islamist preacher Mohamed Mahmoud will not be extradited to Austria from Turkey. Local authorities rejected the request from Vienna swiftly and have already set the Salafist free. As the Kurier learned, the alleged terror preacher is already a free man. His whereabouts are unclear. It is conceivable that he has gone to Syria to join the fight against the regime. That was his plan before he was captured on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Terror Threats

Mohamed Mahmoud, sentenced to four years in prison for the formation and facilitation of a terrorist group, burned his passport and talked of attacks on cities, trains and parliaments, in a spectacular video last March. Above all, he blatantly threatened Germany and Austria. At that point the Viennese prosecutor’s office accused him anew of furthering terrorism. At approximately the same time, Mohammed Mahmoud was arrested in Turkey because of falsified travel documents. Apparently he wanted to get through to Syria. Like many other Islamists, he wanted to join the fighters close to Al-Qaida. He maintained in a telephone interview from prison that he was already on the way back. Security experts, however, rule that possibility out.

In March, the Austrian authorities requested extradition, but the papers did not arrive in Ankara until the beginning of May. “Turkey has refused the request because investigations were not yet advanced enough,” said Dagmar Albegger, speaking for the Ministry of Justice. In plain words, that means that Turkey wants a completed indictment, but the prosecutor’s office is in the midst of inquiries. “At this time, we cannot put anything further before Turkey, because it is a legal, judicial decision of theirs which we just have to accept.”

There is a European arrest warrant out for Mahmoud. He can be arrested the minute he arrives in the EU, and delivered to Austria. It is also not clear whether Mahmoud has Egyptian citizenship.

Previous articles about Mohamed Mahmoud:

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  1. One small detail caught my eye in the pilot beheading story. It states that after the helicopter was hit with a rocket, the pilots allegedly parachuted out of the damaged craft.
    A few minutes on Google confirm the obvious that it is next to impossible for the pilot to parachute out of a falling helicopter – with the one exception of the Russian Kamov Ka-50, uniquely recognizable for its double rotor.
    If that’s the case, based on the video that’s supposed to exist, then there might be truth to the story, but otherwise the story could very well be bogus, like a lot of other propaganda reports that come out of that conflict zone. If anyone has a link to the videos, please post them.

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