“Discrimination” in a “Multi-Faith” Society

A controversy broke out recently in the UK when a defendant in a court trial demanded the right to wear the niqab, even in the dock. The judge in the case ruled yesterday that the young woman may wear a veil when she is in the dock, but must remove it if she gives testimony. Spectators and the press will be prevented from seeing her face, however, thereby protecting her modesty.

Below is a BBC news report on this issue, displaying the usual multicultural bias. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading and annotating this video:

Here’s a list of links to recent media articles and opinion pieces about the issue of face veils in British courts and other institutions:

Hat tip for the articles: JP.

5 thoughts on ““Discrimination” in a “Multi-Faith” Society

  1. How do they even get to debate the issue – no debate, no appeal to human rights, no high minded lawyers, no media coverage for the British native, no questions asked straight down for contempt of court.

    • Government, Parliament, local government, civil service, police, education departments, all appear terrified of upsetting the Muzlim. Do they really believe the Muzlimz will riot if not given their own way, or is it that they are afraid to set in motion the train of thought that leads to the conclusion that diversity, equality, multiculturalism, et al are a nonsense?

      • Suspect they are more afraid of breaking the multikulti narrative, one small reality check and their reasoning for existing up to this point would go into psychological meltdown – went to sleep in heaven, woke up in hell.

    • The female in question is one Rebekkah Dawson, a real [redacted: unusual person] who is actually a British ‘convert’ to Islam. She cannot be deported anywhere as she is a native Briton. IMHO she and all her ‘convert’ ilk should be placed in a cell and the key thrown away. [Unfortunate human beings]

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