Who Has the Biggest Dictator?

After I read the concern about our having fun with Putin posters, I thought long and hard about what our reader had said. But I decided finally that it is important to use mockery against this dangerous man currently in the White House. If Putin is a good weapon, by all means let us employ him in one more effort to wake up our narcoleptic countrymen, sated and distracted as they appear to be by bread and never-ending circuses.

For sure Vladimir is a dangerous, creepy killer. He comes from a long line of them in a country which has never had either an authentic rule of law based on individual liberties or any philosophical foundation regarding personal property rights. That’s why it has no real middle class.

America is headed in the same direction if we don’t put on the brakes. Look at who we re-elected in our land of the free. If you’re an American, the country in which you were born no longer exists. But the place you live in now grows increasingly foreign: statist, over-regulated, ever-poorer, and frankly socialist in its regulations and intentions.

What I will describe is a partial list. I’m not sure anyone could name everything; if I took my time to arrange this list into a more orderly pattern, perhaps the deeply insidious nature of the Democrats’ Long-Term Plan to Convert America Into a Soviet would be more readily apparent. But these items are just as they occur to me. A real follower of the news could give you more stunning detail, maybe even a flowchart of operations.

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People have remarked that Obama does best when he’s campaigning, and that it’s all he seems to do when not on the golf course. There’s a reason for that: he has been building a personal campaign chest (this one is actually outside the control of the Democrat Party). It’s not for personal use, but he’ll be able to direct funds for decades, bankrolling the candidates of his choice. Thus, Organize for Obama, his original fund-raising arm, morphed into Organize for America and then into Organize for Action. For reasons I’ve not looked into, this OfA scam doesn’t have to follow the usual non-profit rules. So who’s laughing at the metrosexual Community Organizer now?

One thing to consider: this OfA entity may draw down a lot of the money which could’ve gone to Hillary for 2016. She will have to ask, and the vigorish will be steep.

As for his personal wealth, many on the Right fear he won’t leave office in 2016. Not to worry. There have been reports, starting just before the 2012 campaign, that he has a thirty-five million-dollar compound being put together in Hawaii. The large estate, with room for Secret Service agents (for whose housing our government is to be billed) will be donated by ‘friends’. It is simply waiting for the moment he steps down from the throne to devote himself to golf and political games; he won’t ever have to answer to the public again. It is said he is bored now, waiting for his lame duck session to be over.

Do you think boredom may drive his excellent foreign adventures in Libya, Syria, Egypt and Jordan? That could be one answer: we could perhaps have an Alexander on our hands who needs new kingdoms to conquer.

Another way he resembles Putin: Obama’s purported “transparent” governance is surely the most occluded of any previous president, excepting perhaps FDR. He is secretive and impulsive and we’ve almost become inured to the lies. Often we are left to guess what he’s going to do next since he has stiff-armed the other branches of government to become the closest thing we’ve ever had to a despot. In appointing czars directors to head the complex plethora of bureaucratic Regulations Offices, he has a great deal of overt, extra-constitutional power. Nor is he shy about using it, for these people owe their positions to Obama and his staff.

This is an area in which Obama makes plain how much he disdains our Congress and the Courts. He has said publicly that the Constitution is a piece of paper; it doesn’t constrain him much, especially when it comes to interfering with or making war on other sovereign states that can’t fight back. If you doubted it before, surely his strange deportment regarding Libya, Egypt and Syria ought to make his despotism obvious. “I don’t need Congress. I can do it without them.”

Even today, Obama does a great deal without having any pushback. The White House is now shut up and locked against any public intrusion. Obama didn’t have to ask permission, and he has never so much as offered an apology. It may well stay that way until he leaves. I continue to be surprised at the lack of public outcry about this spiteful move made by our president to punish Congress. If anyone is complaining about the new Versailles on Pennsylvania Avenue, the press isn’t reporting on their grievances. Nor is the White House Press Corps asking questions. After all, their access hasn’t been denied. Yet.

There is no doubt about it: Russia is an openly criminal enterprise run by a former (maybe former) KGB Big Wheel who has two goals: Russian imperialism and Putin enrichment. He has no trouble killing people to reach those goals. But in what essential ways is Obama qualitatively different from other dictators?

While Russia/Putin is bent on enlarging its footprint and reach, the United States/Obama is on the opposite track in many respects. With surprisingly little complaint we are witnessing the planned, orchestrated diminishment of the US. As I said, the Democrats’ Long-Term Plan to Convert America Into a Soviet. There is not one area he has left untouched. Even his wife is down in the dirt fighting about what kids can eat at lunch. She lost the first round, but that food fight is far from over. It wouldn’t be so bad if her ideas about nutrition were sound, but they’re not. The last thing kids need is more “whole grain bread”.

Obama is ruining our military, driving it down to pre-WWII levels and spitting on it as he does so. The latest hoick was the usual Friday afternoon surprise (these changes are always made at a time when the press has left for the weekend) done just as the Labor Day weekend started and all the journalists had gone home. It was then that the White House announced that federal employees are getting a modest raise next year but the military pay increase is to be cut in half, effective January 2014. Even if the press had been resident, it’s unlikely they’d have complained. I mean, how much have you heard about this since the holiday ended?

We talk about Putin the killer, but how about the loss of our SEALs in that double copter crash? Despite public outcry, it has never been investigated and never will be. Were their deaths the price for having them procure bin Laden on his watch? Was Obama’s own “leaking” of the details of bin Laden’s take-down a blunder or was it really a deliberate mistake-on-purpose on his part? Was the sacrifice of those SEALS just a necessary payment?

And of course there is the Benghazi debacle. Was it deliberate? Was that the price for rounding up all the loose weapons that needed to move on to the rebels in Syria? Will it ever be investigated? Don’t hold your breath. Our Congress is so compromised as to be little more than an inflamed appendix on the body politic of the US.

How about the deliberate distraction of that famous “movie” which was blamed for triggering the conflagrations and deaths of 9/11/12 in Egypt and Libya? Utterly lame and transparent… hey, there’s one time Obama’s intentions shone through! But without due process that hapless “movie producer” was set up and thrown in the slammer. The whole thing was fake and no one in charge cared that it didn’t even have the appearance of accuracy. But Obama’s acolytes don’t need to pretend anymore. They have seen he can do as he pleases. Whenever. Whatever. To Whomever. Ask Libya’s dictator. Oh wait…Or Egypt’s. Never mind. Assad must be whistling “Me and Bobby McGee” by now.

Speaking of those Libyan arms, how about the fact that our CIA is arming and training factions — perhaps Al Qaeda factions — of the rebels so they can kill both Syrian soldiers and other rebels? Agents of the U.S. government have created anarchy in a sovereign state and have armed sadistic killers. We have created a scenario of all against all in Syria. There is no way to fix it and Obama doesn’t care. Our foreign policy has resulted in turning us into what his Leftist supporters claimed we were under previous presidents: amoral baby killers. And this time we have it on film, sans any obvious American attribution.

Meanwhile we have boots on the ground in Jordan and Egypt, purportedly ‘training’ Jordanian and Egyptian military in crowd control. No one has explained why it wouldn’t be cheaper and safer to bring the Jordanians and Egyptians to American bases to train here, as we used to do. Are those boots in reality our first line to be sent into Syria at the right moment?

As if the mess in MENA weren’t enough, Obama has been busy on the domestic side, too. His toxic efforts to create race wars in this country seem to be succeeding. The build-up proceeds apace and by next summer expect heavily armed urban zones and a rise in the number of black-on-white killings. They have almost become commonplace, though not nearly the open wound of black-on-black killing, a horrific waste. What is most telling about this is the fact that people are beginning to talk of the situation openly, on both sides of this divide. Suddenly white people are beginning to question this narrative, are less willing to link arms and sing “We Will Overcome”… they know they could be the next target of the Black Grievance Industry.

Obama’s moves against gun control are kabuki theatre. He knows he can’t leave the country with only the criminals and the military having arms, because those who already have arms won’t let him. But he has to talk the talk to satisfy his base, and so he will. If in the process people become even more fissured and suspicious of one another, all to the good for the Democrats’ Long-Term Plan to Convert America Into a Soviet. Gun control can wait…

His plan includes various components to impoverish the American people. The one on the front burner right now is the confusing, paralyzing, wealth-destroying legislation that brought us Affordable Health Care. Even though the bill has long since passed, its components and effects are still not well understood. For sure it is another lethal blow to an American economy already reeling. We will become a nation of part-time employees who find themselves working two jobs to maintain, yet still falling behind.

It’s difficult to believe that our health care will be partly insured through the build up and arming of agents employed by our Internal Revenue Service. These armed thugs agents will be our very own KGB. The IRS has been a law unto itself for at least two generations. In fact, people have only half-jokingly called them America’s KGB. That soviet-style humor is about to become most unfunny as folks who aren’t in compliance with ObamaCare find their assets in the clutches of the IRS. The armed IRS. And we live in a republic protected by our Constitution and the rule of law? Really? So how is the new, massively improved IRS not tyranny? Will those fellows coming up to your front door to check your insurance compliance be wearing red white and blue uniforms? Will their smiles make them friendlier enforcers? Since when is a country where you must possess the right papers not a tyranny?

I can say that now because we still have free speech, more or less. Obama will leave the closing of the First Amendment to Hillary or whomever he chooses to follow in his footsteps. He still has other projects for us.

The massive influx of illegal immigrants, a collusion between and among all three arms of government is Mexico’s long-awaited revenge. Unlike previous immigrants, the new ones won’t have to learn English. Why should they, when the government pays out billions for translators, transcribers, etc., as the need arises? At least one illegal immigrant in California is in the process being admitted to the bar and will soon be practicing law in Mexifornia.

Will there be serious clashes between Mexican immigrants and blacks? Oh yes. The Mexicans have already driven out the blacks from some California towns — e.g., Stockton. So the beleaguered blacks will have a two-front war: whitey and the Mex. The conflict with the former might be easier at first since most whites don’t want war — they need to prove their multi-culti creds by being down with it, man. The Mexicans have no such need. They will operate free of any politically correct baggage. Any scenarios painted for us about our near future which does not take into account the criminal consequences of “Amnesty” is too simple-minded to be credible…or useful.

Finally, how do Putin and Obama compare when it comes to their plans for essential energy to keep their respective economies going? It’s the Realist vs. the Utopian. America could be energy independent if it were not for the plans of the Socialists, better known as the Democrats’ Long-Term Plan to Convert America Into a Soviet.The road to the poorhouse has been temporarily blocked by the new technology which allows us to access cheap natural gas without having to go through expensive EPA permits. Obviously, that can’t be allowed to continue. Obama’s carbon tax plans, which I’ve not seen in detail, have one goal: to impoverish us either via taxes on the demand end, or a bottleneck on the supply end. Louisiana was promised all sorts of new access to offshore permits, but the Obama-controlled EPA lied. They did a deliberate slowdown on new permits while Louisiana’s economy went on the skids. And the oil rigs? They finally sailed away to Brazil.

Putin is not interfering in Syria for fun, though he appears to enjoy making patsies of the Americans. Gazprom has Europe on a leash and it wants things to remain the same. Open up the chokehold Syria, and Russia’s formerly exclusive market would be wide open. Gazprom would have to compete. That’s why Qatar poured three billion into defeating Syria — it wants things open. Putin doesn’t.

Russia is not a free market enterprise, nor is Putin a moral ruler. Unfortunately, America no longer has a moral compass either. And we’re an over-regulated corrupt crony capitalist state now. You pay for access. Oh, but that’s when access is for sale. Sometimes it’s not access but direction that rules the day.

Don’t expect Obama to make serious incursions on free speech. Maybe Hillary and the OIC can pick up the ball when it’s their turn.

The continuing militarization of our domestic police forces as the rule of law erodes and property rights become increasingly moot? Again, the Democrats’ Long-Term Plan to Convert America Into a Soviet is just that: long-term. Rome wasn’t destroyed in a day. We could well be if an EMP comes by, a gift from Iran. Obama probably won’t be in office then, and Hawaii is a relatively safe place; his compound no doubt fully stocked.

In the meantime, until Obama is out of here, we might as well enjoy our gulag humor and watch Pooty-Poo (as George W. Bush called him) enjoy his pranks. If you don’t laugh, how are you going to pass the time -join the Democrats’ Long-Term Plan to Convert America Into a Soviet??

Not me, thanks. Someone pass those posters over here.

37 thoughts on “Who Has the Biggest Dictator?

  1. Nice rant but Lincoln is clearly the worst despot this country has seen, and it will take quite some doing to unseat him.

    • I disagree with your unsourced assertion.

      To begin with, if you look at who his opponents were in the first election, he was the best of what was on offer. And then he had to thread his way through the maze the South set up as they become convinced a short bloody war would put him in his place.

      On reading his Second Inaugural speech it was obvious Lincoln planned to roll back the transgressions against the Constitution. Those had been done in the heat of a brutal war which saw the deaths of 600,000 people.

      Lincoln had plans to avoid punishing the South, but those were interred with his mortal remains; the “Reconstruction” was to become a harsh Deconstruction that saw both sides dig in their heels, while those in charge cynically used freed blacks to make all blacks worse off. The South still bears the scars…

      FDR transgressed on the Constitution far worse than Lincoln ever dreamed of doing. The internment camps for Japanese Americans, his attempt to pack the Supreme Court, the killing socialist economic theories he mistakenly thought would improve the Depression where 25% unemployment was causing untold suffering. The best he could do was government programs paying people to work…

      …not to mention his alliance with Stalin. Surely FDR was one of the worst judges of character going. He had plenty of information on the Soviet killing fields yet he went against several previous administrations’ wiser decisions to refuse to grant legitimacy to a terror state.

      Many times, due to his health, Hopkins was more in charge that FDR was.

      There are a number of presidents ahead of Lincoln: FDR, LBJ, the feckless JFK’s sword-rattling at the USSR.

      • And yet Obama has managed to pull to the lead of the pack. Ineffectual as he has apparently been in accomplishing his desired goals, one has to acknowledge that the actual damage isn’t small.

      • I dont have time to properly lay out the case for Lincoln, Dympha, but chew on this nugget….Lincoln had drawn up an arrest warrant for Chief Justice Taney, because of his ruling with regards to the suspension of habeas corpus. It sat in his desk unsigned because he decided to increase the number of the Supreme Court and pack it with synchophants.

        The US was effectively a Military Despotism with Lincoln at the helm for nearly the entirety of the Lincoln Administration. He killed a quarter of a million of what he considered to be US citizens, using the US military to do so.

        Freedom of the Press did not exist under the Lincoln Administration. Hundreds of newspapers were shut down, who did not tow the Lincoln Party Line…and their publishers arrested.

        Private property rights were severely abridged under the Lincoln Admin. The sovereignty of the States under the Constitution was shredded and used to mop the blood of those who resisted. Usurping power to the Federal government.

        Without question, Lincoln towers above all as a US despot.

        • Unfortunately, the argument falters because of his reasons for doing it. Not only was the express purpose of the Confederacy to preserve the institution of slavery (as proved by the fact that they chose to lose the war rather than permit any degree of emancipation, which was strongly recommended by everyone who thought the war was about States Rights), but the interpretation of States Rights they advanced necessarily included nearly unlimited power to infringe upon the rights of the people, depriving them of appeal to the Federal government.

          And it is worth noting that the arguments used to advance the cause of the Confederacy later became the basis for the Progressive claims that the purpose of government was not to protect people in their natural rights but rather to provide them (or some among them) with new rights which would override the natural rights (of others at first, and eventually of all).

          The Federal government has many limitations on its powers. But the original purpose of the Constitution of the United States of America was to protect American citizens from depredations against their rights by overweening state governments, and that was the task Lincoln was trying to accomplish. We should not forget that the conflict was in every particular instigated by the Confederacy undertaking to murder patriotic Americans for defending their Constitutional rights and obligations.

          • Lord have mercy!

            The Federal government has many limitations on its powers. But the original purpose of the Constitution of the United States of America was to protect American citizens from depredations against their rights by overweening state governments


            “We should not forget that the conflict was in every particular instigated by the Confederacy undertaking to murder patriotic Americans for defending their Constitutional rights and obligations.”

            Of course nothing could be further from the truth. The Confederacy offered to provision Fort Sumter. Lincoln was clearly aware what his move to clandestinely resupply and reinforce Fort Sumter would result in….and he did it whilst negotiating a peace treaty under false pretenses.

            But alas…

            The Upper South clearly went to war to protect States rights and against Federal tryanny when Lincoln called for troops to drop the hammer on their sister states.

            Slavery was an excuse and justification for the Federal usurpation of power extra-constitutionally and in the service of the Banksters and Industrialists of the North, it wasnt the cause. The US Civil War was an imperial war of subjugation.

          • A careful study of the history of the war as drawn from multiple independent primary sources rather than contra-factual secondary narratives does not support your assertions.

          • Says the man who doesnt know that the US Bill of Rights wasnt incorporated to apply to the states until the 20th Century, based on the 14th Amendment that was a result of the Civil War.

            But alas…

          • Actually, while incorporation as it is now understood was restructured in certain details by the 14th Amendment, Article. IV Section 2 already provided that the Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.

            This is less verbose than the 14th Amendment, but it should have had the same meaning. You might take care that you are actually well-informed before trying to accuse others of historical illiteracy.

            It is also worth noting that the Ninth Amendment already addresses the idea that the protection of any rights can be disregarded simply because the Constitution does not specifically mention them. And that this was not included originally because it was regarded as too obvious to require being explicitly stated.

  2. “[Pres. Obama] has been building a personal campaign chest (this one is actually outside the control of the Democrat Party). It’s not for personal use, but he’ll be able to direct funds for decades, bankrolling the candidates of his choice. Thus, Organize for Obama, his original fund-raising arm, morphed into Organize for America and then into Organize for Action. For reasons I’ve not looked into, this OfA scam doesn’t have to follow the usual non-profit rules.”

    This is disturbing. I’m also embarrassed to admit I knew nothing about it; embarrassed because it is so predictable for an Alinsky-style community organizer. Despite whatever voter fraud and stretching of the rules his campaign did, it also seems to have beaten the GOP soundly with a community organizer’s ground game. This is the next phase, really the only thing he could do besides finding a way to get a third term; and, as you implied, a freer, perhaps more powerful alternative to a third term anyway.

    If the Republican party plans to get anywhere, they need to develop a better ground game. And the truth is that if the Republicans could get a significantly higher percentage of their supporters to actually vote, they still could win.

    Freedom of speech is key to our future, no doubt about it. GoV is a prime example of the underground network of information and perspective sources we need. Thank God it does seem to be growing. Recently, after a long fallow period, I was able in an email discussion to change significantly the perspective of several friends about Islam. I hope that discussion also will allow me to pass on information such as the defense of Diana West you printed part of the other day, which I think can serve as an excellent jolt of education to open minds and hearts to new views of what is going on around us.

    Thank you, Baron & Dymphna. I feel like a neuron in some collective brain, struggling to build connections against a disease ravaging that same brain, with your web site, Diana West, and others serving as nodes or centers that still function. May God protect you and bless you all– and us all.

    • On getting up to speed re what’s going on. Whenever you see a term you don’t understand, just search on it. Of course you have to be aware to some extent of which side of the fence those hits you come with will be. Thus, if you were to search on Organizing for America, the first page will likely be friendly hits. Google says this is because of its algorithm and that could be as I’m sure liberals make the same searches for different reasons.

      And if you look around at various websites outside the Counterjihad group, you’ll find some you really enjoy. The Diplomad is easy, accessible. So is The Conservative Tree House. I like to scroll thru Twitter because it’s full of whatever is on people’s minds.

      Since we have no TV, a trick I picked up from Drudge is to find local media outlets for their take on stories. Usually more detail…

      And of course the comments sections can be helpful in learning what the local sentiment is.

      Yes, it’s going down hill and has been since…1913, maybe? At least in this country; we got a double whammy that year -federal income tax (and oh how they lied about its upper limits) and the Federal Reserve Bank.

      America as a hegemony was definitely a 2oth century phenomenon. Mid-to-late 20th. With all our technology, polities rise and fall at a faster rate now.

  3. “For sure Vladimir is a dangerous, creepy killer… in a country which has never had either an authentic rule of law … or any philosophical foundation regarding personal property rights… no real middle class.”
    “There is no doubt about it: Russia is an openly criminal enterprise run by a … KGB Big Wheel who has two goals: Russian imperialism and Putin enrichment. He has no trouble killing people to reach those goals. ”
    As a Russian living in Russia, I want to ask you these two questions:
    1. Do you believe that public statements, particularly accusations, must be based on objective knowledge rather than plausible constructs and third-party data feed?
    2. What part of your knowledge about Russia is first-hand and not filtered by the western agitprop?
    You don’t have to publish my comment – it is addressed to the author in person.
    Thank you.

    • Wondered that myself. I tend not to believe the MSM about most things – and that includes its statements about Russia and Putin. Speaking as someone with no first hand knowledge of Russia, my man at the bar perception is that Russia is in better condition than most of Western Europe.

    • Rey R – Based on the tone and nature of your questions I assume you have a different point of view. I would be interested to hear it.
      Thank you

    • The problem Rey is that we Americans have gotten used to the old cold war mentality of the narrative that anything Russian is bad and everything of the West is good, that is it in a nut shell. I do have first hand knowledge of Russia and Russians since I have visited and have Russian friends, including the many that work for my company who give me daily insight as to how the Russian mind thinks. The Russian is very patriotic individual who has love of family and country like we USED to be. The fact that Russia has a strong leader and plays chess and is ten moves ahead while our less than useless leaders can’t figure out how to put the pieces on the board to play a game of checkers is absolutely mind boggling. The bottom line is, we in the West are in deep trouble while Russia is pulling out of their problems and is moving ahead in leaps and bounds and is quite unapologetic in that endeavor, while we in the west have become weak, decadent and spineless. So Rey do keep up the great work in giving us westerners a piece of that Russian mind of yours and letting the thoughtful among us to see it. Hopefully the learned among us will learn and understand it better.

      • My pre-emptive strike against Putin was meant to foreclose having readers tell me that Obama isn’t so bad, just look at Putin.

        My observations re Russia are definitely second-hand, ranging from novels about modern-day Moscow to talking to Russian ex-pats in Richmond. There is a community of Russian immigrants in that area. One, a professor of sociology in Moscow before she left, was working as a nanny in the Richmond area. She preferred life here, and said one didn’t have to pay extra for everything – e.g., getting kids into school, procuring better foodstuffs, etc. Her husband said Richmond felt safer. I think she missed teaching, though.

        My dissing of Putin, frankly, was simply a tactic to forestall the anti-Russian comments that I knew would be forthcoming if I didn’t do so first. In fact, the post grew out of the agitated concern in an email we got about having put up our Putin for President poster.

        If I want to read real anti-Russian sentiment, I email Oleg at the People’s Cube and ask questions. But I suppose Ukrainians are prejudiced.

        I did note recently that the people involved with the painting of Putin in lingerie are in deep doo-doo now. That wouldn’t be as likely to happen here vis-à-vis Obama. Not yet.

        • I do believe that I do understand where you are coming from Frau Dymphna. Just never ever put a Ukrainian and a Russian in the same room at the same time and add vodka, it gets nasty real quick. My Ukrainian better half is a economics prof living in Europe making me a ton of Euro’s by sitting at my home unemployed, and I thank God for her every day! 😉

  4. Fantastic read. Such intellectual musings always makes me ponder whether our political leaders actions are based on fabulous stupidity or they have some common purpose towards which they have decided to steer humanity.

  5. There’s nothing better to start off the week than with a discussion of my greatest fear…EMP. My wife and I can survive(theoretically)for more than two years, but our children live elsewhere and we wouldn’t be able to help them. So what’s the point? And we have neighbors on both sides who have small children. Are we going to let THEM starve?
    So how about a little Obama-Care humor! Do you remember when someone in this administration explained that the IRS was hiring 16,000 new agents to “help us comply” with the Affordable Care Act?
    “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.”
    How thoughtful!

    • Johann has a point. While NASA does express some awareness of the subject, and may actually be able to warn us, the world is heading for a nasty surprise unless people start taking more precautions now.

      I remember two weeks of hectic work, simply cataloging Sandy losses for one supermarket chain. I remember how my job was made much more complicated by the fact that my co-workers had no power and had to recharge their phones from my charger, while I had to use a battery laptop computer to locate where we could buy the gas to go to the next jobsite. (Gas supplies were interrupted by the storm, and the lines were much longer in some towns than others.)

      The US is even less prepared for electromagnetic storm damage than it is for storm damage. How can you do damage control if your cell phones and laptops got fried?

      Pleasant dreams…

    • About EMP:

      I was thinking today since Iran has made the most noise about this, why wouldn’t they do a replay of their revolutionary days? Remember when they kept the embassy hostages until after the election and as soon as Jimmah Carter was gone, they released them?

      This isn’t an exact parallel but what if that’s what they decide to do with their purported EMP? Wait till BHO is gone and then send ‘er up.

      They may be all talk. I know that The Center for Security Policy has been addressing this problem re EMPs. They want to ‘harden’ us against us attacks but I’m not sure of the details. It’s hard to get gummint interested…

  6. The Cold War ghost of the Russian Bear is a convenient distraction from the Elephant in the room – Cameron, Hollande and Obama are firmly aligned with the jihadists and their Arab facilitators – bought and paid for no doubt.

    There is no moral high ground to be found in the West’s support for the jihadists.

    • I almost sent a tweet to BFM a French news channel which was talking about funny tweets , it was something like this,

      “So if France goes to war will Qatar buy some more players for Paris St Germain so that a French club could win the Champions league…”

      I am sure you can see what I was getting at…

    • Evidently that was first on Face Book. I’ve seen it popping up here and there, along with images of Putin on the horse and BHO on his bike, complete with helmet and mom jeans.

      That photo of Obama was so…umm, unfortunate, that I didn’t have the heart to post it. Even without the Putin juxtaposition, the bike outfit was inept, or unmasculine, or something. It made me not want to pick on him…and I don’t even like him.

  7. Compared to non-variety of spineless EU-loyalists we get to choose between in European elections, Putin is starting to make much more sense than I had ever imagined.

    He has Russia deep in his bones, which gives him a certain reliability – you can always count on him to do what he considers of benefit to Russia. That cannot be said of the Big 0 elected, then re-elected, by undereducated, uncritical Americans.

    The approval rating for Putin has been close to 90 % and has never been below 60 %. The statistics I’m linking to are a few months old, and at that time he was coming unpleasently close to the low water mark of 60 %. I’m sure that’s back up above 70 % by now – a level of approval that Obama left behind firmly after just a few months in office.

    We don’t have approval ratings for Putin here in Western Europe, where our press does its best to talk him down. It’s probably been in the single digits over the summer, but has risen sharply due to his handling of the Syria crisis. Putin, I’m sorry to say, makes a lot more sense than Obama does.

  8. What is sad to observe is not so much the 2013 comparison of Putin’s Russia to Obama’s America, which is fast becoming a close call, but instead where each country was 60 or 70 years ago and then where each is today.

    • And where each is headed, much of which is now beyond anyone’s real control – except to perhaps make it massively worse.

      Again, I strongly recommend this book:

      UnCivilization: Urban Geopolitics in a Time of Chaos

      Copley is from Australia but is definitely a man of the world. One of the Amazon Reviews says

      …In Uncivilization, this self-styled “cartographer of human paths” succinctly chronicles old civilizations and hints at what will in time befall the United States. Copley fears the worst for clogged-up city-states unable to achieve a balance between urban and rural priorities.
      Tellingly, he observes that, “by 2012, the European Union had become Germany…clearly, if history is any guide, Russia and the PRC (People’s Republic of China) would ultimately come to compete with Germany’s manufacturing.” Yet, just over sixty years ago, an unconditionally defeated Germany lay prostrate.

      Verse written by Wordsworth of Newton, could equally well apply to Gregory Copley who has “a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought, alone.”

      But the Reviewer restricts the author too much; he is writing of the possible fates awaiting us all as the world’s population implodes in the coming midcentury – not from disease or disaster but from the decision not to reproduce.

  9. I suggest that people go to you tube and check out what Putin says, they will soon discover who is more intelligent, him or obama when it comes to things like History and the state of the world today.

    • Most of what Putin says, he does. Obama promises he will do many things and he does but what he does is different to what he promised to do.

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  11. The bottom line here is that Russia is a natural ally against Islam….as a part of Christendom. Putin is the only leader talking about preserving Christian heritage and protecting Christians.

    I wonder if he thinks to himself as a former KGB agent, about how successful the Marxist subversion was in Western Europe and the Anglo Nations and how that is now detrimental to Christendoms survival. Does he assign blame to Russia for that?

    • I wish I thought he was that nice. He’s fought too hard to get where he is…and perhaps he thinks of himself *as* Russia’s current personification.

      I doubt he blames himself for anything. Obviously has a thin skin given what happened to the artist who painted him in lingerie.

      That ‘reset’ button of the first years was so totally uncool and downright dumb I was surprised that Hillary and BHO could even do that with a straight face. They sure ruined our reputation as being capable of any gravitas whatsoever…

      Putin is no doubt having a heady experience trashing Obama’s inept statecraft. Payback for all the years of being one down.

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