“The Time for Talk is Over”

“The Blonde” returns with a few choice words aimed at Interior Minister Manuel Valls, and an appalling story about the treatment meted out by culture-enrichers to a young “person of French background” in the north of France.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:02   Firefighters, police attacked.
00:06   suburbs freedom of expression censored
00:10   anti-white racism. Socialist Justice.
00:14   Dhimmitude. Apology for Communism.
00:18   Replacement of our Population.
00:22   France and her flag insulted.
00:26   Don’t touch our freedom of expression. Don’t touch my national anthem.
00:30   Don’t stone firefighters. Stop religious riots.
00:34   Blonde of YouTube
00:46   CouCou
00:50   Today a somewhat different video. Firstly,
00:54   apologies for the sound quality.
00:58   I’ll explain what’s going on.
01:02   Two weeks ago I received a worrying email asking me
01:06   for help, because he had big problems.
01:10   I responded, but
01:14   no more than that, as I get such messages
01:18   by the hundreds regularly.
01:22   So, the situation: this young man lives in the North
01:26   next to the city of Louches.
01:30   On hearing the name of this town
01:34   one feels like laughing, but knowing what is happening there,
01:38   it’s not funny.
01:42   So this young man moved there.
01:46   It started with anti-white insults;
01:50   it escalated. Three weeks ago his wife
01:54   was pelted with stones in her garden
01:58   while she was six months pregnant. His little brother
02:02   has also been violently attacked.
02:06   He intervened, and six of them jumped on him.
02:10   Result: both ended in the emergency room.
02:14   His house has been ransacked, twice
02:18   in two days. They destroyed everything, furniture,
02:22   baby things, crockery.
02:26   They returned that night to finish the job.
02:31   The police don’t come
02:35   because the district is too dangerous.
02:39   Social services and city hall know about it.
02:43   The police know about it.
02:47   But nobody does anything.
02:51   So he called me for help, because his wife,
02:55   with all this stress, just lost her baby
02:59   yesterday.
03:03   Labor was induced this morning.
03:07   Her baby was stillborn
03:11   because of all this stress
03:15   and the incapacity of our government.
03:19   I find this revolting,
03:23   because they have no idea of the situation
03:27   of these people. There are thousands of people like this,
03:31   but Mr. Valls [Manuel Valls, interior minister] fights Islamophobia instead.
03:35   I ask myself: what
03:39   if the wife of this man had been called “Fatima”?
03:43   You can imagine the huge reaction this would have caused
03:47   in all the (despicable) media.
03:51   We would have heard about it everywhere.
03:55   But as the victim was merely a little French whitey, no worries.
03:59   I am really outraged.
04:03   I am close to exploding, when I see Mr. Valls
04:07   call us Islamophobes:
04:11   stop the bulls***! What does Mr. Valls do for all these people
04:15   who live in and next to these cities,
04:19   who cannot go out in peace? What does he do for our police?
04:23   What does he do for our firefighters?
04:27   Nothing at all!
04:31   Except protect HIS police,
04:35   his political police, you know the ones I’m talking about.
04:39   I’m speaking of the “Antifa” [extreme left groups].They consider us
04:43   Fachos [Fascists].
04:47   “Fachos” because we love our country
04:51   as it used to be. We are called Fascists.
04:55   3/4 of us have no criminal record (as they do),
05:00   but it is we who are dangerous fascists.
05:04   It’s time to put things back into order
05:08   and DO something, because the time for talk is over.
05:12   Do something; send in the Army.
05:16   It’s not OK to let women live in fear,
05:20   let women lose their children because of stress.
05:24   It’s non-assistance to people in danger.
05:28   The government does not do its duty.
05:32   This has to stop.
05:36   If they don’t know, I can explain it to them, I get testimonies,
05:40   thousands of them, but
05:44   [Valls] couldn’t care less. He is in his beautiful big house, in security.
05:48   Mr. Valls is not worried,
05:52   nor are all the other clowns in our Government.
05:56   A solution must be found quickly. I appeal to lawyers.
06:00   I appeal to city hall, the Prefect,
06:04   ANYONE! Help this young couple
06:08   The young man, I spent more than two hours
06:12   on the phone with him. He was in a terrible state;
06:16   he was close to suicide. We were several patriots
06:20   trying to talk him out of it.
06:24   He was also close to going into the city to get himself killed
06:28   simply by provoking.
06:32   And no, nobody will do anything.
06:36   So, stop the bulls*** and do something
06:40   and clean up these cities. Stop the blah-blah. Talk fests are nice,
06:44   but there is never any action. As I said before:
06:48   The time for dialogue is finished.
06:52   Either they move, or we are the ones who will move you.
06:56   We cannot let people like this get attacked,
07:00   end up in hospital, their houses ransacked,
07:04   their cars burnt, and we remain silent,
07:08   while the police cannot even GO there.
07:12   My little sister called me three days ago to tell me
07:16   that she was grossly insulted, because she wears the same thing as I around the neck
07:21   We are FED UP!
07:25   I am angry, and we are all angry.
07:29   We try to calm people a little on the net,
07:33   but we will not be able to calm them
07:37   for ten years.
07:41   So, he [Valls] should stop questioning, let him get on the phone and send in the army.
07:45   He is not aware of the situation. All he does is…
07:49   yes… good… you are Islamophobes,
07:53   you don’t love Islam… yeah, that’s it.
07:57   Fed up, there are endless problems with Islam.
08:01   I am threatened, I am on the wall of the “Antifas”
08:05   the ones I call “THEIR” political police. Because their young men
08:09   are much more violent than we who are considered fascists.
08:13   Why? Because I defend the police, the firefighters
08:17   civilians, the army? But it’s YOUR work, not mine;
08:21   get your ideas in order
08:25   And so…
08:29   this crime must not go unpunished.
08:33   A baby is dead, a family is destroyed,
08:37   and it’s just ONE example among many
08:41   So: move! That’s all I have to say on
08:45   on this subject. And the next video
08:49   we will discuss [inaudible].
08:53   I wish you a good day, and Vive la France!

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23 thoughts on ““The Time for Talk is Over”

  1. I know this is cold comfort, but at least you’ll be able to watch the “antifa” have their heads sawed off once they get what they want. They will no longer be useful to the jihadists.

  2. Looks like the La Blonde of Youtube is getting political.

    Organize for your own protect, La Blonde. The only way you are going to stop this from happening is to make the Muslims and the Pollies feel negative consequences. And for that you must have organized numbers.

  3. You said you were trying to calm the people down. DON’T! That’s a big counterproductive mistake. Calming down can also mean not taking this issue seriously enough. Everyone who will be a victim of said culture needs to be outraged, or nothing will be done. The same problem is gradually picking up speed here in the USA and just like you, is not being dealt with by our so-called “leaders” and for the same pathetic reasons.

  4. The ‘inaudible’ word at 8:49 is ‘Esteban’. I assume she will, in her next video, be talking about the case of Esteban Morillo and Clement Meric. To be brief, Meric, a member of Antifa, was in a gang fighting skinheads amongst whom was Morillo. Whilst Morillo was fighting, Meric jumped him from behind. A video claims to show this plus Meric receiving two punches from Morillo. Meric died several days later in hospital as a result of these blows. The government has since banned two right-wing movements that Morillo had been a member of.

  5. The necessary call has been made – that thing have to drastically change without further delay. Note the proposed actions by the anguish-ridden husband and father. He had the serious thought of going among the animals and provoking the cowards into a full attack; let the people watch what their meek complaisance and acceptance of the new order has brought them. I am reminded of both the true account of Dominque Venner and the fictional one of El Ingles’ “The Danish Civil War. Contrary to what we are continually told, the Western Democracies are not “there for the good of the people”. No, they have been hijacked by Western Socialists, purveyors of a Leftist agenda that is far more ugly and filthy than anything of which the Soviets could envision – one that requires the key component of an introduced and invasive people who will routinely brutalize the pacified people. For the army and/or the police to be cut loose to do what they know needs to be done, the people may need to treat the ruling elite as if they are a parents who, by chronic and severe abuse, or gross indifference to the plight of his kids – inform them that they no will no longer be considered to be in charge.

  6. Viva le France! The Blonde is a VERY courageous woman.

    Join the European Freedom Parties and European Defense Leagues!

    In Australia, join Rise Up Australia Party

    Join the revolution! Britain’s Paul Weston’s heroic LIBERTY GB!

    Listen to Paul Weston’s outstanding speech!
    Paul Weston in Croydon: It’s Not Racist to Defend Your Country

    UK and European ruling elite TRAITORS colonized Europe and Britain with many MILLIONS of Muslims in order for Muslims to OBEY Quran and mosque commands to wage jihad against us. In France alone, there are 750 no-go Muslim zones where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter.

    All Muslims in no-go Muslim zones must be deported immediately by European and British military. Muslims are conducting themselves as if they are perpetrating a military invasion and occupation, which indeed, they are.

    Islam-adorers, Freedom-haters, European and British leaders refuse to use their military to carry out massive Muslim deportations urgently needed to PROTECT our people.

    In refusing to permanently end all Muslim immigration and refusing to carry out massive Muslim deportations and refusing to stop giving Muslim immigrants and polygamous Muslims free welfare benefits, UK and European ruling elites aid and abet the daily jihad Muslims perpetrate against our people.

    Wicked ruling elite traitors have become willing collaborators and partners with devout Muslims who wage daily jihad against us. Evil ruling elites are responsible for every barbaric attack; every violent rape and every savage murder that Muslim God haters commit against our people.

    The Time for Talk is Over.

  7. UK and European ruling elite TRAITORS have criminally colonized Britain and Europe with many millions of Muslims to such an extent that within years unless something is done quickly, our countries will become majority Muslim, RULED by Muslims and sharia law.

    UK and European ruling elites ruthlessly ignore the massive crimes against humanity perpetrated by dirty, demonic Muslim MONSTERS who violently gang-raped; tortured; forced into prostitution, and sexually enslaved many THOUSANDS of Britain’s children.

    The selfish, filth Muslim MONSTERS stole the young girls’ childhood; STOLE their youth; destroyed the children’s hopes and dreams. Destroyed their future. A whole lifetime of DESTRUCTION. Very, very few of the many thousands of child victims will go on to live a happy life. They will always be on the outside, looking in. Their tears inside will never stop.

    These terrible crimes by Quran-obedient Muslims against Britain’s severely persecuted, terrorized non-Muslim children continues. THERE IS NO ONE TO HELP THE CHILDREN! Dear God, please help the children!

    PROTECT Britain’s and Europe’s children! Permanently end ALL Muslim immigration. Begin massive Muslim deportation of all criminals, illegals, terrorists, refugees, asylum seekers and Muslims who live for free off benefits.

    The 1,400 years of the horror and terrible suffering of Muslims taking slaves continues to this day in Sudan, Mauritania, other countries and IN BRITAIN.

    Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLzhI7rEYqE

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO1yN-eKjmo

  8. The French people have to ask themselves these things:

    Was the Nazi occupation of France in WWII this bad?
    Did the Germans do these kinds of things to pregnant French women who weren’t in the resistance?
    Is France not now under a foreign occupation?
    Are the police and your politicians not now collaborators with the enemy?
    How does France deal with occupation and collaborators?

    France, you need to ask these things. Because King Louis wouldn’t have treated you the way these pigs do, yet you took off his head, …for what?…

    It is time for your Napoleon Bonaparte, and to give these [detestable persons] a “whiff of grapeshot”, no?

    • Good point bbss, the German occupiers in WW2 did not
      treat the occupied in an uncivilised way, unless there was
      serious underground opposition. The Blonde is great, very brave, like Joan of Arc. I hope she has people
      protecting her.

      • I suppose you think deporting people to concentration camps for the “crime” of being Jewish was civilised. Had this escaped your memory? Or perhaps you are some sort of antisemitic fascist like Jean Marie le Pen who described this as a detail of history.

        • You fell into his trap. Mr. Ducain loves to fight about Jews. He set you up to bring up THE JOOOZ so he could get started.

          This is as far as it goes though. The post is not about Jews. Nor is it about the way the Germans treated those they occupied. And they did NOT treat them well, but they killed a great many Jews, gypsies, etc. However, the Russians were worse. Like the Muslims this woman is worried about *right now* the Soviets killed their own.

          The Blonde is worried about Islam in France. Muslims don’t treat anyone well, even one another.


          • The REPLY function seems to end at you, SDucain. So my response must remain above you. How karmic.

            I know which side my bread is buttered on, boy-o. When you start giving us the shekels that the Mossad hands out to keep you on a leash, then we’ll discuss changing the rules.

            [Note to those whose first language is not English: this response to Ducain is sarcasm. Neither Mossad nor Ducain gives anything to Gates of Vienna. For Israel, our leash on Ducain is part of our debt for the existence of the West’s foundation of moral law]

          • The REPLY function seems to end at you, SDucain. So my response must remain above you. How karmic.

            I know which side my bread is buttered on, boy-o. When you start giving us the shekels that the Mossad hands out to keep you on a leash, then we’ll discuss changing the rules.

            [Note to those whose first language is not English: this response to Ducain is sarcasm. Neither Mossad nor Ducain gives anything to Gates of Vienna]

  9. The real evil is the cowardice and corruption of the people who reward them with special treatment and benefits. This is what causes problem behaviours to spread like dandelions.

    Now it has become nearly impossible to even discuss the intractable problems of intransigent bellicosity because “you’re a racist”.

    This can only end badly. The sane muslims need to provide verbal condemnation. Without this, it is impossible to discuss and remedy the problems in their neighborhoods – BECAUSE THE LEFTISTS BENEFIT BY NAMECALLING and by administering “govt. help”- the coming bloodshed will be due to the same stupid trash that killed 100 million last century.

  10. It is so sad the muslims are the most violent and destructive people on the planet and they have over populated everywhere even here in the United States and we also do nothing because they want to live by there rules and not ours our government is the same cowards who have sold us out Ann Barnhart on you tube does a great informative break down of the corhan it will disgust you to hear but is true good luck my foreign friends in your fight cause we will have the same one day Iam sure

  11. “3/4 of us have no criminal record (as they do)”

    I’m guessing that’s an awkward translation (the French goes by too fast for me to be sure), because it implies that 1/4 of “us” do. Presumably it means: while 3/4 of the Antifa have criminal records, that’s far from the case with the French patriots they attack.

  12. The first thing this family must do is get out of Louches. They must save themselves first. They must not sacrifice themselves to draw attention to the problem. With the help of the Net, they should find a town in France that is not infested with Muslims and Antifas and move there. Where they are now they’ll only be harassed to near death or worse.
    Fight the good fight from a peaceful situation where they’re not in fear of imminent attack.

  13. Good news! I hear (on BBC news) that two victims of the Muslim rape gangs operating in Rotherham (Yorkshire England) are taking the social services department to court for failing in their duty of protection of the children in their care.

    • Good news. We can only hope that every one of the many thousands of rape victims will take social services, the police, so-called care homes, and the UK government to court for their evil REFUSAL to protect them.

      • In the US, the courts have ruled that the Police have no duty to protect. I wouldnt be holding my breath for any kind of ruling protecting white Europeans (which is not a “protected class”).

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