Post-Jihad Stress Disorder

As Forces loyal to the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad continue to make advances against the “rebels”, dispirited jihad fighters from Western countries are expected to return “home” with a bad attitude and a working knowledge of explosives and firearms, looking for a fight. Authorities in Norway are apprehensive about “Norwegian” mujahideen who make their way back from Syria with the intention of applying in Oslo the skills learned in Homs or Aleppo.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about the concerns of PST, the Norwegian security police. My favorite quote from the article:

“They watch the horrors on TV and on the Internet, and want to travel to Syria to do something good for others.”

Only a Swedish or Norwegian academic could advance such a bizarre explanation for the motives of the holy warriors of Islam.

The translator includes this introductory note:

This article from today’s VG describes the ticking bomb that the Norwegian authorities have lovingly brought to our shores, assembled and planted firmly under their own feet. They have of course also lit the fuse, knowing very well what will happen next.

It’s so obvious that it almost borders on the ridiculous, but even so they probably still believe that they can prevent the inevitable cataclysmic bang.

The psychiatrist quoted in this article is worried about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I’d be more worried about SAIBD (Severe Allah-Infested Brain Disorder). Registered cases of this mental illness are unfortunately on the rise in Norway.

The translated article from

Worried that Norwegian Syria warriors may commit terror

PST is concerned about returning combatants

(VG NETT) Radical Muslims are traveling abroad to fight in the civil war in Syria. They return home to Norway with a robust social network and military fighting skills.

Ever since the mass protests against the Assad regime descended into an armed conflict in 2011, dozens of Norwegian Muslims have traveled abroad to fight shoulder to shoulder with various rebel groups.

PST is now deeply concerned about the warriors returning to Norway.

“Some of those who have gone off to fight could eventually return to Norway more determined and more capable of planning terrorist attacks,” says Siv Alsén, a spokesperson for the PST, to VG.

“This could be the result of both personal experiences and of having established ties with groups that wish to carry out attacks in Western countries,” she says.

The numbers are rising

According to PST the number of individuals that have traveled from Norway to various conflict areas has risen and some have probably joined different militant Islamist groups.

In addition to countries plagued by conditions of civil war such as Syria, these individuals also travel to Somalia, Yemen, North Caucasus, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Extreme insurgent groups inspired by al-Qaeda are operating inside Syria, and the PST is concerned that individuals from Norway head over there and join these groups,” says Alsén.

And like its 60 partners in international cooperation, the Norwegian intelligence authorities are witnessing a trend where many of the young Muslims who return home from war zones become even more dangerous.


Several Norwegian Muslims are alleged to have joined the terrorist group Al Nusra in Syria, which appears to be one of the most brutal insurgency groups in the country.

“Some of those who join could be Islamists, while others may simply be patriotic. They watch the horrors on TV and on the Internet, and want to travel to Syria to do something good for others,” says Professor of Anthropology Unni Wikan to VG.

Lars Weisæth, a professor of disaster psychiatry, is concerned about the psychological impact that can affect the young warriors.

“It is normal for soldiers who have been exposed to traumatic events in a war to be affected by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),” says Weisæth.

“The worrying aspect is that people with PTSD often perceived things and events as threats and they are more easily provoked than others,” he says.

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17 thoughts on “Post-Jihad Stress Disorder

  1. “Lars Weisæth, a professor of disaster psychiatry, is concerned about the psychological impact that can affect the young warriors.”

    If I was him, I would be more concerned about the impact it will have on the Norwegian population. Lets face it, Norway is not concerned about her citizens any more.

    • Agreed.

      Norway seems not interested at all in defending Norwegians, and not willing to face the inevitable consequences of its suicidal policies. For some, the ideology of multiculturalism is more important than whether Norway actually survives or not.

  2. Here in England things are becoming more and more surreal by the day. We know from a Birmingham mp of Pakistani heritage, as we say these days, that many of his constituents are out fighting in Syria and will return home similarly radicalised. Just to remind readers that Birmingham was the city of Enoch Powell, that prophet not without honour save in his own land.

    However, here we have another brouhaha to contend with. A UKIP mep Godfrey Bloom has criticised the billions thrown away by the British government in foreign aid when our own are relying on food banks. He said he was sick of the money going to Bongo Bongo land. In Britain that means some backward corrupt third world country where the aid will be syphoned off before it ever reaches its intended recipients (as happens in India) . But the noble people of the Guardian newspaper were spying on him and have exposed his treachery. So on the BBC news there was a Labour mp of Pakistani heritage saying that Godfrey was an evil racist or something similar. Has she ever thought of helping her extended family herself either directly or by sending aid? It seems that New Commonwealth immigrants want our money there and our territory here but then our British Empire was so evil we deserve it. More worryingly was that this, along with New Commonwealth immigrants’ describing our border police as racist for trying to root out New Commonwealth illegal immgrants, is another sign of those from the third world thwarting the policies which have the whole-hearted support of the indigenous Brits. In effect, we are rapidly losing control of our own country as Enoch Powell predicted as a precursor to losing the country per se.

    Those of you living in the English-speaking world and even those in the non English speaking world should tune into Michael Wood’s three programmes on BBC4 on the Anglo-Saxons beginning with England’s greatest king, Alfred the Great, whose courage, faith and learning have only probably been matched by those of Winston Churchill. He saved Wessex from the Danes and then christianised them and began the creation of a united England. The Danes, being of common blood with the Anglo-Saxons once christianised, as Enoch Powell pointed out, were rapidly assimilated, as were eventually the Normas whose origins, like those of the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes, Norwegians, Frisians etc lay north of modern Belgium. And so it remained until 1948. England was a thousand years in the making and will be a hundred in its dismantling.

    The item on the Bongo Bongo land business was read out by the BBC’s George Allagiah of Sri Lankan heritage whilst speaking to a lady correspondent also of Sri Lankan heritage. A visit to the local hospital revealed that the consultants also were of sub-continental origin. I gather our home grown ones are fleeing multiculturalism and taking up positions in the Antipodes. Increasingly here we feel as if we are living east of Suez.

    It all makes you wonder why King Alfred the Great and Churchill ever bothered. I hope that you can understand that for us beleaguered English the programme on Alfred brought a churning to the stomach and a tear to the eye.

    • We have already BEEN dispossessed, next comes the
      Reconquista if we can get our heads together and
      organise. We live in a completely different age, where
      physical activity is at an all time low, we don’t have time for it after spending hours on the Internet, our mobiles,
      and our Lying Boxes ( TV ). It feels like we have over-run
      the runway, like we have passed into a passive age where
      we are somehow condemned to be mere spectators in our own dismantlement and extinction. Unless we have a
      Plan B.

    • Sorry but he has got it wrong. Even in the 1930s there were only half a million Jews, possibly a few fewer, amongst 46m indigenous British, about 40m English. We have now reached the stage where the English are probably down to 70% in their own country. This is a bit of a difference. There were probably vastly more Jews per head of population in Germany than here. If you want to read about the history of immigration into England between 1066 and 1948 then you should read what Andrew Green of Migration Watch has to say. We are talking about a steady drip, drip into what until 1948 was the third most stable population in the world. He may have had a working class father but he comes across as a sneering champagne socialist. I can assure you that the working classes are well aware of the true nature of Islam and do not look on it favourably. For one thing, the working classes provide the vast bulk of the soldiers who are fighting in Afghanistan and fought in Iraq.
      I found this article intensely patronising with regard not only to the working classes but also those in the intelligentsia with the iq to see, as Enoch Powell, the illogical nature of multiculturalism and that it can never produce societies as successful or cohesive as the homogeneous nations of Europe it is meant to replace in the name of one world union and peace. This gentleman comes across as just another anti-Christian cultural Marxist who needs the wool removing from his brain. England and Europe are being enfeebled by the minute, like a corps that is rapidly crumbling to dust. Most of the working classes are saying Britain is going to be a muslim country and it is something they are not happy about at all.

    • That cnut epitomises how bad things really are. Tim Stanley is the lowest of the low. I really do despair. I just can’t see any headway against the leftist MSM. The arrogance and ignorance of the state of play is suffocating my positivity. Tomorrow’s another day……

    • “Islam instructs its followers to cherish their families, to venerate women, to treat strangers kindly, to obey the law of any country they are in (yes, yes, it really does), and to give generously. One recent poll found that British Muslims donate more money to charity than any other religious group.”

      Cousin marriages that ensure handicapped children, and honor killings for slight Sharia Law infractions ‘cherish’ families?

      Forced marriages, multiple wives for one man, child brides, frequent molestation of boys and girls ‘venerate’ women?

      Grooming, pimping, raping, and murdering non-Muslim girls and beheading English soldiers in the street “treat strangers kindly’?

      Violently enforcing no-go zones and actively seeking to institute Sharia Law in Western countries ‘obey the laws’ of Western countries?

      Funding Muslim zakat used for native and foreign terrorism is to ‘give generously’?

      Muslims are instructed to give only to Muslims whereas non-Muslims give to everyone – even enforced giving of welfare and medical care to Muslim natives and foreign aid to Muslim foreigners.

  3. If there is any justice the leftists who brought this ruin upon Britain will be the first to be sliced and diced.

  4. We have a similar phenomenon in Australia. Our Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, recently expressed his worry about several hundred Australian-born Moslems who have gone to Syria to join the anti-Alawite forces of Al Quaeda/Al Nusra. As he said, “what happens when these young men return home [assuming that they do] still carrying a chip on the shoulder?” The message is clear – these men are likely to become home-based discontented jihadis, a threat to peace in this country similar to the experiences of England and other countries in Europe.

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  6. “‘Some of those who join could be Islamists, while others may simply be patriotic. They watch the horrors on TV and on the Internet, and want to travel to Syria to do something good for others,’ says Professor of Anthropology Unni Wikan to VG.”

    So blithely, blithely, the obviously foreign Unni Wikan reveals the true nature of the Islamic ummah when he (?) speaks of the ‘patriotism’ exhibited by Muslims who live in Norway but want to fight in Syria – presumably without having any ties to Syria other than the fact that all involved are Muslims.

    Of course, the classic definition of ‘patriotism’ is defined as being loyal to a country of origin rather than a religion.

    Note that both classic and re-defined ‘patriotism’ are now denied to all indigenous Europeans who really do love their countries, cultures, and Christian religions.

    Only Muslims are allowed be ‘patriotic’ in our brave new world.

      • Ah, I stand corrected. I should have checked before I wrote.

        From Wiki: “In a well-known case in Norway (The Anooshe case) she argued that the state had not taken into account the social expectations of immigrant men, and this had led to rootless men whose social expectations were not met or even acknowledged, arguing that violence is a product of immigrant conditions when host country laws conflict with the ‘unwritten social rules’ of immigrant societies.”

        What a FARCE!

        Islam with Sharia Law that rules every small and large behavior of Muslims is comprised of written religious rules intended to excuse, induce, and reward violence of Muslim men against Muslim women and children – and all non-Muslims.

        So, the Koran, surah, and hadith are now ‘unwritten social rules’?

        So, Sharia-mandated violence is now the host country’s fault?

        What a FARCE!

      • Presumably she is one of those Scandinavian women who get a bit of a buzz from the New Norwegian barbarians. We had the same problem in Anglo-Saxon times with our native women being turned on by the Viking Danes and Norwegians. Plus the Danes had a bath once a week which gave them the edge over the smelly Anglo-Saxons. They chose to be smelly and lose the women to the opposition rather than do something so sissy as bathing on a regular basis.

        Meanwhile in this madhouse that is England we have just been told that our population has increased by half a million in a year. Since we indigenous English are breeding at below replacement level in a vain attempt to lower the population and get a better quality of life it cannot be us but must all be down to the joys of multiculturalism where our New Britons are breeding at the same rate as back home. We are a few short per square kilometre of having the same population density as India. Doubtless we will soon exceed it. All those from North America who think they will find the countryside of Keats and Constable should stay at home. Every square inch will soon be built on to cope with the globalist utopia and to enrich the developers who are thus pouring money into the coffers of Mr Cameron’s Conservative party. By the way Mr Jim Messina who helped Obama win the election is meant to be advising Cameron on how to win our next general election. This will presubaly involve switching to voting machines with a default position of Conservative. After all, presumably Mr Messina is advising slippery Dave on how to steal an election.

  7. well look at the Brightside, these jihadist returning to our western lands will unleash that lovable jihad upon the natives and the sooner the feared backlash begins. The leftists cannot make excuses any longer for no body in their right mind will believe them. Let the fun begin!

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