Quebec Mosque Sprayed With Pig’s Blood

A mosque in Quebec was sprayed with pig’s blood on Saturday night, causing outrage and dismay among local residents.

Many thanks to Christian Brunet Levitan for the transcript, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this TV news report:

Note: the original transcript included the name “St. Denis”, which was a misunderstanding of “Saguenay”, a Quebec placename. It has been corrected in the transcript below:

0:00   We begin tonight with an exclusive.
0:02   The debate on the Charter of Quebec Values
0:04   has barely started; it already seems to have slipped.
0:07   The exterior walls of the Mosque of Saguenay were…
0:10   vandalized last night, pig’s blood was thrown on the façade,
0:13   and a hate letter — you got a copy Melissa —
0:15   was left at the scene.
0:18   We received the same letter here in Canada Radio. This letter is seen as a public incitement by police in Saguenay.
0:25   And it is not by chance that the perpetrators sprayed a mosque with pig’s blood,
0:30   as this animal is regarded as unclean in the eyes of Muslims.
0:34   (Saguenay – Quebec) Police were called to the mosque Saguenay around 18:00 on
0:37   Saturday night. The substance that appears to be blood was on the façade of the building,
0:45   an act of aggression in doubtful taste, if we believe a message.
0:48   Radio Canada and mosque
0:51   “This mosque has been baptized with fresh Quebec pork blood,” said the letter.
0:54   The document adds: “Integrate or go home”
0:58   “No to Islam” can be read.
1:01   Police ordered the opening of a criminal inquiry and treat the story as a heinous act of racial…
1:06   Officials of the mosque have refused to complain.
1:10   (Interview 1 Moustafa Elayouby – Responsible Mosque) Well I think it’s dumb, because Quebec is not just limited to pork blood.
1:14   It’s just that, I think it does not even merit a reply that he…
1:21   The incident comes as the debate on the Charter of Quebec Values is already underway. The Montreal Convention Center
1:29   has just concluded a very controversial conference about Islam.
1:32   (Police car front to CBC Radio Canada) For reasons of public safety, security officials in Saguenay
1:36   say they are not taking the situation lightly; those responsible for these deeds acted in the shadows…
1:40   No one has claimed responsibility, this story is not the first of its kind in Saguenay.
1:44   Xenophobic leaflets were distributed last February…
1:48   (Newspaper page) Food for thought.
1:49   (Interview KHADIYATOULAH) I must say that there is an uncertainty of identity,
1:55   there is some fear of the unknown, and it would require that groups interact personally to their advantage…
2:01   And opinion leaders should require that community members, intellectuals, journalists,
2:08   say that the Quebec of tomorrow is a Quebec of openness…
2:15   The first reactions are unanimous, such a gesture is marginal…
2:18   (Moustafa Elayouby) The people of this region are hospitable, everyone living in an atmosphere, in a serene atmosphere…
2:28   A religion, a man, I don’t see why we do that, we don’t understand those actions…
2:33   If you are opposed, there are other ways to respond, I find it “special”…
2:38   Everyone is entitled to their own religion, and to practice it, I think.
2:41   I don’t understand why there are people who would smear other religions, as far as that goes…
2:45   It cannot be determined at this time if this is the work of a group or an individual.
2:49   The authorities continue to investigate.
2:52   and ensure that there will be increased security around the mosque.
2:56   Melissa Savoie Soulière, Radio Canada, Saguenay

One thought on “Quebec Mosque Sprayed With Pig’s Blood

  1. First,

    When the government shoves down our throats immigrants, their culture and their religion,

    when we were never asked if we wanted millions of immigrants to come here and replace our culture with theirs, our religion ( or atheism) with their religion and replace our race with theirs – we never voted for this.

    when our government makes it a crime to criticize those immigrants

    of course a few people are going to blow a fuse and do crazy stuff like in the video above


    one Imam in the above video says that we should be more open , well Muslims came over here knowing very well that we eat pigs, why don’t the Muslims become more open and try a bite of bacon or ham? why don’t they open their minds to Atheism or Christianity?

    why is it always us westerners who must bend over backwards to accomodate immigrants?

    I am not surprised someone got fed up of these injustices and threw pig blood at a mosque, they should also throw blood at the government buildings ( not bombs, blood …to be clear…)

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