A Dhimmi Dutch Diplomat in Riyadh

It’s well-known that Western diplomatic officials stationed in Saudi Arabia generally exhibit embarrassingly obsequious behavior towards the religion of their hosts. Some of them — notably certain CIA station chiefs — even convert to Islam and studiously observe all the outward forms of the Mohammedan religion.

The latest egregious example of dhimmi behavior by the Dutch ambassador to Saudi Arabia has prompted an official protest by Geert Wilders and the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV). Below is a press release sent out this morning by the PVV:

PVV: Recall the Dutch dhimmi ambassador to Saudi Arabia

This morning, Laurens Westhoff, the Dutch Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, put up the following text on his twitter account:

Congratulations to all Saudi people on a very sucessful #Hajj2013 a showcase of Muslim unity, faith. Islam shows it is religion of peace

Geert Wilders MP and Raymond De Roon MP, two members of the Dutch Party for Freedom, demand that the Dutch government recall the Ambassador. See below:

Parliamentary questions of the PVV parliamentarians De Roon and Wilders to the Minister of Foreign Affairs about our dhimmi ambassador in Riyadh:

1.   Have you seen the tweet of our Ambassador in Riyadh, which reads: “Congratulations to all Saudi people on a very sucessful #Hajj2013 a showcase of Muslim unity, faith. Islam shows it is religion of peace”?
2.   Can you explain how the facts that Muslims walk around a black stone, throw pebbles at other stones, walk seven times hence and forth between two hills and perform other duties of the Hajj, demonstrate that the Islam is a “religion of peace”?
3.   Are you familiar with the texts in the Koran that call for violence, the oppressive mentality of the Sharia and the millions of people whose throats have been slit by Muslims shouting “Allah is great”?
4.   Are you prepared to immediately call back this ambassador who obviously is ignorant of all these facts or who behaves as a dhimmi? If not, why not?

9 thoughts on “A Dhimmi Dutch Diplomat in Riyadh

  1. Quote:

    “Islam shows it is religion of peace”

    During the process of Hajj, each devout Muslim goes to ‘Mina’ to perform the ritual called ‘Al-Rami’ (pronounced – Ar-ramee). ‘Al-Rami’ is a ritual to stone , ahem, ” Satan”. (Keep in mind that across the Muslim world, imams proclaim Israel as the “little Satan” and America (as well asthe nonIslamised West) the “Big Satan”)
    It is this pillar called ‘Jamrah-Al-Aqaba’ during which the hajji (a person who is performing the hajj) ‘peacefully’ throws stones at these Satan(s).

    Upon return from this ‘energising’ ‘hajji rock concert’, Hajjis ‘peacefully’ slaughter poor animals to celebrate ‘Eid-Al-Adha’.

    Upon slaughtering the animals but prior to consuming them, the Hajji shaves his head or clips some hair, (shaving the all the hair off is dearer in the sight of Allah so the sun reflects back from the head of the pilgrims).

    Having their fill, each hajji eventually returns to ‘Mina’ to burn more calories throw more stones at the Satan(s) again. Here they throw stones at three different Satans. There is Big Satan (see above), Small Satan (see above) and the Smallest Satan (the infamous inner struggle).

    Note, the Hajj message of Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Khamenei [2013] says that every single problem in the Muslim world is caused by Zionists and the West. Not a single Muslim is guilty of any crimes, terrorism, civil war, chemical weapons usage, infighting or anything else unseemly – it is all controlled by the expansive network of Zionists and their allies.
    This hints at the dualistic explanation for the “smallest Satan” pertaining to that oft cited ‘inner struggle’ we often hear reference to with regards to ‘jihad’. The dualism of Islam sure does come in handy to pull the proverbial wool over so many gullible victim’s eyes.

  2. So Hajj 2013 has wrapped up. We used to hear how many people were trampled at this marvelous religious event. Either KSA finally got their crowd control perfected or the info is being supressed. Kind of like the Paris car-b-ques?

    • It appears reports of annual Hajj stampede death tolls stopped around 2006 as reported here:

      Incidents/Stampedes: 1990 – 1,426 pilgrims are trampled to death.

      February 1, 2004 – A stampede kills 251 Muslim pilgrims and injures another 244 at a stone-throwing ritual which has been the source of deadly trampling in the past.

      January 5, 2006 – A small hotel in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, collapses killing at least 76 people. The hotel, Luluat Alkheir, is occupied by Asian pilgrims when it collapses.

      January 12, 2006 – A stampede kills at least 363 people. The stampede, like others in the past, happens during the stone-throwing ritual in which the pilgrims stone a symbolic devil.

      However, official details from the Daily Hajj bulletin reveals :

      •No. of death Hajji: 44 persons. In Makkah 29, in Arafah 3, in Madinah 9 and in Jeddah 3 persons (Male 37, Female 7).

    • U.S. MUSLIMS ATTACKED WHILE AT THE HAJJ……..via TundraTabloids

      A group of Americans visiting Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj were threatened and attacked earlier this week on Oct. 16 by a radicalized group of extremists. On one of the nights where Hajj pilgrims are required to stay overnight in the city of Mina, a group of young men began asking different sets of pilgrims if they were from the United States.

      When they encountered a group that identified themselves as not only Americans, but also as Shiite Muslims, they were threatened and attacked by the group of men, who were apparently armed with knives and other blades.

  3. This is not my ambassador! Get this – obviously- insane man out of there! He cannot even read and understand a simple verse 🙂

    Man-o-man. The ruling elite in the Netherlands can not sink any lower.

    • They definitely can’t outshine president Obama who bowed to King Abdullah during one of his visits. I wonder if there will be any politicians or diplomats who will also prostrate themselves before him and lick his shoe.

  4. Perhaps the Ambassador should also ‘congratulate’ the Saudis on the non-existence of freedom of religion.

  5. The sole fact that Islam is so anxious to prove that they are a religion of peace is a pretty sure sign that they are anything but and that it is merely a shtick they are trying to sell.

    And I dont think the Dutch guy is a submissive dhimmi. He simply switched sides. He left a weak team and joined a strong team. I guess he was royally compensated for this action. The more being a patriot loyal to your nation is being shamed by the leftist mainstream, the lower will be the moral hurdles of defection.

    I also expect that in future, the more Europeans realize that they can not repel Islam, that they will start switching _to_ Islam. If you cant beat them, join them.

  6. “The ruling elite in the Netherlands can not sink any lower.”

    I rather not want to bet money on that.

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