A Weary and Lonesome Traveler

Simple SimonI’m going away for a few days, and will probably not have much access to the internet, so posting will be light. Especially given the tiny screens on these dratted laptops. Oh, how I envy you young pups who can actually see!

If my monitor had to fail, now is a good time. By the time I return, the new monitor will have been delivered. I can carry it upstairs, hook it up, and plug the cable from the Auxiliary Brain into the socket in the back of my skull. Then life will return to normal — or whatever passes for normal in these here parts.

Until then, Dymphna will be in charge. Follow her guidance, and all will go well for you…

2 thoughts on “A Weary and Lonesome Traveler

  1. My, oh, my. He thinks he’s going to lug that CRT upstairs? Nuh uh. No way.

    I ordered a dolly and a strong bungee cord from Amazon for that trip up to his office lugging the new monitor. I intend to keep him in good running order for as many years as possible.

    So while it’s true he *could* grapple with that thing over the stairs, the doesn’t mean he should…

  2. Hang in there, both of you, and keep punting, but the reality is that the rhythms of time dictate that eventually the torch has to be passed on. Nil carborundum illegitemi 🙂

    As always, S III

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