Send Turkish Criminals Back to Turkey

Heinz Buschkowsky, the mayor of the conflict-ridden Neukölln district of Berlin, is well-known for his uncompromising politically incorrect position on immigrants and the Islamization of Germany. (A five-part in-depth report on Mayor Buschkowsky appeared here last year. See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.)

The following article by Heinz Buschkowsky was published yesterday in Bild. It was translated from German into Dutch by E.J. Bron , and from Dutch into English for Gates of Vienna by El Rubio:

Mayor Buschkowsky: “Send Turkish criminals back to Turkey”

Berlin, Karl-Marx-Strasse, 4:50 pm in Neukölln. Two cars, an altercation, a wounded person, the perpetrators picked up and after the recording of their personal identification they are free to leave. Not really. That was a police car on patrol and the other a very common black BMW. The two in the BMW thought that the police car was driving too slow for their liking, cut it off, got out of their car and approached the police in order to “make them understand something.” That’s how it’s said here.

It resulted in the use of force, a policewoman was slapped in the face and managed to get hurt again when trying to escape because they slammed their car door onto her.

Seventy people looked on for their afternoon entertainment. Nobody interfered. They sure used their mobile phones to take videos, though.

Police backup restored order. Do you know another country in the world where people attack police and cause bodily harm and are allowed to walk away?

A message of capitulation

Insults and resistance against firemen and the police, yes, even the setting free of prisoners are pretty well everyday occurrences. The state’s monopoly on power is not accepted anymore by a portion of he population. And that is not something new.

What is new is the open attack on a police patrol without any provocation. There is now a way to express your contempt for a society and a state in a clearer manner.

The police embody the state and the society. Whoever attacks them, attacks all of us. And if that becomes the order of the day, then violence reigns. Whoever can hit the fastest and the hardest determines what will happen next.

The minister for internal services for Berlin condemned the misdeed and thinks it is a duty for all of us to condemn violence against the police. The CDU [political party] demands more respect for the police. I totally agree.

But is that enough? This neglect, which borders on anarchy, together with tolerated state helplessness will totally destroy complete city neighborhoods. They will slip through our fingers.

A couple of hours of restricted free time or a conditional jail term will not change anything for the 19-year-old criminal. After all, he just wanted to play and is somewhat delayed in his development. The second criminal is in his mid twenties and is known to the police. He is of Turkish nationality. Why can’t we ship him back to Turkey if he hates his adopted country and its representatives so much?

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21 thoughts on “Send Turkish Criminals Back to Turkey

  1. The same thing is happening all over North-West Europe, though I doubt
    if the Met in London would be so tollerant. Why is it happening ? Well it has to be that ‘ Uniform ‘ as they call constables, are being ordered not to take
    any chances that any kind of riot breaks out, especially when it involves either
    Moslems or Afro-Caribs. This tactical ( mistake ) decision must have come from the top, even Cabinet level. Definitely a major error. [Derogatory remarks redacted]

  2. The millennia pass and the Turk is still the Turk, the Muslim is still the invader.
    The only thing that’s changed is that European authorities have grown more stupid.

  3. One of these days one of those police officers who gets corned by these Islamic savages is going to start shooting because he/she fears for their very lives, then watch as the sub human savages bare their collective teeth and goes on a rampage of riots, murder and mayhem. When the law is ignored and muslim feelings and fear of muslim riots are more paramount than good order and the general welfare, civil war is inevitable.

  4. Another reason why women should not be police officers. In America, they would have been arrested, or probably shot by a female officer.

  5. Do you wonder what would be the outcome if these idiots tried this stunt in Texas or another Red State. Can you say assaulting a police officer? Can you say resisting arrest? Can you say oops I’m shot?

  6. My ex-husband grew up in Altona, a suburb of Hamburg. Last time he visited the area, he said it was longer native German. Now a slum infested with council housing for Middle Easterners, there are Muslims everywhere, he said.
    Heartbreaking to him.

  7. ” He is of Turkish nationality. Why can’t we ship him back to Turkey if he hates his adopted country and its representatives so much? ”

    There are many reasons we can’t ship them to their own countries. Why they are here in the first place.
    1. Germans were lions against European brothers. They and Turks are in bed together. They love Turks more than Europeans or their neighbors. They were brothers-in-arms.
    2. There are no men left in Europe. And I don’t mean macho-men. I mean men who care about their neighbors, country, other European countries, take mature decision, discerning between right and wrong. Zombies can’t send REAL MEN like Turks back to Turkey.
    3. Romantic love that has started between the West and Islam will not end easily. Europeans are insulted by Islam daily, hourly. They are a stupidly tolerant people because they have no choice. Because Muslims and the “democratically elected Gov. are one against their poor, oppressed native white Europeans. After every insult they drink a beer and they forget everything. In 1965 Billy Graham said that the attitude, “I don’t know. I don’t care.” will destroy the west. But Billy is a horrible right-wing Christian not peaceful like Muslims. Billy is a Christian so his ideas must be horrible and irrelevant.

  8. Europeans have only themselves to blame for these problems. They actively participated in the murder of 6 million harmless European Jews who were then replaced by 20 million Muslims (harmless? – not so much!). Too cowardly to prevent the holocaust, their grandchildren are now too cowardly to stand up to the new immigrants tearing their countries apart. Do I lose any sleep about that? You bet I don’t.

    • All europeans David? My nation fought for two months against a stronger, better equiped foe. When we were defeated we kept fighting. My country then lost 1/3 of its merchant marine to the wolf packs shipping supplies and arms to Russia. Don’t you dare say we brought this on ourselves just because we are European!

      • David-as a Pole,being from the ONLY nation that had an organization dedicated to help Jews-google “zegota” I must disagree with you!!! But, to be honest,I dont despise Turks.Here is why-Germans brought them to Germany to work. They thought it would be the same as with former labourers from Poland I guess.Use them,pay them little and then ship them back to Turkey. They never gave them a chance to learn German,because they were not ment to stay anyway. They airways gave them the feeling of being from a lower race,of being not welcome. I am speaking from my own experiences in Germany as well. Surprise! The Turks being human beings,felt lonely so they brought in their families-at this point only a little help as to integration /like,telling parents where to send their children to school,where they would improve their German,cheap,simple stuff!/ would have been very effective.Nothing was done.Now the Germans are raising their voices in anger a la “why havent you assimilated into our society!?” would you want to integrate into a society for which you are basically only a cheap labourer,despised,s.o expected to be eternally grateful for being allows to work for the West European herrenmenschen? As much there is to criticize about the behaviour of many young Turks in Germany-it talespin always two to tango!

      • My response to your indignant reply is this: However efficient the Nazis may have been at murdering Europeans Jewry (and Gays and Roma) on an industrial scale, they could not have managed the destruction of millions of people without the active participation of the citizens of occupied countries. And here I am not referring only to the the Ukrainians and Poles but also to the French and the Dutch. The only exception was the people of Denmark who will always have my profound respect and gratitude. Of course there were righteous Gentiles but not enough to prevent the almost total annihilation of Europe’s Jews and they were far outnumbered by the those who sought to benefit from the disappearance of their fellow Jewish citizens.

        • 1. Polish collaborants were only few,Polish resistance to Nazi German monstrosities was the strange in Europę. Germans murdered 6 mio Polish citizens-of whom 2,5 mio up to 6 mio were Polish Christians! Because Slavs,Jews and Gypsies were considered untermenschen! Around 100 000 Poles,according to Yad Vashem, were murdered by Germans for helping Jews.
          2. Do You also are grateful for the tens of thousands of Danes volunteering for the Waffen-SS? Yeah, they did help Jews-but their situations was unique-Sweden,neutral,was easily reachable by boat and Danes were not murdered for helping as the Germans considered the über-aryan.
          3.conclusion-go to the libary and get some education concerning this topic.

          • That’s not true. Out of 6 mln polish victims, only about 1,5-2 mln were ethnic Poles (the rest were Jews), so number you gave is a bit exaggerated. Neither were we to be exterminated completely, but resettled and enslaved. Of course, slavonic blood meant nothing for the Nazis and our number was planned to be narrowed down by known means, however one should make that distinction.

    • David
      Some “Europeans” did, indeed, actively participate in the murder of 6 million harmless European Jews (who were Europeans, too, unless you think Jews are inherently “other”?). Some other Europeans sat around indifferent to the evil going on around them. While a number of other Europeans exhausted their resources, their countries and their very lives to fight against the evil to their last breath.
      There is no excuse for your shallow and contemptous blanket dismissal of “Europeans”.
      I agree with you that a great many of “their grandchildren are now too cowardly to stand up to the new immigrants tearing their countries apart”, although I don’t think that state of affairs is going to last much longer.
      Your last comment, however, is simply the narcissism of a petulant, arrogant child. Western Civilization itself is in the balance, not simply the Nation States of Germany, France, Sweden, Britain, etc. If the light of that civilization goes out in ANY of these countries (and Lord knows it’s getting close) it will bring darkness to the World…….you know, that place where YOU live, along with everyone else.
      Ever heard the expression, “Cutting off your nose to spite your face”?

    • Before you get your nose out of joint, remember this, what happens in Europe affects us in the US/Canada. If they fall, we are next. So before you throw your European brothers under the bus, you had better stand up and defend them because the 3rd world savage isn’t going to cut you any slack nor give you quarter.
      We remains cousins by blood, brothers by need and comrades with common purpose always.
      Deo Volente

  9. Id like to thank David for expressing Jewish hatred for the European Christian so well. It is why for example American Jewry votes for the Anti-Israel Left. They hate European Christians more than they love Israeli Jews.

    Minorities, of whom the vast majority are hostiles, are going to have to be marginalized again in all of our institutions…if we are to survive and thrive.

  10. “Do you know another country in the world where people attack police and cause bodily harm and are allowed to walk away ?”

    Yes, many. People are asking that question in many European countries. It seems everyone lives in the illusion that his own country is an exception, that things certainly cannot be that bad elsewhere, and that, any minute now, the leaders in charge are going to come to their senses and take a hint from those “other countries in the world”.

    They don’t realize that pretty much the same is happening everywhere, at least in Europe. I suppose America is an exception, as far as police reaction is concerned.

  11. 1. The police need to respond with overwhelming force to this type of incident.
    2. The perps should never be let loose on the streets of Europe again. Get rid of them by permanent incarceration or expulsion from the continent.
    3. Stop letting lunatic foreigners in and start getting rid of the ones already there.

    • To your third point I must remind you that we are mostly
      in the EU who decide our immigration policy, not
      individual governments. Here in the UK we just spent
      nearly 8 years getting rid of a Jordanian ‘ hate-preacher’
      who the EU constantly said had a perfect right to stay in
      Britain. The only answer is to get out of the evil EU, but
      in most cases this won’t happen. Iceland did it recently
      as soon as it wa obvious that the EU is a ponzi scheme.

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