Transcript of Pre-Clearance Interview With Aaron Alexis

Interviewer met with Subject to discuss potential problems with his application for a “secret” clearance while working at the Washington Navy Yard.

Interviewer:   I see you had a couple of incidents involving the discharge of firearms during the last ten years or so.
Subject:   Yes, sir.
Interviewer:   And the police were involved.
Subject:   Yes, sir.
Interviewer:   Hmm… Have you ever attended a Tea Party event?
Subject:   No, sir.
Interviewer:   Do you have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car?
Subject:   No, sir. Nothing like that.
Interviewer:   Would you describe yourself as a “patriot”?
Subject:   Absolutely not, sir.
Interviewer:   Have you ever expressed a reverence for the United States Constitution?
Subject:   No, sir. Not ever.
Interviewer:   All right, then… I don’t see any problems here. (stamping paper) This will go through channels, and you’ll get your badge in two or three days.
Subject:   Thank you, sir.

5 thoughts on “Transcript of Pre-Clearance Interview With Aaron Alexis

  1. You forget the following :

    Q. ‘Are you a Christian’

    A. ‘No’

    Q. ‘Are you Jewish’

    A. ‘No I am a Buddhist’

    ‘Ah, great, we are below quota for Buddhists in this yard. Might even be a bonus if we recruit you’

  2. Of course, anyone can call himself a Buddhist. You can call yourself what you like in this country. Just saying.

  3. It is interesting that he is being reported as a Buddhist. His connection to Buddhism starts in 2010, whereas he was a Navel reservist from 2007. The significance of this is that the religious affiliations of all military personnel are on record, so his former religious affiliation should have been known the moment they confirmed him as a discharged Navel reservist.

    • His connection to any Buddhist groups was probably nominal at best. in thinking about his considerable mental/emotional illness (hearing voices, etc) I would see this as an attempt to self-heal.

      I have no idea of his treatment, if there was any, but if he was given modern anti-depressants – e.g., SSRIs – they could have exacerbated the already shaky foundations of his neural processes.

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