330 Years After the Victory Over the Turks

The German original of this article by L. S. Gabriel, Victory over the Turks, 330 Years: Now they are Back was posted at Politically Incorrect on 12 September 2013. Many thanks to Rembrandt Clancy for the translation:

Victory over the Turks, 330 Years: — Now they are Back

On 12 September 1683 the Polish King Johann III Sobieski and Duke Karl V. von Lothringen vanquished the Ottomans in the Battle of Vienna [Gr.: Schlacht am Kahlenberg]. Thanks to a red city government since 1945, the Turks are no longer standing before Vienna today, but are sitting right in the middle of the city, well-nourished and affectionately mollycoddled about. In contrast to 1683, only a few citizens are defending themselves, and there appears to be no help in sight.

(by L. S. Gabriel)

In July of 1683 the Turkish forces, under the leadership of Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa [Pasha], stood before Vienna. As was the case during the first Turkish siege in 1529, the outskirts of the city were destroyed by fire and the population was in flight. The city commander, Count Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg and Mayor Andreas Liebenberg, had few resources with which to offer resistance. Surrounding the city were 25,000 Turkish tents and an occupation force of 200,000 Ottomans. Facing them stood a weakened city with just 17,000 men on the Austrian side. It was a desperate situation as Duke Karl von Lothringen shattered the comparatively weak right flank of the superior Turkish forces. Already on 15 August the Polish King Sobieski was starting out with his army from Cracow toward Vienna, uncertain whether he would still arrive in time. Since by this time Karl von Lothringen had already defeated Thökölys troops and a Turkish corps of auxiliaries at Bisamberg, Sobieski was able to cross the Danube unopposed. Near Tulln he joined up with troops from Bavaria and Saxony, as well as with imperial troops and the Franconian-Swabian imperial troops. On 11 September the force of roughly 70,000 men reached the Vienna Woods [Wienerwald]. On the next day they were standing before Kahlenberg.

The French Engineer Dupont who was riding with the Poles wrote in his diary:

‘Great God! What a spectacle presented itself to our eyes from the apex of this mountain!“ [Translator’s note: For a continuation of this colourful diary entry cf. Gates of Vienna, 11 September 2011]

Sobieski and his allies charged forward and struck the superior Turkish forces in a ferocious battle. The occupiers had to leave everything behind in their flight. The Viennese were therefore not only freed of the Turks, but they captured much booty as well.

What the Turks lost at that time, the red city government has been returning to them a thousandfold for decades now. Vienna has roughly 1.7 million inhabitants; of these somewhat less than half are immigrants. Those of Turkish origin rank third in number behind the Germans and the Serbs and constitute about 10% of the migrants in Vienna. Nevertheless they are the ones that demand the most and arguably spread themselves around with the most audacity.

Vienna already has 45 mosques, and the ATIB Union, Association of Turkish-Islamic Union for Social and Cultural Cooperation in Austria, still does not have enough of them. The ATIB is directly under the control of Turkish authority for religious affairs [Directorate of Religious Affairs], from which they presumably receive their instructions. That means, that under the pretext of looking after the cultural and social obligations of migrants originating in Turkey, the Turkish state directly influences Austria’s internal affairs and also sabotages, as Erdogan wishes to do, every form of integration. The goal of the ATIB is the distribution of the Koran and the preservation of Turkish values. The extent to which Turkey endeavours to push ahead with her campaign of conquest, Erdogan himself emphasises ever and again:

We are now the world power Turkey. This everyone should know. Turkey is no longer a country whose agenda is set from outside, but a country that sets the agenda in the world.“ [Gates of Vienna reported on this event, 07 September 2010]

Erdogan wishes to lead Islam victoriously Westward and in so doing he minces no words. But the majority of Western politicians decline to react commensurately to this open claim to supremacy, and allow him a free hand in the establishment of “Ottoman Empire 2.0”.

Echoing these sentiments completely, a Turkish colonisation unit mosque is now supposed to be thrown up in the 21st municipal district of Vienna. An Islamic centre is supposed to be put up on 1800 square metres, inclusive of Kindergarten, Koran school and halal supermarket. As is already the case in other places in Vienna, or also with the Islamic bunker centre in Bad Vöslau, no consideration is given to the residents.

Politically Incorrect reader Robert Hubac has now let off steam in an open incendiary letter to the red Mayor Michael Häupl:

[…] My challenge rests on statements and explanations which I am able to base on facts. I received assistance with specialised knowledge about Islam from professionals in Austria, Europe and even overseas. My self-employment in the real estate sector assisted me in making assessments pertaining to real estate law, location issues etc., as well in the appraisal of influences which a large project of this kind has on the neighbourhood, with all its negative effects. […] Large platforms of this kind will not be off limits to hate preachers. That can be shown by examining other so-called Islamic cultural centres in Europe. There is also the fear that Muslims, who are living here by virtue of so much tolerance and support on the part of the authorities, will be encouraged to seek “more”, which, as shown by events in England’s Blackpool and Sweden’s Malmö, can reach the point where Sharia is introduced for specific areas. […] If the association becomes operative, that will amount to the acceptance of political and religious views and practices which are not in any way consistent with our conception of the world, the Geneva Convention on Human Rights or such matters of immorality as the degrading treatment of women, absence of free choice in religion, dress regulations, the genital mutilation of minors under unsterile conditions, cruelty to animals through halal slaughter and so on.

Should a stop not be put to the Islamisation project soon in Austria, Germany and the whole of Europe, then we mock the action of Sobieski, Karl von Lothringen, Prince Eugene and other victorious warriors against the Turkish and Islamic claim to world domination. And not least we violate the future of our children and grandchildren.

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  1. Sent skall syndaren vakna

    Swedish proverb, approx = late the sinner shall wake.

    330 years and two days anniversary of the last

    successful victory over invasive Muslimism in Europe..

  2. What the Muslim armies could not win on the battlefield against European defenders, has been given over to them freely by elite European Quisling traitors.

  3. a spirit of fear is alive and well in europe, a direct result of the loss in faith of the Lord God. when you no longer believe in something you are ripe to believe in anything. islam is a false religion founded by a delusionsl pedophile under the influence of Satan. while they publicly proclaim homosexuals and pedophiles evil in the backrooms of a million homes throughout the middle east they practise these taboos with abandon.
    a war is underway that most cannot or will not see. we are losing the West because no one is willing to stand up and say enough. the muslim is instrumental in Satan’s plan to take over the world, islam allied with communism equals one world government. even the scriptures warn that in the end times christians will be martyred by beheading. open your eyes people before it is too late. open your eyes and destroy both the muhammedan and his traitorous cousins who live amongst us. this is war and in war you fight to win.

  4. WB your post is very sickening, you are clearly not well.
    Second of all what planet do you guys live on?

    There have been wars and conquests throughout the history of man…

    Why is something that happened 400 years ago in a very different world being used to target people now.

    One thing I will say, if people from different ethnic backgrounds immigrate to other countries they should adapt and integrate to there host destination and not try to change it. If it is change they want and they do not like the host environment….

    Leave and stop causing instability in societies!

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