The Blonde and the Marseillaise

Undeterred by YouTube’s removal of three of her videos, “The Blonde” keeps on speaking out on behalf of France and the French identity, this time focusing on the leftists’ proposed change to the national anthem.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. Note: The Blonde quotes from a culturally enriched rapper in this video, so that one of the subtitles contains profanity:


00:00   Coucou. Today let’s talk about our wonderful National Anthem
00:04   La Marseillaise. I just saw a video
00:08   dated May from the Senate
00:12   it did not make the news
00:16   In it, one sees Mme Marie-Christine Blandin (Green MP)
00:20   explaining to those men in the Senate that our
00:24   National Anthem should be changed…because
00:28   it contained xenophobic propositions
00:32   which would lead to bloodthirsty hatred
00:36   she even suggests that
00:40   there was a connection between our Anthem and the attacks
00:44   in London. Of course there is a connection
00:48   between our Anthem and these killings.
00:52   Of course, it’s our fault
00:56   But here we are at the top of the dungheap
01:00   quite a few “associations” follow her
01:04   we know the “leaders” of these “associations”
01:08   I feel like telling this dame that before attacking our National Anthem
01:12   she’d do better to listen to what the “youth” are listening to
01:16   because this Rap they are listening to
01:20   When Booba says
01:24   “I f*** France until she loves me” or if we hear Mr. R say:
01:28   “France is your whore of a mother”
01:32   or “I piss on Napoleon et De Gaulle”..
01:36   and it’s OUR song which is racist?
01:40   I think this woman was shaken last night and left her brains at home
01:44   no other explanation possible.
01:48   because when you hear what the “Youth” listen to day in day out
01:53   you should not be surprised that they are so full of hatred
01:57   they speak of France as a “bitch”(dog)
02:01   so you want to attack our Anthem?
02:05   Go ahead, but I assure you our recent demonstrations against “marriage for all”
02:09   will be insignificant by comparison
02:13   Touch our Anthem and you will have millions of people outside
02:17   because we have made enough effort in France
02:21   attacking our Republic and Anthem is not in
02:25   So now, stop the BS and go onto subjects
02:29   which are important. Lets get rid of this Rap
02:33   which pollutes our lives. VIVE LA FRANCE

9 thoughts on “The Blonde and the Marseillaise

  1. When does 1 = 1,000,000 ?
    How many million sheeple are in France? How many of them have courage and love for their own people like this Lady? How many in the governing elite have one iota of love for their country?
    “Democracies” in the west seems that they have been created to serve every whim of Muslims.

  2. It is much the same as the woolly leftist thinking which has led to the girl guides no longer being able to undertake to serve God and the Queen. God i.e. a Christian God went years ago to be replaced by my god, even if that god is money or Baal but especially Allah. Now the Queen has gone and with her the fatherland. Now even your god has changed – too religious for atheists – to be replaced by sticking firm to my beliefs even if you believe in being an islamic or even a red brigade terrorist. And country has gone to be replaced by community; i.e. afro-carribean, chinese, pakistani, indian, muslim, hindu, sikh and latterly the white community; this is now meant to mean the “white British”. We used to be the British or the Brits to our American cousins; now we are the white community, although that is complicated by the thousands and thousands of East Europeans pouring in. I don’t think they will change the national anthemn yet because of the Queen’s popularity within the white community but as the white community shrink and disappear and the New Britons demand a republic then all that could change. The islam loving Prince Charles wants to be defender of faiths rather than the defender of the protestant tradition and wants to have an imam at his coronation. Poor Charles, nice but dim.

    • I can’t think that even Charles could be that dim. The Saxe-Coburg and Gotha dynasty sold out the people lock, stock and barrel long ago. I see an alliance with the Western Socialists, one that would guarantee their rule at the price of the integrity of the British nation and the subjugation of her people.

    • Joan of Arc wouldn’t have had a mention if it wasn’t for
      her army of brave soldiers. Anyone fancy joining up?

      • Good point.
        That was what I hoped would happen. A movement does well not just from content of speeches – it also needs someone with charisma, like Tommy Robinson. In her own way, she may find herself taking on the role of a Gaullic Tommy.

  3. Check out “La Marseillaise, arr. Berlioz” on YouTube- there are several performances. It brings a lump to my British throat (and it’s much better than “God Save the Queen”- same tune as “America”- no offence intended!).
    Hope the French remember who they are soon, and indeed the rest of the West.

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