Get That Nasty Thing Out of Here!

A few days ago German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party (the Christian Democrats, CDU) won the German elections. During the celebrations afterwards, a fellow party member handed Ms. Merkel a German flag.

You don’t have to speak any German to understand the clear message in this video about what the chancellor thinks of her flag, her country, and German patriotism:

Hat tip: Politically Incorrect.

16 thoughts on “Get That Nasty Thing Out of Here!

  1. Obama would do the same thing if he thought there would be no repercussions. Consider the video with the disdainful looks between Barack and Michelle while some Marines were folding the flag. Or the photos where he’s got his hands folded over his crotch during the National Anthem. There’s also the famous photo of his colleague (and likely ghostwriter) Bill Ayers trampling it.

      • To be fair, scientific research on the potential reproductive damage dangerous “patriot rays” can inflict on socialists suggests that it is merely prudent for socialists to protect themselves from situations where high levels of patriotism are evident.

    • These internationalists want to be known as Citizens of the World. To them, sovereign nations are verboten.

  2. I doubt if Camoron is paticularily enthused by the Union Jack and certainly isn’t by the Cross of St George Both him and Merkel are inspired only by market performance ,balance of trade and relations with other world leaders.
    Both come from diametrically opposed antecedents Communist and Capitalist ,but both seem very similar as though they have been chosen by some unseen hand.

    • Whenever there’s an “antiglobalist” riot, I’ve thought of the irony that many of the people who hate global corporations simultaneously love global government — just as, within their own country, they think the power of “corporations” is much more oppressive than the power of government.

      On the other hand, it seems that many people who defend corporations in principle, as part of a “free market” philosophy, don’t realize the extent to which the heads of multinational corporations spurn any national loyalties and even work alongside left-wing globalists, or at least to the same effect. Then there are the open-borders libertarians who do realize it, but it doesn’t bother them because they view a nation as merely an economy, or a territory on which the global economy operates the same as anywhere else. And human decisions, in their view, are all simply market choices: does this put more money in my pocket or not? Apparently some heads of state do act that way: advancing the policy that puts more money and power into their own hands.

  3. One picture,or in this case,one clip,says more than a thousand words.
    Her facial expression says more than ten thousand words……

  4. Wow; are any Germans complaining? At least in ‘Murica, Conservatism Inc. would be making a big fuss.

  5. If someone had played this clip for me w/ just the flag color covered up, from the way she grabbed it and tossed it aside I would honestly have guessed it was a Nazi flag.

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  7. Aber warum!? Angela, Ich bin verwirrt.

    [“But why? Angela, I’m confused.”

    Note from BB to Dalegor: please translate foreign language comments.]

  8. The black-red-gold flag would not have been my choice for Germany. I am partial to the old Imperial flag. Somehow, methicks Merkel’s reasoning is different than mine!

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