The Spitting Professor Dodges a Bullet

Erik Svensson is a professor of biology at the University of Lund in Sweden who went from obscurity to notoriety overnight after a series of vile Twitter outbursts against various “Islamophobes”.

It seems the Twitter-Spitter will hold onto his job after all. The University of Lund had a quiet chat with their distinguished professor yesterday, and decided that his sins, although manifold and grave, did not merit dismissal. Dr. Svensson was properly repentant, and promised not to repeat his offenses.

Below is a brief report from Skanskan, a local newspaper in South Sweden, as translated by our Swedish correspondent LN:

No action against professor

by Lars Johansson

The case of the professor’s insulting posts on twitter has now been resolved, but the university will take up a policy discussion.

“It was a good meeting, so now we are happy to continue,” says Olov Sterner, the dean of the Faculty of Sciences, after the meeting on Tuesday, where Erik Svensson , a professor of evolutionary ecology, was called to answer for his twittering that had attracted considerable attention.

Among other things, he described Ingrid Carlqvist, editor of the highly Islam-critical magazine Dispatch International, as a nuisance and a vile little person whose face he wanted to spit in.

“He regrets his language, repeats his apologies and promises that it will not happen again,” says Olov Sterner.