That Mysterious Swedish Rape Wave

Fjordman has written several times in the past about the massive number of rapes in Sweden, which is now the rape capital of the Western world. The increase in sexual assaults has been variously attributed to loutish Swedish men who drink too much, global warming, and sundry other politically correct explanations.

It’s possible that the Swedish rape wave, like those of its Nordic neighbors Denmark and Norway, is being driven by the cultural enrichment provided by all those “New Swedes” who have flooded into the country over the past two or three decades. However, there’s no way to tell, since there are no official Swedish crime statistics that include the ethnicity of the perpetrators.

The following brief report appeared recently in Den Korte Avis and is followed by a brief comment from Snaphanen. It was translated from Danish into Dutch by Vederso for E.J. Bron, and from Dutch into English by El Rubio for Gates of Vienna:

Shocking number of rapes in Sweden

Morton Uhrskov Jensen, Den Korte Avis

Sweden is one of the countries where women enjoy the most rights in political matters and in other aspects of society. But in marked contrast with this is the fact that Sweden is also a country where the most awful form of violation against women occurs in great numbers: rapes. What is the explanation? We cannot get a clear answer, because in politically correct Sweden it is forbidden to talk about the identities of these rapists.

We know from information coming out of Denmark and Norway that immigrants from certain countries are strongly over-represented in the statistics concerning violent crime and rapes. It would be interesting to know whether we can find the same pattern in Sweden.

Snaphanen writes: “It can be added to Uhrskov’s writing that the total number of recorded rapes of girls under 15 years old alone was 1,994 in the year 2012.”

15 thoughts on “That Mysterious Swedish Rape Wave

  1. The solution to the problem: stop voting for politicians that put ideology before the welfare of their own people. It’s as simple as that because everything else will follow from that.

  2. When a society does not care enough about punishing rapists to make their personal data available to the public, that itself can be considered a significant cause of the culture of rape. Protecting the identities of the rapists is absolutely unacceptable and must come to an end, regardless of whether anyone believes that personal information of rapists could help in devising rational strategies for preventing other rapes.

    Just releasing the identities of the rapists is a valid strategy for expressing the refusal of society to be complicit in their crime. Conversely, hiding their identities must be regarded as the acts of deliberate accomplices.

          • Oh, I presume you must be talking about people who are merely suspected or accused, rather than convicted. Naturally, I believe that there should be an effort to preserve the presumption of innocence and carefully distinguish between suspicion and proof.

            I don’t believe that Sweden is a dangerous enough place for those merely suspected or accused of rape to make it clearly necessary to withhold such information from the public, but I was not suggesting releasing the identities of mere suspects in any case. I am more concerned about the fact that there are large numbers of confirmed rapes and yet the identities of the convicted rapists is being hidden.

            This violates the fundamental human rights of other people to have information about such a severe threat to the public safety. When courts convict someone of violent crimes, that is by nature public information and should be freely available to the public.

        • Of course it is a good idea to publish the IDs of rapists plus their photos. This will lead to knowledge of the cross-racial aspect
          of rape in multi-cult countries. We might
          then approach a meaningful solution.

  3. And when I tell my family and friends about this they don’t believe me. Here in the states we have a picture of blonde haired blue eyed natives flitting around producing automobiles and buttery cookies…

  4. The identity of the rapist is available i the public records from the courts. Some independent bloggers like Affe compile this to statistics. There are of course no official compilation of the statistics based on etnicity.
    The page is in swedish and it’s based of old reports.
    The red and yellow parts are immigrants.

    This is another compilation that reports the number of imigrants (red)
    and reported rapes ( blue )

  5. I’m scarcely surprised. Radical feminism and Islam are allies in the assault on the Christian West. Wonder what Gloria Steinem would look like in a burqa?

  6. Muslim males are the complete opposite of non-Muslim MEN. Non-Muslim MEN appreciate and love women. Many Muslim males are consumed with the most terrifying HATE for non-Muslim females. It is abnormal and inhuman and a huge crime against humanity to allow such rabid haters into our countries. Ruling elites aid and abet the massive Muslim rapes of defenseless, terrified non-Muslim females by continuing to allow Muslims into our countries and by not beginning massive deportations.

  7. We’ve brought it on ourselves by pandering to these foreigners. People in general, politicians in particular, dread offending these people and their false, barbaric religion.
    We’ve also brought it on ourselves by abandoning the gospel or good news message of the New Testament. People have raised their middle finger at God, and are now facing harassment in their own countries at the hands of the followers of a global false religion. Is there a causal link? Yes, I think there is. Calamities befall communities that turn their backs on God. It happened numerous times in the Bible. And it’s happening right now. Abondon God, and you then put yourself at the mercy of people like this.

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