“Justice” in Afghanistan

This is what our boys died for in Afghanistan: Shariah “justice” as administered by the Taliban. A young woman is condemned to death for adultery, and her father executes the sentence.

Many thanks to Fausta for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this news clip from Spanish TV. WARNING: This video is not graphic, but may still be disturbing to sensitive viewers:


0:00   These images were captured on amateur video on April 22, 2013 in the
0:10   Alkamari [sp?] district, some 50 kilometers from Khamenaun [sp?] military base, where most Spanish troops are stationed in north-east Afghanistan.
0:17   A woman accused of adultery is about to be executed in public, and the neighbors have gathered to watch.
0:23   A mullah blames the current drought on the woman and her bad behavior:
0:28   “You can see for yourselves why it doesn’t rain.
0:34   What is the main reason?
0:36   The murders, the adulteries, and our bad deeds.”
0:41   Another mullah explains they must take justice in their own hands,
0:45   because the Afghan government is totally corrupt.
0:48   “Normally the government is responsible for deciding and knowing what to do.
0:53   But nowadays there’s much corruption in government
0:58   and people don’t follow the laws of Islam.”
1:01   Finally the sentence is read:
1:03   “We, the honest mullahs and community leaders, have decided
1:08   that she must be killed, according to Islam.”
1:13   The girl’s father will carry out the punishment.
1:20   “Yell:
1:21   Allah is great!
1:23   Allah is great!
1:29   Yell:
1:31   Allah is great!
1:34   Allah is great! Allah is great!
1:42   Yell:
1:44   Allah is great!”

6 thoughts on ““Justice” in Afghanistan

  1. Maybe mccain can manage to find a few minutes between his meetings w/ the muslim brotherhood to view this video. He would find the translation quite helpful . . . except, of course, for the last part where they’re shouting, “allah akhbar,” which he already knows means the same thing as the phrase “thank God.”

    • No, it really means “God is great”. Nobody knows what that has to do with letting a husband kill his wife – in public.

      Reminds me of the Salem witch trials – in 1692/3 (321 years ago).

  2. Oh dear god!!!!!

    This madness, this islam hast got to stopped!!!!!!

    This is akin, to the witch hunts, and burnings , torturing, and drownings of people accused of witch craft in medieval times!

    Mathew hopkins, witchfinder general….

    How have we come to this in civilzed europe ??????

    Who the hell is letting these people into our countries?????

    And who are the individuals who are the instigators and architects of forcing this new nazism, and mad insanity upon us?????

    Those responsible must answer for what they have done to us!,,,,,

    Obama, cameron, merkel, rajoy, barroso, and all you phony journalists at bbc, guardian, new stasi spys, lisrs and cheaters. and all other toilet paper rags you print, your time is running out……..

    We know who you are. Where you are, and we know what youve been doing in your de construction of our cultures and countries, with your propaganda lieing news and tv crap.

    Your game is up!!!!

    You been found out……….

    Are you afraid??????

  3. So many times I have read an article or seen a video on GOV that was so jaw dropping ignorant that I just had no words to respond. This is one of them. A public execution of a woman, carried out by her husband, and the Imam as a preamble claims that her crime is causing it not to rain.
    I sit here and think to myself what it would be like to live in a society like that. I think I would kill myself…
    Right after 9/11/01 I read everything I could get my hands on about the Islamic world and the West’s history in response to Islamic countries with a particular emphasis on US actions over the previous decade. If you want to make yourself completely furious read the book Terrorist Hunter.
    My conclusion can be summed up rather shortly; nothing in your western tool box works in Islamic nations. How do you counter a grown man that says that a woman must be executed because it hasn’t rained? It’s like something out of the Incas.

    • Or, it could be the Aztecs… I am not an ancient history buff and I tend to confuse one culture with another. Who ever it was I am referring to the civilization that used to throw their maidens off the top of their pyramids in ritual sacrifice to the Gods. If I understand, they at least had the mercy to drug them first.
      Not so Islam, it is hardball all the way… Just as they stone their women to death they “ritually” slaughter their animals in the most barbaric way. Cutting their throats open while they are fully aware and then hoisting them by their feet to bleed to death.
      Some studies have stated that animals that know they are going to die secrete toxic hormones, unlike slaughter in the west where the animal doesn’t see it coming…
      If I were a parent of a child being fed hallal meat in the schools I would protest vigorously. I am absolutely repulsed by hallal slaughter.

      What has happened? Just over the last decade the Europeans have caved to a small percentage of their population. Did it ever occur to anyone to offer a vegetarian meal to those that insist on hallal meat?
      Hey, you don’t want pork? Here’s some nice lentils and beans for you… If I understand correctly, the Danes have now banned “Danish meatballs”, the national dish, from the schools because they contain pork.

      Just recently I saw a clip of a Danish or Dutch Imam being interviewed on an Islamic TV show either in Egypt or some other Muslim nation. He had an interesting message. He asked that the countries of northern Europe be left alone and to stop importing Imams from the third world into these countries because they had no understanding of the culture.

      In light of this news article, I would certainly agree with him. Can you imagine this incredibly ignorant Imam in Afghanistan being set loose in Oslo? We might initially say that no one would follow him. Unfortunately, I don’t think that would be the case.

  4. It does give a certain perspective to consider when you hear reports of Coalition forces expressing satisfaction about getting to shoot some of these guys.

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