From All Of Us To All Of You

It’s time to speak up! It’s time to talk about that Sweden where everyone has equal value, regardless of race, gender, disability, religion or sexual orientation. The Sweden we believe in. The Sweden we love.

“Sweden is big enough for all of us.”

For regular readers (especially those in Scandinavia) it’s no surprise that Sweden is in the midst of yet another public initiative to stamp out hate and discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, number of body parts, species, and planet of origin.

OK, I admit I made up the last two. But still…

A group of Swedish celebrities and public figures has issued a manifesto called “A Sweden for all of us”, and has called upon others to join up and show their solidarity for “the Sweden we believe in”. Given that Sweden is just as much a jantelagen society as Denmark or Norway, the push to become part of the consensus is all but irresistible. More and more of the glitterati have signed their names to this universal invitation.

It’s no coincidence that this appeal emerged concurrently with the official proclamation that Sweden welcomes all Syrian refugees and their families. This is a blatant attempt to ensure that no respectable person dare voice his disagreement with the new policy. And it’s obviously a thinly-veiled attack on the immigration-critical Sweden Democrats, whose position in the latest polls is running at about 10%.

Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent LN for translating this piece from Aftonbladet. From the sidebar:


Xenophobia that penetrates into our daily conversation will no longer be met with silence — support a Sweden for us all, write Jan Scherman, Ingela Edlund, Katrin Ludvigsson, Navid Modiri and Anna Ryott, along with several hundred known and unknown Swedes. Manifesto published today in Aftonbladet and Expressen. So support the initiative “A Sweden for all of us”: the writing on Here’s the campaign on Twitter.

From the article:

A dangerous xenophobic wind blows over Sweden. It forces its way into our everyday conversations. It’s loud in public debate. But silence is no answer. Today is the beginning of our call for the Sweden we want to live in.

Now we raise our voices for a Sweden for all of us. The country we believe in, and the tolerance and diversity that best of all can handle present and future challenges.

We are 489 signatories today. We become more all the time. The petition and a range of other activities start today and will continue. For weeks, for months and years if necessary.

Do as we do — write on a Sweden for all of us!

Sweden has for centuries been racially enriched with people who come to our country for many different reasons. During periods there has also been a great exodus. Such as during the last century, the first year in which Sweden was a country with widespread poverty and famine. That we move beyond national borders is nothing new. Immigration and emigration have always been a part of our society and thus become a part of our culture. Diversity in public life all share. It gave and gives us inalienable values.

Trade, business, employment and economic development are enhanced when we move across borders. Workers from all over the world have for decades helped to build a strong Sweden. We have been inspired by the new culture — art, literature, music and food.

We also have over the years shown humanity by accepting people who have fled war, dictatorship and persecution. We have become a safe place where it was possible to live and develop. This is a central part of our democracy.

Meanwhile an unpleasant wind sweeps through Sweden. People are exposed to harassment and violence because they have backgrounds from other parts of the world. Prevalent prejudices are heard in everyday conversation. The voices have been loud — those who claim that some are lazy, others are criminals, some are taking jobs away from us.

We hear the biased discriminatory words in public discourse and we hear them in everyday life. That wind sweeps across the break room at work, at lunch, at the restaurant or the Friday party. It manifests itself on the internet and can be heard all the way to the debate in municipalities and parliament.

We strongly feel uncomfortable about these myths, which categorize and blame people. We know what happens when it’s us vs. them. The evidence of history is frightening.

It’s time to speak up! It’s time to talk about that Sweden where everyone has equal value, regardless of race, gender, disability, religion or sexual orientation. The Sweden we believe in. The Sweden we love.

All of us who live here have a responsibility. We cannot transfer it to someone else. Everyone is responsible for what kind of society our children and grandchildren will grow up in.

The power and ability to cope with present and future are within ourselves. It is we who decide.

We want you to do as we do — speak up and stand up for a Sweden characterized by equal opportunities, rights and responsibilities for all. Where fear and prejudice are replaced by insight and understanding of each other’s similarities and differences.

Bring down racism, xenophobia and discrimination. Stand up for a society where we are stronger together.

We are pleased that there are now more and more initiatives for the Sweden we believe in. We want this text to invite organizations, individuals and businesses to take a stand for our appeal and that together we promise each other to resist the prejudices that abound.

Support our appeal for a Sweden for all of us!

13 thoughts on “From All Of Us To All Of You

  1. Sounds to me like a suicide note! Sad, as there is much good and decent about the country and its people.

  2. These signatories are, with a few exceptions, neither glitterati nor celebrities. They represent the media-political class, a.k.a. the new class, which by proxy is dominated by baffoons who have swallowed the Frankfurt schools culture marxist agenda hook, bait and sink. I feel nothing but outmost disgust when I see these [repulsive and insignificant organisms] [engage in onanism] en masse at first notion of anything “good and multicultural”.

  3. As ol’ good Stefan Kisielewski once said: socialism heroically overcomes difficulties unknown in any other system. Would there be any reason to put out the fire, if you didn’t set your home aflame?

  4. Perhaps members of the “ossalla” group should visit Marseille and take a tour of the city’s Moslem controlled areas.

  5. It stinks.

    The Hijab Solidarity Story some weeks ago was a personal PR trick of the feminist leader Gudrun Schyman. This campaign is something much more serious and organized by media professionals.

    I looked at the list of the 489 signatories. Except for about a dozen from the “working class”, all of them are “prominent” persons in the Swedish society. Not signing the list could cost your job and your career, so the validity of the list is low.

    The target is undoubtedly “Sverigedemokraterna”, The Swedish Democratic Party. But also – what might be worse – all critical voices against the immigration policy and Islam such as Dispatch International. But also against any form of critism in any part of the society.

    If I had lived in Sweden and somebody had asked me if I had signed the list, I would have lied and said “Yes”. If I had lived in Sweden, it would have been dangerous for me to write this post with my true identity.

  6. The answer to this sort of idiocy is that we don’t want to distinguish based on “race, gender, disability, religion or sexual orientation”. We want the same standards to apply to everyone, without anyone getting special exemptions from the norms of civilized society based on their race, gender, disability, religion or sexual orientation. No double or triple standards, no resorting to “historical oppression” or victim-hood narratives, no special immunity to criticism.

  7. The comments are pointed, very clever and full of sense. What the politicians said is full of lies and hot air that lull the zombies to sleep. How could a country, nay, three continents become zombies and worship Islam baffles the mind of straight thinking people. Politicians and some people with perverted minds see these perversions perfect. What a world we live in!

  8. Sweden for all of us

    Take the debate for a Sweden where diversity is strength.
    [Orwell could not have formulated this claim better.]

    But what’s this – what happens? – number of signatories is today

    September 19 19.579 persons and the tendency is decelerating.

    There must be a lot more of functional idiots in New Sweden believing
    in harmonious coexisting with from MENA imported Mussulmans.
    Hallo, all quislings – step forward, pick up your pen and sign.
    Sure you know what you engage in.

  9. Who cares if Sweden in fifty years time is the country of immigrant people with different cultural backgrounds. We, who oppose the madness in the present will then all be dea. Let old Swedish ideals of discussing and reaching amicable settlements, of trying to understand the wiews of the counterparty, of compromising, of being responsible, of showing decency, honesty, helpfulness, neighborliness, become obliterated

    Instead we have got a new country dominated by honor morality, oppression of women and corruption, where the cheekiest and the stronger wins. Then we will be a second Syria with all its conflicts between different communities.

    Let’s bury old Sweden and all old red buildings with white trim can be painted green. Then the remaining old Swedes finally will understand the fate of the American Indians.

    A wonderful future and the true wet dream of the ruling seven-party-alliance.
    May they all rot in hell after having been hanged as traitors to the old country.

  10. Lo and behold!

    Has the Fine Folk’s campaign:

    DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH – Sweden for ALL of us

    become constipated?

    Arn’t there enough willing ‘functional idiots’ or quislings in New Sweden
    to sign up the list?

    In 24 hours the list has grown with only 97 signatories.

    Can the cruel truth, as disclosed below, have been revealed to so many of New Sweden’s hundreds of thousands of functional idiots??

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    During the reign of the present treacherous Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt his government has intentionally invested heavily in ethnically changing the Swedish population, not least by offering the world’s highest social welfare to immigrant newcomers from MENA, FE and Africa south of Sahara. His efforts have paid off, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (SCB).

    The group “foreign-born” and the group of persons with “at least one foreign-born parent” has increased dramatically with 478,323 persons during the period 31 December 2006 to 31 December 2012.

    During the same period, the number of persons with two “native-born” parents – so called persons with Swedish background – declined with
    35,687 persons (“emigrated Swedes”).

    The total number of people who are foreign-born or have at least one foreign-born parent at the end of 2012 is 2,603,086 individuals.

    The number of persons with two native-born parents amounted to 6,952,807 individuals.

    If immigration in the future will remain at the same high level as it has done in the period 2002-2011, the proportion of citizens with two native-born parents will be in minority already in the year 2050.

    Recently, immediate and examinationless obtaining of permanent residency permit (PUT), automatically leading to Swedish citizenship, has been offered to ALL so-called Syrian refugees, many of whom have never been to Syria – most recently also expanded to include all relatives: aunts, uncles cousins etc. to those who already have obtained permanent residency (PUT).

    This in actual fact means that some 20 million Syrians are welcome to permanently enrich New Sweden and here receive absolutely free living, health care etc. on the Swedish taxpayers’ expense.
    Can the planet’s hardest burdened taxpayers cope with that?

  11. Sweden is swiftly evolving into the most totalitarian, and ideologically lunatic state in all of Europe. This country I once respected has now fallen into the hands of arrogant, one-world imbeciles who have created an Orwellian atmosphere in which even questioning immigration policy is to invite personal abuse (not my words, read respectable MP Staffan Danielsson in Sept 20 Svenska Dagbladet).

    Sweden’s elite wants to turn the country into a kind of international asylum hub, where everybody from Papua New Guinea to Chile is welcome to become a ‘new Swede’ just by signing a few papers, race, background, culture, religion and history be damned as ‘we are all one people.’

    This is sheer utopianism. Anybody who has lived in Sweden knows that integration of the Middle Easterners they already have is going badly—far worse, in fact, than it does in my home country, England. Sweden’s Arabs, Turks and Kurds cannot speak good Swedish (many use only English) and so cannot get a job; they hate the weather, the food and lifestyle, which is so different from the thronging street culture of the Arab and African worlds. Sweden is a hard place for any foreigner to like at the best of times, because of its emptiness, expensiveness, closed doors, dreadful winters and, most of all, the surface coolness of the people (I stress the word surface). I suspect a lot of migrants are miserable in Sweden, and I believe most Swedes privately resent their presence, though they no longer dare say it out loud. They truly do not fit.

    Yet last week came the incredible news that all Syrian refugees are potentially entitled to live in Sweden (did I get that right? Did an official spokesperson really say that?). And the Centerpartiet is now debating allowing ‘free immigration,’ completely open borders to the world, with Swedish resident’s permits doled out from the embassies overseas, to spare the Africans and Muslims the cost and hassle of having to get to Europe first (, in Swedish). If this insane policy is successfully rammed down the throats of the electorate, well, goodbye Sweden. Your country will be dead and gone within a couple of generations, like the Navaho nation. It will become a kind of Nordic Australia for Third World immigrants, who will simply fill out the vast spaces and push you poor suckers into what will effectively be reservations. I cannot believe Swedes are so stupid and cowardly as to allow this to happen without resistance. Has it really come to this?

    I used to think knowing Swedish was little more than a party trick. But now I am finding it useful. Sweden is Europe’s canary in the mine regarding Third World colonisation of Europe. Tactics and ideas—like the Orwellian oss-alla campaign (yes, Orwell again) to cow people into accepting a manufactured official and celebrity consensus—are being developed here first. Sweden is increasingly like the USSR—a country trying to force itself to live by an utopian ideology. Its unbelievably naïve, irresponsible and dangerous leaders are bent on a social engineering program with no like in the world, of which the result (and perhaps the conscious aim) is going to be erasure of meaningful national identity. More bluntly, it will be the end of Sweden.

    • “Sweden is swiftly evolving into the most totalitarian, and ideologically lunatic state in all of Europe. This country I once respected has now fallen into the hands of arrogant, one-world imbeciles who have created an Orwellian atmosphere in which even questioning immigration policy is to invite personal abuse .. [and no doubt career stagnation]”

      Sadly, for indigenous Swedes, the above analysis hits the nail on the head. The only silver lining on this cloud is that those in Western countries concerned about Islamization can sit back and watch the progressively unfolding results and learn empirical lessons from this debacle. Sweden is and will become more so the Western World’s sacrificial lamb. Any ethnic Swede should now be looking at an exit strategy: Denmark seems a logical first choice or Finland, which has a 10% ethnic Swedish minority already and a far more hard-headed approach to immigration. Such Swedes will embolden efforts in those two countries to resist the policies that are destroying Sweden.

      “Sweden has for centuries been racially enriched with people who come to our country for many different reasons ..”

      Centuries of migration of peoples of different races?! One marvels at the rank dishonesty of this claim and wonders how its authors can say it with a straight face.

      “We strongly feel uncomfortable about these myths, which categorize and blame people. We know what happens when it’s us vs. them. The evidence of history is frightening.”

      This is the usual mawkish allusion to the memory of the Holocaust: the conventional misappropriation of the persecution of European Jewry to bludgeon people into silence over any qualms about C21st immigration policy. What is especially ugly and disgustingly cynical is that Sweden is at the top of the European rankings for countries that are hostile to Israel with a major city such as Malmo a dangerous place for Jews to live. The mere participation of the Israeli tennis team in a tournament there generated violent mass demonstrations which were supported by its Leftist mayor.

  12. I am not Northern European. I HAVE A GREAT IDEA:
    It’s my opinion that Sweden should support all immigration thorough lowering the pension plans of all their retirees as much as needed. It’s important to support immigrants with all the luxury accomodations that a proper welfare system is able to provide and all coming out (excuse my emphasis) from the retirees pensions. Also, as a good example to every Swede , the gov. employees should donate their raises and maybe a percentage of their salaries to the welfare recipients.

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