We Will Unbury You!

Before you Russophobes jump all over me: THIS IS A JOKE.

But still…

Who says a former head of the KGB would be worse than what we’ve got now? At least we know where this dude stands.

Besides, we haven’t let that pesky “natural born Citizen” clause of the Constitution stand in our way in the past. Why start now?

Hat tip: LS.

19 thoughts on “We Will Unbury You!

  1. Vlad the neoliberal impaler, the neoliberal road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Neoliberalism is the proto-politics of all totalitarianism in the early undefinable state it is highly volatile and difficult to counter – as it (falsely) offers all things to all men.

    At some point neoliberalism seeks to establish an overt political identity – the neoliberalism of the West is appropriating islam.

    • Who said Putin is a neoliberal? On the contrary, Putin through legislation has shown traits of a homophobe orthodox Chistian.

  2. Hail Putin! Leader of the Free World.
    Back when the Soviet Union collapsed I knew somebody who predicted that the pendulum would continue to swing until people in the east became much more free and people in the west became more oppressed than those in the east had been under communism. It’s happening rapidly.

  3. Hey, that’s fine with me!

    The immigration laws in Russia are pretty tough and I doubt that I’d be able to get in. Otherwise I’d most likely be packing my bags right now.

    As far as Russophobes are concerned…that’s just plain bigotry and I’m sick of seeing it.

    • Well, lots of people throughout Eastern Europe might have an argument with you re Russia. Fear of the Bear is wisdom. The whole Kosovo mess can be laid ultimately at the door of fierce, lethal Russian totalitarian repression for decades.

      Russia never had the framework for a viable middle class. Neither did the countries in South America. Without a genuine rule of law and robust property rights, they never will. At least some S.A. countries are working on that…even as our middle class and its underlying foundations disappear.

      The evils of fiat money (starting in 1913 and culminating going off the gold standard in 1973) means that our middle class is fast eroding. The only question is, will we be Argentina or Greece? More likely the former since we’ve not had our humungous bureaucracy/entitlement programs as long as Greece has had theirs. That creates a poisonous environment for initiative.

      An alternative to packing your bags for Russia would be to choose a low tax, non-union, strong 2nd Amendment state, one peopled with a lot of folks who demonstrate initiative and with a history of *relative* non-corruption.

      Wisconsin is coming along and is far from the border. The latter fact makes Texas less attractive. Virginia is too close to poisonous Washington. Maryland is too, but the western part of the state is pushing to secede from the D.C. & Baltimore-oriented factions. Balty is working on becoming the next Detroit, in a race with St. Louis and Chicago.

      And despite the stain of Detroit, Michigan as a whole is looking good. Many mid-size cities there are beautiful and prosperous. Brighton & Traverse City come to mind. Or the Upper Peninsula if you want a Russian climate.

      Michigan just dealt a major blow to the unions there, too, and iirc, so did Indiana. There are good parts of Illinois far from Chicago or the thumb of Springfield pols.

      America’s days as a federation may be drawing to a close as the pox of the fraudulent banksters takes its toll. We may split into strange factions…

      • I don’t see how Kosovo could be laid at the door of Russian totalitarian repression. If you had cited Chechnya or Dagestan I might be inclined to agree with you, although Islam is a poisonous doctrine that incites utter barbarism wherever it rears its ugly head. Kosovo however was totally detached from Russian influence, being part of the Yugoslav state which had kicked the Russians out back in 1948.

        Tito’s Yugoslavia was unique for a communist state in that it not only took a non-aligned stance but also had open borders. Many thousands of Yugoslavs lived and worked outside the country, particularly in Germany, and they could travel as freely as any Westerner as indeed could any Yugoslav citizen. Churchill said the Iron Curtain stretched to Trieste on the Adriatic, and it may have done in 1946 when he said it. From the fifties onwards though it actually ran down the eastern border of Yugoslavia and on to the Black Sea.

        • It was Tito (a Croat) that supported institutional Muslim discrimination against Serbs in Kosovo that lasted for decades until the breakup in the 1990’s, and it has continued under NATO occupation. I have ceased to be surprised by the disinformation believed by almost everyone in the West on Yugoslavia.

  4. I hope that America can hang on long enough for Amanda Thatcher to be eligible for the office of President. As far as I can find out, she is only ineligible at the moment by virtue of her youth.

    • That would be mutinous neoliberal nepotism Mr. Fletcher Christian, keep the Bounty on a straight and conservative course to the Free World.

      Hail Putin! Leader of the Free World. 🙂

  5. I once saw a video of Mr. Putin crossing himself Russian Orthodox style, left to right, at least indicating Christian sympathies.

    Obama on the other hand, in a rare moment of candor, declared he’d stand with the Muslims, tying in with his Arabic-inscribed ring which says, “There is not God but Allah”.

    If these two were the only ones on the ballot, I’d vote for the Christian.

    • Good heavens! Putin is a stone killer. Have you not read the number of people who’ve been assassinated on his watch. If those were the only two on the ballot, why bother voting. Just a Russian election, for sure.

      As for the Muslim, he definitely said the Shahada in public, pretending he was only reciting from memory a fond childhood prayer. Sure he was…

      Do you have a source for his ring? A picture, a link to a story?

      • You think that the psychopathic US elites don’t kill or destroy the lives of its citizens? In the US it’s to maintain and advance the Marxist agenda. In Russia it’s to prevent the Western Marxist agenda against Russia. At least Russia has rediscovered its roots. It has picked up the thread of its history aborted by Lenin. Bashing Russia and Putin make many in the West feel superior, but that superiority of the West is an illusion. Many in the East see that the West is on a downward spiral in a mega trend end phase of civilization. Most in the West live in blissful ignorance, believing in its illusions.

  6. Putin is now the worlds leading statesman. HE is the one lecturing US about human rights, international law, truth, supporting terrorism. It’s almost a complete role reversal from just forty years ago. It’s now OUR politicians who are the lying, election fixing, lying, financially incompetent (and incontinent), lying, dictatorial, lying, war mongering, lying dictators. Russia is rapidly transforming into a decent, prosperous, powerful country. Now, what have they embraced that we are busy abandoning ? clue :http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/22-07-2013/125204-russia_beast-0/
    Don’t say it too loud, don’t want to stir up the ‘clever’ people, y’know, those, rational, intelligent men (and women) of science and logic who will have no truck with sky fairies , y’know those wonderfully clever and intelligent people, who run everything nowadays, them with all the degrees and certificates who know what’s good for us and have the right, nay, the duty to dictate every detail of our lives and behaviour ‘for the common good’. None of this here’s ten rules, and what you make of your life is up to you rubbish. Brave new world!. Feels like 1917 again ! Only this time it’s us !

  7. Has it occurred to anyone how Putin could really put a dent in the bipartisan Statist trend in America? Or simply just to be mischievous because he can. Start releasing many more Soviet documents than the Verona papers that corroborate Diana West’s book. I know I’d be suspicious, so no doubt the pained parties would try to play on that. But as the documents keep coming out, sort of Breitbart style — well, you know — does anyone think Putin’s life might meet a mysterious end like Andrews?

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  9. What makes you think “this one will stand up to Islamic extremist savages”? Ramzan Kadyrov, a president of Chechnya, holds Putin by the [manly generative organs]. Many streets in major Russian cities are named after a self-admitted murderer of many Russians – Ahmat Kadyrov, Ramzan’s father and Shamil Basaev’s mentor.

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