Eyeballing It

I just came back from the retinal specialist, who administered the fifth treatment for choroidal neovascularization (wet macular degeneration) in my left eye. Regular readers know that the process involves the injection of a chemical into the vitreous humor of the affected eye.

It’s not a pleasant process, but I’ve grown used to it, and the effects of the treatment — an amazing improvement in my left eye over the past six months — provide such positive reinforcement that I don’t really dread my appointments anymore.

After my July visit, the doctor extended the interval between treatments to six weeks.

Since then there have been two pieces of good news:

1.   About two weeks ago I removed the patch from my left eye while I work at the computer screen. It took a while for the two eyes to become reacquainted with one another’s company, and my left eye still suffers from reduced acuity, but at least they are able to work together again. I don’t notice much in the way of problems now while I’m working here in front of the monitor.
2.   Today the doctor told me that the eye is doing so well that we can lengthen the interval between shots to eight weeks. I don’t know whether this will become my permanent interval. I’ll be having these shots for the rest of my life — or until ObamaCare intervenes to triage me out — but for the time being I can go two months without suffering through this ordeal.

So my eye is sore, but I’m feeling pretty good tonight.

Posting will be light for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow will be more like normal.

3 thoughts on “Eyeballing It

  1. Wow, I thought this was a treatment/cure that would only require a temporary course of injections, I didn’t realise it was more of a maintenance program & you’d need to keep having them. At least they’re effective and well, once you get used to the idea the actual injections aren’t proving to be too bad.

    Medical treatment is almost invariably weird and invasive – I had a scope up my left nostril and fed right down my thrapple just the other week. I had one up my willie and looking around inside my bladder last year. Now I just need one up my rear entrance and I’ll have a hat-trick!

    One of my friends actually had the anal probe done; before he went he said he wasn’t bothered, just so long as he only felt ONE of the dr’s hands on his shoulder. If he felt two, THEN he’d start to flap a bit …

  2. It’s great to hear the good news, Baron. Thanks for letting us know. I’ll keep praying for you, including giving thanks for the improvement.

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