Dutch Attack!

Earlier this month a young man in the Dutch city of Assen ended up in the hospital after being beaten up for no apparent reason by a gang of Moroccan “youths”, while police looked on and did nothing. The victim’s father is angry about official indifference, and has formed a group made up of like-minded citizens who vow to administer vigilante justice if the police continue their inaction in the face of culturally enriched violence.

Many thanks to El Rubio for translating this article from Dagblad van het Noorden:

Police in Assen under fire after violent nightlife incident

ASSEN [the capital of a north-eastern province in the Netherlands] — The police in Assen are in the limelight because their officers did not interfere during the occurrence of a seriously violent nightlife incident, in spite of standing almost right on top of it.

Last Sunday morning, the 22-year old Erwin Visser from Rolde was — for no apparent reason — attacked by a gang of about twenty youths of Moroccan descent who beat him without mercy. According to the father of the victim, Koos Visser, nobody from the watching police or nightclub security interfered.

This “hands-off” approach, according to a 21-year-old woman from Assen, was completely unacceptable. She reported to this newspaper [Dagblad van het Noorden www.dvhn.nl], because the previous week two of her girlfriends were harassed in the same locale by a gang of Moroccan youths. “I made the police aware of this. Suddenly I was thrown to the ground by six policemen and dragged into a police car. I admit that I reacted somewhat hysterically with some very strong words in the police car on the way to the police station. So besides receiving a fine for public drunkenness, I was also fined for insulting an official on duty.”

According to Koos Visser, that was the limit. If the police do not deal with this, then he will take matters into his own hands and equal the score with this problem group under the name of “Dutch Attack” “And I already have many supporters who think the same.” (he said)

The police received tips from social media that the perpetrators are to be found on Facebook, and are asking the public for any witnesses with photos or video materials to come forward.

Spokesman Ron Reinds denies that a real “Moroccan problem” exists in the Brinkstraat in Assen. “I just cannot imagine that we would not react if there were irregularities.”

Erwin Visser is still in hospital under observation.

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25 thoughts on “Dutch Attack!

  1. While I think it’s best for good people to generally stay away from bars and ‘nightlife’, a flashpoint seems highly probable sooner or later, if not from somewhere else, then from this nightlife.

    “Vengeance is the Lord’s”, says the Good Book. So Koos Visser and his supporters, while they should quietly (try to keep the advantage of surprise; they’ll need any advantages they can get) arm themselves and make contingency plans, in my opinion, should confine their current military actions to self-defense, while (1) praying, and (2) prodding reluctant authorities to do their job of stopping malefactors. This is at least until/if a more general civil war breaks out.

    How many Muslims are on the police force? At what level in the Chain of Command? How about the Armed Forces? How bad is the situation? How rapidly is it getting worse? Where can reliable back-up be found? Lots of variables to consider.

    What a mess hostile leftist political correctness hath wrought in formerly peaceful, prosperous advanced Christendom! We certainly should not have turned away from God!

    • The victims should “arm themselves” ? With what ?

      Firerarm possession is a felony in the Netherlands.
      Anything that can be used as a weapon is illegal.
      This includes replicas, BB guns, air guns, airsoft guns and even some realistic looking toy guns are all illegal. Mace, pepper spray : illegal.
      Stilletos, switchblades and butterfly knives are illegal. Arrows and arrowheads are illegal. Tazers : illegal. Blackjacks, brass knuckles : Illegal.

    • As a white Brit, I have no great issue with immigrants who want to work and integrate, though the government should make sure we have the resources- schools, housing etc- to cope.
      The problem is those who think they’re superior and entitled to support without making a contribution, and anyone following this site knows who the main culprits are.

  2. Are we finally pulling on the last straw? If not, what will it take for the Europeans to find their warrior past and fight back?

  3. Quote:
    This “hands-off” approach, according to a 21-year-old woman from Assen, was completely unacceptable.

    Oh, madam your words are far too gentle! It is criminal, not merely “unacceptable.”

  4. As of now, the Dutch cops are still following the verbal/unofficial orders from their complicit leadership that are no doubt being issued. Fearful of changed assignments, lost promotions, or terminations, they are acting only in the cases of the most severe crimes and doing the least possible amount of work when they do respond. As a retired cop, I hold that there can be no other explanation – these guys did not sign up with the intention of doing nothing when witnessing assaults. What is needed now is the rise of a real leader in the ranks of patrol officers will encourage fellow officers to ignore what they are being told and start making arrests – lots of them, and defy the police chiefs to discipline them for doing their job. Basically the chiefs and other in the command ranks can be told that they can either support the cops for doing their jobs or read the newspaper and see what the cops are saying about their bosses. These guys need to get back their Calvinist stubbornness and toughness that they showed against the Spanish Hapsburgs and later the British in the Boer Wars.

    • When my family suffered a violent racist attack in our home (from a gang of muslims in religious dress), the police would not even come round to survey the damage or issue a crime report. It took days and days of me complaining before they attended the crime scene. When they finally attended, they closed the crime in less than 12 hours.

      It’s no wonder that surveys in Britain show half of the public believe that a civil war with muslims is inevitable. http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2013/may/26/public-attitude-muslims-complex-positive

  5. We are all increasingly familiar to the degree propaganda is replacing news reporting in establishment media outlets. It will be interesting to see to what degree this new group is able to maintain a disciplined operational commitment to justice when dealing with dangerous situations. But it will be more interesting to see how the media attempts to spin their actions and their very existence.

  6. “If the police do not deal with this, then he will take matters into his own hands and equal the score with this problem group under the name of “Dutch Attack” “

    And about time too! Oriana Fallaci, in one of her books, mentioned Italian police not acting to dismantle refugee tents in the centre of a town, used by refugees as a base to harass locals. She writes that only when she made it known to the local police that if they continued to not do anything, she would burn down the illegal camp, did the police start acting differently – shortly after, the camp was dismantled. Moral of the story – things only happen, when people start to care… If ordinary people don’t care, then why should the police do anything and risk making trouble for themselves for no reason?

    Perhaps this Dutch father has pulled a leaf out of Fallaci’s book, or perhaps he really intends to follow up on his threat… nonetheless, if people are under attack, or if the group they identify with is attacked, it stands to reason that they will want to defend themselves, prevent more such attacks from happening, or even to strike back. While vigilante groups generally are not good news, and are often linked to the Mob or to terrorist groups, they are a natural reaction to ordinary citizens not being protected by the law – in such a situation, they will seek protection elsewhere…

  7. Isn’t it pretty obvious by now that the main danger is not so much the Muslims or the immigrants, who are still minorities. The real danger is the other Europeans, specifically the governments, mega-governments like the European Union and the United Nations, and the organizations designed to promote the spread of Islam.

    Consider, for example, the Bosnian War, whereby the Serb population of Bosnia was on the brink of fending off the invasion of the Muslim armies. The West, led by Bill Clinton and the US, literally bombed the Serbs into surrendering the Bosnian territories.

    Similarly, the US toppled the government of Iraq, installing a government increasingly controlled by Islamists and, worse, Iran.

    The International Court of Justice and the European Unions will continue to treat attempts to stop immigration and expel illegal refugees as crimes against humanity. Does anyone doubt that were it not for the pressure by the US in the United Nations, and the organized Jewish lobby which, liberal as it is, still staunchly supports the existence of Israel, that the UN would long ago have declared Israel an outlaw country and put warrants out on its leaders, for the crime of effectively defending their country?

    The tactics used by the enforcers of Islamization and immigration is to strictly enforce the hyper-strict standards of conduct on defenders of security and territorial integrity, while tolerating without protest the most egregious violations of individual rights by the “favored” groups and countries. It thus becomes impossible to defend oneself against the violent aggression of a ruthless, criminal, and determined group of invaders.

    Perhaps one solution is to undertake the non-violent penetration of governments and organizations by individuals devoted to the defense of freedom and to opposition to the spread of Islam beyond its present borders. The Muslim Brotherhood is obviously wildly successful in its program of subverting the US government’s decision-making process, and co-opting individuals, including prominent Republicans and Democrats, who might be expected to make decisions in the best interests of the country.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth – the only thing i would say though is that gaining access to government of people with the right mindset will take time – and even longer to provide the working space necessary to start a push back against the liberal mindset that has infested government departments. This is time no one has in europe.

      The problem is that vigilante attacks on the special groups will be counter productive as they will only be given MORE protection both by the police and within the confines of the legal system (thus government). If people are set on this course of action then the target has to be the government officials and their serfs. They are already more protected than most and it is this protection that keeps them high in the ivory tower. If they are targeted, and the action is successful, then this will send more shockwaves through the system than targeting the special groups. The obvious result will be for more protection of the government officials, this in turn will restrict their abilities to live unaffected by the problems faced by the masses. If there are some within the system that are not beyond redemption then, hopefully, such actions might wake them up to the problem and start them on the road to sorting it out little by little. The longer this shockwave takes to occur though the fewer people there will be in the system that are able to wake up and change.

      • Sociological researches show cooperation is enhanced when the party doing the punishing not only punish the defectors, but also the individual refusing to assist in the punishing of the defectors.

        In this case, the group “Dutch Attack” should not focus only on punishing the moroccans group for their wrongdoing but also choosing some cops to be punished for not doing their job.

        It is not so different from what the moroccans do now. They induce the police to cooperate with them with the threats of violence on the individual policemen and the policemen are inhibited by their superiors from reacting appropriately.

        The policemen must choose between a side that could harm them and a side that will not harm them. What side would you choose? The policemen choosing the right side will suffer the greater attrite in the field and hostility from their fellow cops.
        So, when the soft party become hard and start behaving like the hard party, the policemen in between start to be able to choose freely the party they want to support or not.

        The support could come in different ways (remember the leadership of the police is formed of political hacks):

        1) the policemen could harass the moroccans because they misbehave

        2) it could turn a blind eye when the dutch group(s) attack the moroccans

        “Basically the chiefs and other in the command ranks can be told that they can either support the cops for doing their jobs or read the newspaper and see what the cops are saying about their bosses.”

        This is wrong: the politicians own the newspapers and the people writing them. The policemen opposing their leadership only own their mouths.

        FROM DYMPHNA: [Redacted for incitement of violence]


        Initially they will react against the dutch group (the former weak party), but if the dutch group is able to keep the pressure high, the police will bend in the right way, because the police have power if the people give them power, otherway they are practically powerless (just another gang).

        • I will offer again the important moral distinction between aggression and defense. This issue will inevitably come to open violence, and nobody will be able to safely remain neutral. But let us not take hatred of the enemy as our motive.

          When you fight out of hatred for the enemy, you will always find new enemies to hate and fight, for even as your actions will make you hateful to others, so they will establish in your mind the necessity of hate as a self-justification. If you fight only to defend that which you love, you may still be defeated, but you also have at least some theoretical hope of success.

          By all means, do not be passive and wait until you personally are attacked. Seek out every person and cause worthy of your love and defense, and make clear what you will indeed defend. To defend what you love when it comes under assault is not violence, in the original sense of the term. And it will certainly provoke attack from those motivated by hate. But this just cause of defense will not earn you the enmity of any that were not already your foes, whether openly or secretly.

  8. I hope they do start a country wide vigilante attack! It’s time their governments and these [redacted] humans know that their pompous violence will not be tolerated!

    • It is time to take names and addresses of the policemen and make them accountable for what they did and didn’t.

      I remember, in Christianity, we ask to be forgiven by God for Thinks, Words, Doings and OMISSIONS.

      The Parable of the Good Samaritan teaches who is your neighbour (and who is not). And the policemen looking the your man to beaten by moroccans without doing nothing are not neighbours. They are hostiles or, at best, extraneous.

      Manifesting outside their homes (peacefully) against them is a way to make it personal (for them). They would be no more impersonal executors of orders. The orders would have personal effects on their lives.
      Steve Mann experience with sousveillance (inverse souurveillance or reflectionism) show people change their behaviour when they come under surveillance of others (more if they were the one surveilling the others).

      • Certainly the right to openly criticize the officials of government when they fail to uphold the law is something that we ought to be willing to both exercise and defend.

        • What I’m talking about is taking names, addresses and showing up at their doors in a loud and unpleasant way.
          Unpleasant enough to affect their lives.
          Affect their lives as “wife angry”, “son unhappy”, “friends try to avoid you”, “people give you no credit” and so on.

          Just “criticizing” is not enough if the critique is of no consequence and no one hear it.

          • Naturally. I suppose I should have used the term “protest” for the particular activities described, but as you say a criticism that nobody hears is meaningless, it is hardly even fair to call it criticism, let alone open.

  9. Okay. As a native Dutchman who has lived in the US for years, I like to think I have a fairly good understanding of the situation on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Sorry, but the concept of a “Dutch attack” militia or vigilante group is absurd. This kind of thing simply will not fly in the Netherlands.

    The authorities, both on national and on municipal levels are in complete denial about problems in society and determined to do whatever it takes to prevent things from polarizing. They want to, in their own words, “keep things together !” and this is the reason why they stick their heads in the sand, and dismiss things like Moroccan attacks on Dutchmen, gays or jews, as “incidents” time and again.

    The authorities will prevent any torch and pitchfork vigilante groups roaming the streets, and will almost certainly interfere promptly by seeking criminal persecution of any individuals involved (for “inciting hatred”, etc.)

    In addition, in a country where levels of polical correctness leap off the scale (into spheres I cannot begin to explain to an American) the formation of any vigilante/defense groups will only confirm the widespread myth that the indiginous Dutch are intrinsically racists and bigots. And that means that those poor Moroccans who already face such terrible prejudice, discrimination and racism have become EVEN BIGGER victims.

    For which, of course, Geert Wilders is to blame.

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