Vive la Laïcité!

The Dutch website Geenstijl weighs in on laïcité, looking longingly south to France, where absolute secularism is official policy.

Many thanks to El Rubio for the translation:

Secular Charter in French Schools

Allons, enfants de la patree-hee-ja. Pay attention, Dutch minister of education. The French republic sets the example for how you should do it, separate church and state. Education is secular, unless you pay for it out of your own pocket. And within that secular education there are a few norms and values that need to be followed by students and teachers. A set of fifteen iron-hard rules, Berlin wall-style limits regarding the insanity of religion’s excesses. Children, this is what the Republic is built on, fit in or f*** off. Not a millimeter of playroom for the politically correct twits or demanding hate-believers. No special Jesus busses, forget about segregated swimming, heads free of cloths and yarmulkes, around the neck no crosses, stars or other midway glitter for fantasy friends. In your head and in your home you can believe whatever you like, but outside it’s equality for all. A neat principle known as la laïcité. It’s not so difficult, a little bit of backbone and a healthy mind is all that is needed to pour some humanistic foundations into the fragile eggshell-like heads of children. In the meantime, we are stuck (in the Netherlands) with our religious anachronistic Willy Confusing as head of state, who started his sovereignty over us with the words “So help me almighty God” So there, so much for our laïcité and backbone. Our education system is more concerned about indoctrination with politically correct self-genocide bull**** and the fifteen rules that are taught to the little Frenchies are probably way too harsh for our sensitive mindset. And all of us don’t want this. Too bad! And also crazy, because the average politically correct person is so terribly fond of and can only exist if everything is “equal”. Ah well, tough guys, those Gauls! For the lovers, here are the 15 French rules ici [pdf].

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  1. Thanks for this translation. One of the MoE “commandments” contains the phrase “aucun sujet n’est a priori exclu du questionnement scientifique et pédagogique” (no subject is a priori excluded from scientific and pedagogic questioning). Would that include revisionist Badthink on the mass murder of Jews in WWII? I thought “Holocaust denial” was a crime in France?

    Full text:
    [Les enseignements sont laïques. Afin de garantir aux élèves l’ouverture la plus objective possible à la diversité des visions du monde ainsi qu’à l’étendue et à la précision des savoirs, aucun sujet n’est a priori exclu du questionnement scientifique et pédagogique”]

    • Use Google translate.
      And be thankful that you get anything translated here, especially given that GoV’s quality standards are high. It is not a five minute job and costs a bomb when done commercially. One of the wonderful things about GoV is the number of translated articles it gives us, which would otherwise never be picked up in the English-speaking world.

  2. Mmm, rather nasty bigoted diatribe. Enforced secularism is just as oppressive as enforced islam, or anything else. Wouldn’t be so bad if this enforced secularism actually worked, but you don’t have to look far to see that France is disappearing under a tide of islam. They can’t (even if they wanted to) enforce secularism on the streets of Paris ! which are used as an open air mosque. So, who do you think this secularism is going to be forced on? Go on – have a guess. Couldn’t be the ‘C’ word could it? I just wish people would wake up and smell the coffee. Why on earth do you think that THEY are hell bent on destroying Christianity ?. Never mind what they say, never mind the odd high profile prosecution of the odd muslim. They will use this law selectively just like they do the race laws, and Christians are the real target. Why? Because it terrifies them, yes, TERRIFIES THEM. Thats why every tyrant in history has tried to destroy it. It denies them total control. It places moral obligations on values on those who rule. It is no accident that almost two thousand years of Christianity delivered the greatest, most prosperous, most free, most decent, safest civilization that EVER existed on the face of this earth. JUST LOOK AROUND YOU – JUST FIFTY YEARS – or so, of gradually abandoning the very thing that our civilization was founded upon.What used to be called Christendom is crumbling – FAST. Two thousand years in the creating – destroyed in a single lifetime.Russia has learned the lesson – a very hard and costly one. It looks like we are going to have to suffer greatly for our hubris.

  3. French secularism is just another, albeit antitheistic, religion. In a truly secular state believers do not feel belittled or oppressed. I wear a small cross around my neck. Depending on what I’m wearing, it either shows, or it doesn’t. In warmer weather, when my necklines are a little lower (but not very), I would feel oppressed if I had to remove it just because I was at work (unless I worked in a uniformed service). Of course, if the generally secular nature of the state conflicts with the theocratic nature of a religion, then for the benefit of adherents or non-adherents to the religions that can conduct themselves decently in a sensibly secular state, the theocratic religion that exceeds its proper bounds must have those bounds strictly curtailed, and if it doesn’t like it, it can just go somewhere else.

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  5. The very act of stealing money from Christian parents to give the loot to a godless school is a criminal aggression, the purpose of which is effectively to deny said parents their natural right to choose their children’s education by depriving them of the necessary means to do so.

    Censorship through subsidies is 100 times more efficient tnan censorship through prohibition because, even it it is much more extensively violent, it is not generally perceived as the censorship that it is.

    “Laïcité” is therefore a pseudo-concept, a mask behind which government violence hides its arbitrariness — and as such unjust and, in that case, anti-democratic arbitrariness is what has enabled the Totalitarian Foreigners to invade the country in the first place, it increasingly flouts its alleged “principle” and allows sectarian education, on the condition that it be anti-Christian and particularly anti-Catholic.

    The solution, therefore, is not a pretended “neutrality” of the state towards religion, it is the destruction of Government schooling and the expulsion of the interlopers.

  6. As an American public school teacher, I flip my middle finger at French Laicite (sorry about the diacriticals). The Democratic Party wants it universal in my country (as long as a few select private schools where they send their kids to keep them from the hoi polloi are kept open), and while I know it is in my “interests” as a teacher, it is not in the wider public interest. I believe there should be wide liberty for independent schools, regardless. The Dutch has a good thing going while their pillared society ensured some safety of Gereformeerde and RC schools, since it allowed just a little health to remain in the body politic.

    Every statue of Rousseau should be smashed to bits and every advocate of his “force them to be free” doctrine should be made to stand in the public pillory for eight hours a day. Unhappily, though, his doctrine prevails in the public education of too much of the world.

  7. While I do understand a need for secular education like teaching the theory of evolution, I’m completely baffled by the dress code part. Proponents of laïcité have a weird fixation with things people wear. Dislike for crosses, kippot or hijabs isn’t very different from that for inverted pentagrams on metalhead t-shirts or
    dreadlocks which clearly bear (sub)cultural meaning. Equality doesn’t need uniforms, so apparently “equalité” coincides with it only in a dictionary.

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