The Innocence of Quebec Muslims

As noted in recent media reports, a conference in Quebec for Muslim youth organized by a group called “Collectif 1ndépendance” has just been cancelled.

“Islamophobic” events routinely experience the sudden cancellation of venue (e.g. the upcoming visit of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll to Denmark and Sweden) due to security problems, but it’s unusual for an Islamic event to suffer the same fate.

A reader in Quebec offered these observation about what happened in Montreal:

It was cancelled for security concerns, but whose security?

There was a comment posted under the video for about one hour, and then it was deleted. It was a threat of a lawsuit because the video shows briefly (at the beginning), minor children in the school run by the Al Rawdah mosque in Montreal. These images come from their own promotional material!

Djemila Benhabib is presently being sued for comments she made on a radio program regarding that school. The Muslim Brothers have deep pockets to pay for lawyers and intimidate people.

The conference in Montreal was cancelled because of “risk of trouble to public order”. People in Quebec are waking up to Islam and various groups were planning to protest, including Femen Quebec. Thousands of protesters were expected. The police were planning to send 150 officers, plus the cavalry, plus a helicopter, in addition to officers securing the basement of the Convention Centre and the two metro stations leading to it. Lots of taxpayers’ money because of these nuts.

The Islamists were totally taken by surprise. Even some moderate Muslims were planning a protest, and they were severely criticized by the Quebec Council against Islamophobia. This council seems to be an outfit of radical leftists and hardcore Islamists.

The video mentioned above is a scathing report detailing the associations — including the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and the Muslim World League — of the organizers of the planned conference at the Palais des congrès.

Many thanks to “Watsilavit” for making this video, Christian Brunet Levitan for the French transcript, CB Sashenka for the translation, and Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article from The Montreal Gazette about the cancellation of the event:

Montreal Muslim Youth Conference Cancelled After Controversy

The organization that runs the Palais des congrès has cancelled a Muslim youth conference, scheduled for the coming weekend, based on what it described as a “security review.”

The conference, titled Entre Ciel et Terre (Between Heaven and Earth), was scheduled to be held at the popular Montreal conference centre Sept 7 and 8.

But the Société du Palais des congrès, the organization that runs the centre, issued a brief statement on Saturday stating it was cancelled “following a recent security review.” No specific security concerns were outlined.

While the release provided a media contact “for more information,” that person responded to The Gazette’s request for clarification with the following statement: “A spokesperson will be available September 3.”

The conference was organized by a Montreal group called Collectif 1ndépendance. A description on its website describes the conference as a chance for youth in the Muslim community to “exchange and share” opinions.

In a statement on its Facebook page posted on Monday, the group acknowledged it was aware of the decision and would be providing instructions for conference attendees “for refund of tickets.”

The group, which did not respond to requests for comment made throughout the weekend, made no mention of rescheduling the event elsewhere.

Le Collectif québécois contre l’islamophobie, a local non-profit organization that aims to fight Islamophobia in Quebec society, said in a release that cancelling the conference one week before it was scheduled to take place “sets a dangerous precedent for rights and freedoms in Quebec and in Canada, especially those of ethnic and religious minorities.”

The planned conference was at the centre of a controversy earlier this month when Agne’s Maltais, the provincial minister responsible for the status of women, asked the federal government to bar some of the invited speakers from entering Canada.

In a letter, Maltais asked the speakers be barred because “they transmit values that go totally against the principals of equality between men and women in Quebec.” One of the speakers, French citizen Nader Abou Anas, has made particularly strong statements in the past about women, saying they should wear a head scarf, avoid revealing clothing and refrain from wearing makeup or perfume.

The board of directors that run the Societé du Palais des congrès follow a mandate set by Quebec’s tourism minister.

At least one group recently told reporters it planned to demonstrate at the Palais des congrès if a couple of the invited speakers were allowed to present.

Last Tuesday, federal Public Security Minister Steven Blaney told reporters he would not order that the speakers, based in Europe, be prevented from entering Canada.

In its Facebook post on Monday, Collectif 1ndépendance dubbed the events of the past two weeks “a beautiful adventure.”

Video transcript:

00:00   Salam Alekoum
00:01   Al salam alekoum
00:03   It is the collective “Independence Conference” an organization of Montreal Muslims
00:07   I am Quebecois, both my parents are Quebecois,
00:10   I am a Quebecois through and through.
00:12   Organizing the conference “Between heaven and earth” which will be held
00:16   on 7 and 8 September at the Montreal Convention Center…
00:20   Know my sisters brothers, whatever is in the Koran must be accepted, it is Muslims, that is to say,
00:24   Muslims submitted to Allah, that is to say we accept everything that comes from Allah…
00:30   But what do we know of the organizers? Who are they?
00:34   Where do they come from? Why are there women covered head to foot?
00:38   Allah… said men have authority over women…
00:40   Virtuous women are obedient to their husbands… See, virtuous women
00:44   are those who obey their husbands… this is not my word, it is the word of Allah…
00:48   Yes I did a lot of… foolishness… he brought me to reality, the way he reasoned with me.
00:56   Know my sister, you must be very careful, and you have to listen to your husband, you have to listen to your husband,
01:00   and if you want to cause marital trouble, it begins by opening the door and disobeying
01:04   your husband, but then face the consequences, assume the consequences, do not come crying after…
01:10   So be careful my sisters…
01:12   Do not be ungrateful, you just weighed yourself, how many kilos were you when you were married,
01:17   and now you’re what? You’re obligated; there is good in you, do not start, do not be ungrateful…
01:22   I also read the Koran…
01:25   The woman doesn’t leave home without the permission of the (Arabic), the permission of her husband…
01:30   His place as the foundation, and Allah established it in the Koran, he said (in Arabic…)
01:33   and “stay in your homes,” that’s the foundation…
01:36   Islam what is the truth because it is a religion of peace…
01:43   The night he (the husband) has a need, has a desire, she tells him no and she lies,
01:47   saying I’m tired, I cannot, I am this, I am that, I am something else, I am blah blah, and the man cracks…
01:51   and therefore… she opens a door (Arabic)… even though she knows that the angels curse all night
01:55   if she ever refuses her husband.. without good reason… and it’s not my word,
02:00   it is because the prophet (Arabic)…
02:06   … it was written 1400 years ago soon, then there is more in the Koran, uh…
02:10   which is supported by modern science, by today’s science…
02:19   Careful, my sister not to reach in his pocket without his consent, be careful, it’s taking things,
02:23   who makes it? The ground shakes in the house…
02:26   The husband is out, the woman she picks up the phone. “Hello Zubaida, guess what he did to me…”,
02:30   she begins to tell her you know what “(Arabic) and did this to me and that to me and this to me”,
02:34   she dirties his honor (Arabic)… even if it is true,
02:38   you must uphold the honor of your husband and do not forget that the prophet (Arabic) said
02:42   “Whoever protects the honor of his brother, Allah will protect you from the fires of hell…”
02:49   Islam brings peace, security…
02:51   And why do most men wear a distinctive beard?
02:54   Allah made ?? good to you! So, (Arabic)… to Allah (Arabic) that Allah will shine a light
02:58   upon your face… (Arabic) when… (Arabic) by saying (Arabic) by the person
03:02   who adorned men with their beards… (Arabic)…
03:19   Firstly we know that the men who organized the conference have promoted it on their Facebook page,
03:23   “the supper of the converted”, an event organized by the Association of Muslim Students
03:28   at the University of Montreal, the Laurentian community center
03:33   The Laurentian community center is the Al Rawdah mosque…
03:38   “Which was founded in 2003” (inaudible)… the Muslim Association of Canada, a subsidiary of the Muslim Brotherhood…
03:45   The Muslim Brotherhood organization, founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, the grandfather of Tariq Ramadan,
03:49   is the most influential movement in the Arab world, which gave birth to the modern Jihad
03:53   and Osama Bin Laden, according to Ayman al-Zawahiri, the head of actual Al Qaeda.
03:57   Osama Bin Laden was in the Muslim Brotherhood before founding Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in the 1980s.
04:14   The Egyptian (name?) himself is a former Muslim Brotherhood member who was imprisoned by Nasser…
04:20   The Islamist movement has married the modern Salafist Jihad, that is to say
04:24   the desire to return to Islam in the 7th century, came from Saudi Arabia…
04:28   The motto of the Muslim Brotherhood summarizes their project… Allah is our objective. The prophet
04:32   is our leader. The Koran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.
04:41   In May 1962, Said Ramadan went to Mecca to help launch the Muslim World League,
04:45   which was the culmination of decades of effort made since
04:49   the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood two years after the fall of the Caliphate,
04:53   in 1926, aimed at bringing together all the Muslims of the world under a single global body…
04:58   Said Ramadan played an important role in the formation of the League,
05:02   in helping to develop its broad guidelines. The goal of the Salafist faction he led at the conference,
05:06   essentially the Muslim Brotherhood organization,
05:10   was to make the League more militant at the political level, in particular by attacking Israel.
05:18   In Canada, the current representative of the Islamic World League is the Sheikh Said Youssef Fawaz.
05:22   He is very involved in the mosque in the Al-Rawdah mosque and the spread of Islam in Montreal.
05:30   Our community needs to support mosques, centers and schools whose role is the dissemination
05:34   of the culture and teachings of the Holy Koran…
05:40   Among the mosques, there is Al-Rawdah Montreal mosque with which we have the honor of working…
05:50   He is also the imam of the Oumma al-Islamaya mosque on St. Dominique in downtown Montreal.
05:58   Born in Lebanon, Said Youssef Fawaz was sent to Montreal by the Muslim World League in 1982.
06:02   He studied at al-Azhar University the oldest university, founded in 971 in Cairo, teaching the Sunni world.
06:10   The institution was transformed into a university in 1961 with branches in many countries.
06:14   It quickly became an anthill of the Muslim Brotherhood.
06:20   Said Youssef Fawaz is also a director of the community center of the Islamic Center of the South Shore
06:24   where the imam (Arabic) said in 2011 on Canadian radio that the laws of God
06:28   ordered the stoning and amputation and cannot be changed…
06:33   In her plea delivered to the Quebec National Assembly in May 2005 against the introduction
06:37   of Sharia in Canada, the MP Fatima Oudapepa…
06:46   recalled that it is precisely the Muslim World League headed by Said Youssef Fawaz,
06:50   the representative in Canada, who was behind the project of Islamic Courts in Canada.
06:56   In an article published in Montreal’s La Presse on 1 February 1992, Fawaz is quoted:
07:06   “According to our law, if someone steals, they cut off his hand… it serves as an example to thieves,
07:10   and allows honest people to live without fear.”
07:15   Jamal Badawi is also very involved in Montreal through the mosques (Arabic)… Jamal Badawi
07:19   directs several Muslim Brotherhood organizations in North America including (Arabic)
07:23   and Human Concern International, which co-sponsored the conference
07:27   “Between Heaven and Earth”, which was to be held at the Palais des congrès.
07:33   Jamal Badawi is also a member of the Muslim Scholars, which is headed by none other
07:37   than the spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi.
07:43   Jamal Badawi is a prominent representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America.
07:50   The two calluses he wears on his forehead are trademarks of prayers; he actually rubs his forehead
07:54   on the ground at least 34 times a day to show his total submission to Allah…
08:00   The Canadian Muslim Forum, an organization dedicated to promoting the Islamic project of
08:04   the Muslim Brotherhood since 2008, organizes occasional events involving Quebec politicians.
08:08   We had an event here that took place in 2012, rubbing shoulders (Arabic) and (Arabic name),
08:12   the executive director of the mosque (Arabic) Jean Marc Fournier of the Quebec Liberal Party…
08:22   Louise Harel leader of Vision Montreal, Dominique Anglade,
08:26   president of Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ), and Amir Khadir for Quebec Solidaire
08:30   (Inaudible Arabic)

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  1. Awesome! This document, if correctly transcribed, shows a Muslim view of the history of the 20th century, and gives an idea of what remains to be accomplished to bring back a caliphate in the 21st.

    Sleep tight. Pleasant dreams…

  2. Great to see Femen were involved; didn’t know they were in Canada. These are true, brave feminists, protesting the worst instances of abuse and misogyny (and we know where many of those are…)

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