A Passage to Warsaw

I returned from Warsaw late last night, after being up for 26 hours or so after two flights with a five-hour layover in between. So I’m running on approximately 2.47 cylinders at the moment.

I plugged in the new monitor this morning and fired it up, and it works just fine. I’m now re-attached to my Auxiliary Brain, and no longer an independent organism. Everything is back to normal.

I have a lot of interesting things to report. The past week’s events in Warsaw were momentous in many ways, even groundbreaking. We have a lot of interventions to post, and hours of good video. The OSCE news will probably go on for weeks.

Having so many Counterjihad people gathered in one place, we took the opportunity to hold Counterjihad Warsaw meetings on two of the evenings we were there, at times when we were not required to attend other events. Those will be reported separately.

But I also have a lot of email to catch up on. So bear with me.

Also: I’d like to thank all the people who wanted me in Warsaw, and chipped in to help me get there. You all know who you are; I couldn’t have done it without you.