“Poland Should Remain a Slavic and Christian Country”

The former East Bloc nations of Central Europe are to a large extent free of the suicidal multicultural urge that is destroying most of Western Europe. The current generation of politicians and civic leaders in the former Communist countries were raised under a much more virulent ideology than Political Correctness, and thus seem to have developed antibodies that enable them to resist the current multiculti fad.

Enthusiasm for immigrants and cultural enrichment is making its way slowly into the elite political culture of Poland, but it is being resisted by ordinary Poles, who are most emphatically not keen on changing the ethnic composition of their native country.

In the story below, you’ll notice that the push to resettle African refugees in Poland is coming from — where else? — the European Union, which is quite capable of making the Poles an offer they can’t refuse.

You’ll also notice that Somalis, when given a choice, mostly prefer to settle in Western Europe, where wages and welfare benefits are considerably higher than in Poland — no fools they!

Finally, note that the authorities are willing to pay to resettle totally alien ethnics in Poland, whilst refusing to make any effort to bring home the Polish diaspora that was deported East under Stalin. This policy is much the same as that of the Swedish government, which denied entry to its Swedish brethren from the village of Gammalsvenskby in Ukraine.

These two cases demonstrate that there is an agenda at work that goes beyond mere immigration and open borders. If freedom of migration were the only issue, the Swedes of Gammalsvenskby would be welcomed in Sweden, and the Poles of Kazakhstan would be brought home to Poland. Because this isn’t happening — and is even actively resisted — you know that more sinister motives must be at work. To consolidate the Polish nation in Poland or the Swedish nation in Sweden would hinder the Great Plan to destroy traditional European ethnicities and replace them with a rainbow hodgepodge that can be more easily manipulated and controlled by new systems of trans-national governance.

The following article about the resettlement of African refugees in Poland was sent in by Takuan Seiyo, who includes this brief note:

This article is from Gazeta Wyborcza, the “Polish New York Times”. It’s a quick Google translation with some tweaking from me to make it intelligible.

The translated article:

All-Polish Youth and ONR [National-Radical Camp] Want to Close the Border to Refugees From Africa

They demand to “immediately stop the immigration of alien civilizations.” They scare with (consequences of immigration like) killings in the name of Islam and Polish schools dominated by children of refugees. “This is a threat to the security of our continent, the future of our culture, religion and identity,” sounds the alarm from the National Movement. “Down with the niggers. No mixing of our fellow citizens with visitors from Africa,” echoed supporters on the Internet.

In early August, the Maltese newspaper The Malta Independent reported that by the end of the year Poland will take in 50 refugees from Africa who now reside in Malta. The implementation decisions were to take place during the August meeting of deputy head of the Foreign Ministry Henryka Mościcka-Dendys with Maltese parliamentarians in Warsaw.

The authorities on the Mediterranean island have been struggling for years with the influx of immigrants, who are often fleeing armed conflicts in their countries. Their stories are dramatic.

Last year, half a thousand refugees drowned in the Mediterranean. Another four thousand stay in Maltese shelters. Malta, with population of 400,000 the smallest state in the European Union, is asking for help from other countries.

“We are of the opinion that the EU should show solidarity towards Member States that are faced with the problem of immigrants,” said minister Mościcka-Dendys at a meeting with Maltese parliamentarians.

Information from the Maltese newspaper electrified the Polish extreme right. The National Movement created by the All-Polish Youth and the National Radical Camp announced on its Facebook page, “No to the immigrant. Yes to the repatriant.” In their appeal to the government they call for “an immediate cessation of immigration from alien civilizations and an active posture toward the repatriation of thousands of Poles from the East”. The appeal was signed by more than three thousand. people.

“We cannot allow a situation like the one in Western Europe, flooded by millions of Muslims and other people from the Third World. Already now, on the streets of London, Paris, Madrid or Amsterdam, it comes to killing in the name of Islam, and in kindergartens and schools autochthons are in the minority. Such a situation is a threat: to the security of our continent, to the possibility of development, wealth creation and to the future of our culture, religion, national identity. We do not want that in our country,” wrote the members of the Supervisory Board in the appeal.

They cite for support the words of Robert Winnicki from the Council’s Supervisory Board: “We have to very clearly state that we do not want any multiculturalism in Poland. Poland is and should remain a Slavic and Christian country.”

The National Movement, as a counterweight, calls for a larger scale of repatriation of descendants of Poles exiled in the twentieth century [by the Soviets] to Kazakhstan and Siberia. “It turns out that there is money for bringing in culturally alien immigrants but the Polish state neglects our compatriots in the East,” write members of the Supervisory Board.

When the RN announced in mid-August its appeal, immigrants from Malta had been living in Warsaw for a good six months. They came to the Poland under the EU plan for the relocation of refugees. The government had agreed to accept them last year, and not in August, as reported by The Malta Independent. Of the planned 50-strong group only six came. The rest were not interested.

“Refugees get information about the standard of living, levels of public welfare payments and cost of living in EU countries. The choose the richer ones. Poland, in any case, was the only country in Central Europe that has chosen a few of them,” says Carolina Marcjanik, the deputy director of the Office for Foreigners.

Immigrants — six men from Somalia and Eritrea — got residence permits for an indefinite period and social subsidies. State pays for refugees symbolically. Total expenditure per immigrant amounts to 20 thousand. zł., of which 90 per cent is covered by EU’s European Fund for Refugees. Immigrants can spend the money on renting an apartment or to learn the Polish language.

The six Africans are the only ones who arrived in Poland in the framework of the relocation program. “Refugees from Africa are a fraction of immigrants seeking asylum in Poland. There are not many of them, there is no diaspora, there is no reason to draw conclusions that we are threatened with an influx of refugees from Africa,” adds Marcjanik.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

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  1. Romania is on the agenda as well, although not much is spoken yet because it is even poorer that Poland and not many want to live in Romania. This is not like the officials would not sell the nation if someone would want to buy it. The president was greeting the muslims with the occasion of ramadan, transmitting to the EU his total disponibility for any immigration policy, so to speak, and I was reading the news a few days ago that some arabian prince is funding an institution in Chisinau Cris to save two species of fish, thank God if not for the help of that guy we would all perish soon. I need for Abdul to come over here to save our planet!

    • Islamists consider Romania “occupied Islamic land”–although only Dobruja, Banat, Crișana, the southern fringes of Multenia and Oltenia, and (I think) very briefly parts of Maramureș were ever under direct Islamic rule, the rest being tied in vassalage to the Ottomans but otherwise autonomous under native princes. But when did reality ever mean anything to theocratic imperialists?

  2. ” Enthusiasm for immigrants and cultural enrichment is making its way slowly into the elite political culture of Poland, but it is being resisted by ordinary Poles,…….. etc”
    Ah. so politicians everywhere have the inclination to destroy their own country, including Polish politicians. Poland freed itself from Communism, how is it going to free itself from EU’s destructive sentiments. Now we know why the Soviets were so strict. They tried to protect themselves from destroyers like EU. Today there is no Soviets to direct EU’s hatred towards. So they direct their hatred towards their own roots. EU wants to destroy themselves by Islam. And we call this democracy. Poland and other Eastern bloc countries joined EU thinking it as something ideal. They did not think EU would turn out something more diabolical than Communism. EU’s policies are so pervert that people can’t imagine that EU politicians would come up with something so lethal.

  3. The eu must and is going to be destroyed!

    The eu is the nazi communist totatalitarian hell, and its going to collapse soon.

    People are waking up, and the eu enabelers and useful idiots are going to be [in for a painful surprise].

    The end game is already upon us, open your eyes,
    And resist and disobey the system, the nazi thug police and the phoney politcal gay boys.

    Abstinence and refusal to co operate, stand tall and shout loud against the evil obamas, camerons, cleggs and traitors of our cultures and countrys.

    The peoples of uk and europe are going to rise up against the murderers of western civilisation.

    Islam = NAzis


  4. So it is perfectly just and honourable for the poles to defend their country and seek to keep it as it is,while they invade mine,put me out of work,turn my streets into Poland on sea,engage in robbery ,vice/prostitution,make money from illegal sham marriages,defraud our welfare state,and pretend that they are not destroying my culture?Karma,planks and eyes,hypocracy,are just a few of the things that spring to mind.

    • Something else that springs to mind is WHERE do you get your information from specially regarding vice and
      prostitution ? In the UK Poles may be taking jobs but we
      don’t hear of many doing bad stuff. They are all looking
      for work, wherever it is offered.

      • @ S DUCAIN: His information is correct, the Polish and Eastern European migration has been a complete disaster for the UK, the vice and violence etc is all part and parcel of this, many Polish and Eastern Europeans still retain a Russified Communist mindset and such migration has been the cause of many problems both socially and economically in the UK and elsewhere in Western Europe. The European Union is all about creating a tower of Babel and undermining and destroying national sentiment and economies, this migration has been one such usage. It also serves as a distraction to take our eyes and minds away from the Islamic migration that goes on unabated as we read this.

  5. There are few countries in Europe who value freedom , more than the Poles …. Churchill once described England and Poland as the “book-ends” of liberty and freedom …. England is (now) already a “lost cause” …. Please , Dear GOD , do NOT let it happen to Poland , as well … frank k. … (N.Va.)

  6. Just flew back from Poland yesterday. The only people of colour I saw were the several husbands of Polish women who had come to London to choose their mates.

    • To be fair, the Lipka Tatars, traditionally Muslim and numbering in the mere thousands, pose little to no trouble in Poland. This may, however, be attributed to their centuries-long alienation from Dar al-Islam and subsequent Polonization.

      • Heh. Very heh. You mistake condescension for the dogma of MultiCult.

        Don’t get me wrong, Canada is full of very kind people but it has little sense of self or survival. Just as other nations and groups are ultimately defined by their beginnings, so is Our Neighbor to the North.

        Canada was founded in the main by Loyalists fleeing their rebellious brethren in the colonies. Many of them thought the rebels would all hang eventually so they traveled north to wait out the fighting, hoping to return and pick up the pieces for tuppence on the pound. Such a practical folk.

        A factoid: Canada treats abortion as an unregulated right. IOW, a woman can get one at any time, right up to delivery. As a result, the abortion rate is relatively low and declining.

        [Except for Quebec, which is as extreme in this as it is in everything…every nation ought to have a French Quarter to keep things real. Despite what Ottowans think, it is not the lack of sex ed in schools that causes Quebec’s higher abortion rate]

        A complication for Canadian women: abortion is free, just like any other elective surgery, however the wait is the same, too – about six weeks. And you have to find a doctor willing to perform the procedure. So while you’re free to abort, the doc is free to decline. He is required to refer you to someone or other, though.

        NOTED: yes, this reply is OT, just like the rest of me. My excuse? The Baron is gone overnight and I am mildly undone by his absence.

  7. The Polish have been causing many problems throughout the UK as well as the other Slavic former Eastern Bloc nations who acceded to the European Union in 2004.

    Whole communities across the United Kingdom from the North of Scotland to the Southern tip of England and all else in between have been overburdened by what must be millions of poor people seeking a better life.

    I am not saying the Poles and the other Slavic’s are as big a problem or threat as our Mohammedan friends, though they have caused their fair share of damage to the traditional British working class communities in our Cities, towns and even our villages.

    We have over 1 million unemployed 16-25 year olds in the UK from the UK, and we have more than that number of economic migrants from the former Eastern Bloc in a similar age range who are undercutting millions of low payed workers and rendering them unemployed due to Polish and Lithuanians etc being happy to work at the minimum wages as an exchange rate of 5x ensures remmitances sent home from the UK keep the Polish and Eastern European bankers rubbing their hands with glee, as well as many a family who is supported by these remmitances.

    Some 3.8 Billion pounds is sent out of the UK to Poland alone each year, & this does not include the thousands of claimants of tax credits, child benifts, transalation bills, social housing given to Eastern Europeans whilst British people and in particularly British x soldiers sleep on the streets of their own country.

    Many of the Eastern Europeans come with a harsh attitude if not hostile towards many British people, perhaps due to years under the cosh by Stalin and Hitler and the Communist regimes of the Soviet union? But let me tell you much of the UK is sick of the Eastern Europeans colonising our country, it is a problem only secondary to the obvious Muslim problem, and though not the problem of what the Islamic problem is, it still gives cause for alarm and concern for many in the UK in the here and now.

    In January we will have Romania and Bulgarian migrants having free access to our borders, our social security system, our jobsmarkets and all else and these people are even poorer than the A8 countries of Poland etc, this alone is an unmitigated disaster unlike anything seen in UK history,and this is before we even mention the bigger problems of Saharan and African 3rd world migration, and of course the Islamic migration that seems to never cease from the Indian sub continent and elsewhere in the middle east and of course from the European union countries with Islamic populations who are free to enter and settle in the small and grossly overpopulated and overburdened islands of the UK.

    To address all of these issues the UK needs to get out of the European union and fast and reverse all this madness.

    • To do what you prescribe is sound medicine, but the doctors will never ever let you have it. In America we have the same civic shambles and are equally plundered by our elites and crony capitalists and corrupt politicians.

      Whoever dreamed the West could end so quickly and so thoroughly, not only beset from without by massive cancerous immigration but also from within, by opportunists and those insiders who are indoctrinated to reflexively hate their own.

      Islam trains its followers to practice all-against-all, even up to and including other Muslims so their presence is an opportunistic tumor sitting atop a worn-out body.

      None of this is sustainable but since it’s also unprecedented all predictions are probably wrong. Except those who are saying the streets will grow more and more uncivil and increasingly dangerous.

      The young ought to hire themselves out as security guards. Besides the field of government medicine & government education, only security is a growing sector. A small problem is that most of *that* is consumed by govt too.

      Most of us (in the West, anyway) will be dead by the time this Western-Universe “Revolution” winds its way toward whatever end is coming -cf. the unfinished business of the French Revolution, only in slow motion.

      If you think you might survive the meltdown, it would behoove you to begin learning Chinese.

    • Scotsinfidel – I had the pleasure of working in London, selling tickets at one of its main transport hubs… at some times of the day, the customers were almost all black and Asian. At other times, the only white people who I served were Polish (apart from a few pensioners, and other white-looking customers called “Mohammed”)… Sometimes, I was so sure the customers were Polish, that before they even said a word, I said to them “Dzien dobry” (“hello”). And I got a “dzien dobry” back every time! The moral of the story – if not for the Poles, Britain would look even more “enriched” than it does today… Besides, Poles are overwhelmingly anti-Islamic. And without the politically-correct straitjacket that stops most Brits from speaking out. Instead of calling them “extreme Catholics”, “troublemakers” etc, Brits who’ve had enough of “cultural enrichment” would do well to make an alliance with them. When the time comes, the Poles will be on your side – just like they were in 1940…

      • @ Green Infidel: My own mother is an Irish Catholic from Dublin & my father a Scottish Protestant from Glasgow in Scotland, I have resided in both countries, cities and cultures to warrant comment on both in a positive or negative manner.

        As for the comments about Polish and Eastern European migration, I stated facts, as this migration is not organic or natural, it was manufactured by the faceless European union elites.

        I myself am the product of two cultures and countries (Scotland & Ireland) both diasporas have migrated across the Globe and all for the good, just like Polish migration has up until this European union debacle began its machinations. So don’t be hitting me with the kettle calling the post black etc for broaching this important subject that under its veneer is covering a much much more alarming problem.

        I have even been told in London that I was not welcome there by misguided countrymen and a few who were of more exotic extraction originally.

        I am a proud Scot & a proud British national and I seek to retain that identity in the face of an onslaught of Marxist traitors that are in great evidence within Glasgow and Western Scotland, not forgetting the rest of the UK, the EU and the placeman Obampot over the water in the U.S.A.

      • The very fact we can rationally debate this sensitive subject is testament to what we are not: Moorish Barbarians.

  8. Dear Scottishinfidel, this is exactely why I stopped supporting the edl and consorts. Why should we Poles gave your ungrateful rears again from totalitarianism? We did this in WWII and were sold by your polititians to Stalin, our soldiers were not allowed to participate in the victory parade,our generals had to make a living serving beer at bars or worse. Our country was destroyed by communism while your “intellectuals” such as Hobbsbown or whats his name were cheering for comrade Stalin. THANK YOU. Also thanks for the BBC defaming Poland and the Ukraine for being “racist” during the Euro 2012.Thank you very much also for hordes of drunken obnoxious Brits who f.e love to piss against churches in Cracow or thrash bars during their stag parties.Thank you for being lazy,incompetent and demanding to much money-no wonder no one wants to hire Brits. Poles and others are being trashed for “problems” steming from immigration in general-like money bein g send back,btw:its only a small part so relax,plz-it is not send back to fund jihad.We are attacked because people are not afraid of us,we are civilised.Maybe we have to take the bile people would normally direct against muslims but are to cowardly to do so? This is the feeling I am getting. Being next in line after the muslims is tremendously hurtful to us-we are obviously considered lesser people by the british herrenmenschen.Anyhow-we were sold to a vile totalitarianism and now we are spat and look down upon by you. And now, a vile totalitarianism is coming to yourselves and you are sold to it by your own politicians. To me,this feels like a higher kind of historical justice. And no, I am not afraid that Poland will fall if we dont help you anti-Polish haters AGAIN.why? Because communism has inocculated us against marxist pests such as multiculturalism,even left-wingers generally despise non-Tatar versions of Islam and peope not respecting Polish culture.

    • Felek- As a Brit, I understand (I hope) your outrage. I know that the highest-scoring RAF squadron in the Battle of Britain was Polish (understandably, they just wanted to kill Nazis), among other Polish contributions to the defeat of Fascism; and that Churchill, I believe untypically, treated our Polish and Czech allies disgracefully at the end of WW2 in Europe.

      Regarding the disgraceful behaviour of some Brits in your country, I am truly sorry, though it has nothing to do with me. BUT- there is no excuse for the racist behaviour of Polish and Ukrainian football fans, and Poland has a poor record here; many Poles were active persecutors of Jews during and after the War, and a survey I saw recently suggests that attitudes may not have changed much.

      There is resentment here at Poles, and others, accepting work at lower salaries than the norm, but can you really blame people for this?

      • The Poles met that ignoble end because FDR and Stalin ganged up on Churchill. He was NEVER fooled. FDR was both a fool and a charlatan. If it’s any comfort we’re still paying for his sins.

        If Churchill’s plans for the post war world had been given life, there would have been no Iron Curtain.

        America humiliated England over and over again. The English were impoverished by the war debt owed to the US while Uncle Joe got a free ride.

        And yes, the UK DID have to pay off every single pound of that debt.

        Read Diana West’s book on the sidebar.

      • “many Poles were active persecutors of Jews during and after the War,”

        Many Poles were also involved in getting the word out to the Brits about Auschwitz, even way back in 1942. Then there was the Żegota – an underground resistance organisation purely dedicated to aiding Jews. At the Yad Vashem holocaust memorial in Israel, the highest number of non-Jews awarded for aiding Jews (“Righteous among Nations”) escaping the Holocaust during the war were Polish. This is all another story, and one that detracts from the subject of this post, but one that probably won’t be covered too often by the BBC, and other mainstream media…

      • Actually,around 100 000 Poles were murdered by “nice” Germans for helping Jews /a deed punishable by death by the Germans. The Polish Underground State was also doing executions-of Poles collaborating willingly with the Germans,not a mass phenomenon though. Also, racism is not a staple of Polish football-of course,as there are many players from Africa,gosh,we even have two black MPs,recent imigrants from Zimbabwe and Nigeria,Godson and Munyama. Why them are we defamed as “racist”? 1. Because Poland is not spending millions on supporting worthless social scientists “fighting” “racism” yet and 2. Because Polish is the new n-word. Google the excellent article “are ukrainians the new untermenschen?” Being racist and condescending towards white nation like slavic ones allows “liberals” to be as racist as the want to. As to my fellow countrymen-I want the ALL to return.we herb to kick out our worthless europhile government and rebuild our country, mit helping out everyone else. The Brits should sem their muslims to do the work their themselves dont want to do.

        • Felek, lay of the Polish vodka. Your countrymen and women have been doing nothing but helping themselves and their economy at our expense.

    • Felek,

      The Poles have been used as the EUSSR’s pawns. Just like the British have, except that the British have lost out on the mass immigration experiment (also known as “Operation Destroy British National Identity And Enforce Submission To The EUSSR By Flooding The Country With Immigrants. ROFL, ROFL, ROFL.”)

      The Poles have been given access to a better life in the UK which many (about 1 million since 2004) have quite naturally taken advantage of.

      Can you understand that there might be some resentment in the UK to this state of affairs?

      Can you understand that a parent might be concerned when their child suddenly finds themself in a British school classroom where the vast majority of the other kids are non-English speaking Eastern Europeans?

      I went to Blackpool a couple of years ago. It was August when students are on holiday. Many students used to work in their summer holiday but in Blackpool all the fairground rides were staffed by Poles. The result? No work for British students. Now, how would you feel if your son/daughter wanted to work but found that all the casual jobs had been taken by immigrants?

      Can I also correct you? Poles who flew Spitfires in WWII weren’t doing it to help the British. They were doing it to help their own country and get some revenge on the Nazis. And, as someone else has pointed out, Britain declared war on Germany because Germany invaded Poland. Britain could have stayed out and negotiated a peace with Hitler but instead sacrificed several hundred thousand British people to help Poland.

      Also, you should know better than to refer to anything the BBC says in order to attack the general British population. Anyone with at least one brain cell stopped paying attention to BBC propaganda years ago.

      • Britain was way to much in love with the Soviet Union to make peace with Hitler.Truth is-The UK skrewed us over twice,now we are treated as everyones white slaves. Poland is loosing masses of young,well educated people to nations that despise us.They will have children most of whom will eventually assimilate into British society thus being lost to Poland.Its a zero-sum game-and Britain is the winner. As to “imigrants took my job”-this is called “capitalism”,if you hate it thank chance the system instead of blaming others.

      • I agree with your last para but you are a bit hard on Poles. They are not responsible for the
        British worker’s inability to adapt to changing circumstances and drop their wages a tad. They
        are also totally integratable in White societies. You cannot tell them apart from Brits after one generation. Also they don’t WANT to stay in
        UK, they all like their own country fine. They are here for the money , just like all the rest.

  9. RE @ FELEK: Now as far as I was aware the United kingdom declared war on Nazi Expansionist Germany in 1939 for invading Poland???? WW2 Bankrupted the UK and claimed its Empire as well as millions of British lives.

    If Poland was sold out at the end of WW2 to the Russians, its not my personal fault or most people alive in Great Britain or America etc???

    As for the BBC, i do not take anything to do with this organisation that lies more about the British people and holds them in more contempt than any Poles.

    You want to talk about hordes of obnoxious drunken British people in Cracow or elsewhere pissing on buildings??? How about the millions, yes they are in the millions…. Millions of Polish and other Slavic nationals who have invaded the United Kingdom without guns and force.

    Many many districts and neighberhoods of our towns and cities have been turned into Polish ghettos, the people from your country are obnoxious, drunken, violent and refuse to communicate in English, as well as being insular in the highest degree, at least the British drunks are spending money in the Polish economy and not living of Polish welfare and other handouts like the Polish in the UK.

    My own elderly neighbours have been threatened by Polish drunks who have been given social housing and social security handouts at the UK taxpayers expense, they spend their days and nights being rude and obnoxious and loud as wel as being disrespectful to the local elderly.

    Don’t you dare lecture me on obnoxious British people, or how you want to keep Poland exclusively Polish when your country alone is responsible for the largest migration of people to the UK in its entire history, and this is from 2004 to now.

    As for being civilised i would have to question this due to the conduct of your people whilst here and the widespread killing of all fish and swans in our rivers to satisfy the Polish and Eastern European taste for carp and wildfowl.

    I would normally not mention the Polish, but i have experienced the less salubrious side of Eastern European mass migration for far too long to be allowed for some Hypocrytical group of Polish to comment about Colonization and keeping Slavic countries Slavic, when you have just about singlehandedly destroyed the UK and Ireland as well as other parts of the E.U with your wantful economic migration.

    As for being afraid of Muslims or using Polish or Slavs as a scapegoat, nothing could be further from the truth, im just stating facts.

    Fact is it is not my fault personally that Poland has spent a lot of its history being invaded, so please do not come to me with your Catholic bigotry trying to lay blame at my door for the state of your country and culture.

    The European Union has all but destroyed the United kingdom and many other strong Western European nations by using mass unfettered immigration as a battering ram both socially, culturally and economically, they failed so many times to invade these islands with guns, so the Europeans and their Marxist rulers did it by way of peaceful? economic migration from the former Eastern Bloc. All off this migration undermines national sentiment and culture and economics.

    The glaringly obvious problem and the principal one is that of Islamic migration and 3rd world African migration, though the opening up of the former Eastern Bloc to our economy and jobsmarkets in 2004 has played its part in the undermining of my once wonderful country. If this hurts your feelings and pride, then i am sorry, but FACTS ARE FACTS.

    • @ Felek: I do not hate Poland or its people, I am basing my comments on the Polish who have arrived on UK shores since 2004.

      Fact is the European union has facilitated Islamic migration on masse due to such agreements as the Barcelona agreement.

      The European union is not good for any nation, it seeks to strip us of our nationality and identity, all part of a global one world order government thing they have in the offing, Britain for the British, Poland for the Polish and Dar al harb for the infidels. Reverse and block all Islamic migration.

  10. “Total expenditure per immigrant amounts to 20 thousand. zł., of which 90 per cent is covered by EU’s European Fund for Refugees.”

    The EU’s sweetener for accepting refugees… is this part of the “bumper aid package” that Poland managed to “win” recently, in negotiations from the EU? I wouldn’t be surprised to see the EU bribe poor European states to “enrich” them with diversity. Although on the positive side – according to the report, only 6 refugees accepted the offer, out of a total of 50… the rest are holding out, hoping for the massive benefits from the likes of the UK??

    Then there is the reaction of the readers (in this case, the readers of Poland’s foremost liberal, pro-multi-kulti newspaper – aligned on a European level with the Guardian) – the top 2 comments start off with: “I don’t like nationalists and neo-fascists, but they criticise multi-kulti., which did not pass the exam in Western Europe..”. And: “I’m not a supporter of the National-Radical Camp or the all-Polish Youth, but here they have a bit of a point…”

    I wrote earlier for Gates of Vienna about the Independence March in Warsaw, organised by the 2 extreme-Right organisations mentioned in this article. The second of the posts (also linking to the first) can be found here. The video at the end of the post gives some idea as to the scale of support this “far-right” march received – at a time when these organisations were NOT addressing multi-kulti…

    Yet we Poles have gone in our millions to the West, in search of work or education, and lived in cheap accomodation, including the new Islamic ghettoes. We came, we saw, and we made our own conclusions – heard frequently in conversations, and on online forums… The view here is almost universally, OVERWHELMINGLY against any Western-style multi-kulti – and independently of political orientation, religious views, age or academic background… Which is why if “diversity” ever becomes an issue here, expect a strong reaction, including street protests which will make the Independence March look miniscule…

    n.b. the ever-manipulative “Gazeta Wyborcza” is aware of Gates of Vienna – it once called it a “racist website” 🙂

    • n.b. the ever-manipulative “Gazeta Wyborcza” is aware of Gates of Vienna – it once called it a “racist website” 🙂

      Hey, hey. Another score.

      We’re listed in the OIC’s Annual Report as a racist website.

      We’ve also been told that by Pajamas Media before it knew its phones wer tapped;

      and by Charles Johnson & his sad lo-fo followers among the European fascist groups;

      and by all the other scared-into-silence members of the Multi Cult, which is surely the largest denomination in the west by now.

      We’re in good company, though. A select but courageous crew. Shall we all stand on the poop deck and sing “Nearer My God to Thee” as the ship sinks?

      [Oh. wait. I forgot our atheists – a stalwart bunch. Well, y’all can stand there too if you want and simply hum along. It’s a good tune. You don’t like our cosmology but you’ll have to admit we have the best music.

      On the other hand, you may prefer to avail yourself of the buffet in first class, at least until the ship starts to list…]

  11. The Poles who’ve left their country looking for work would be a welcome addition to the US. We have many flourishing Polish communities, particularly in the Midwest. Obama’s own Chicago has a large, successful Polish-American contingent, complete with its own churches, etc.



    But no…no more Europeans for us. Only people from south of the border, or from third world countries whose citizens have no idea how to live in the developed world. In addition to being pre-literate they are often in poor health. Or better, terrorists from the various ‘stans – like the one in Boise…

    “Faith-based” charities – Lutherans, Jews, and Catholics mostly – work under the radar with the State Dept to haul in these folks. Many of them would NEVER pass the most cursory of health exams. TB, HIV, etc. And in some cases from the tropics, leprosy.

    The religious groups get money that sustains their existence, and a quick feel-good as they drop off the immigrants on some unsuspecting community.

    On the right hand sidebar of her home page, Ann has listed all the categories of her thousands of posts. Here’s one about who is instrumental in changing the way we live:


    That’s a category ANY western country’s citizens could weep about when it comes to having the cult of Diversity shoved down their throats by a ruling elite which suffers zero consequences for what they do to the most vulnerable of their own countrymen.

    But they’re above all that disgusting “nationalism” – a dog whistle word, a cover for a deep and abiding malign and unnatural love of one’s own. It must be crushed. It WILL be crushed.

  12. Dear Scottishinfidel- after reading Your bileful comment equating some drunkards with Poles having an “eastern european mentality” /the Germans were big into this kind of racism too/ btw Poland is Central Europe- I am but hoping for two things. 1. That everyone Pole will leave this cowardly country of crypto-haters and 2. That for every Pole leaving at least one cultural enricher will come to the UK. I would be most delighted having the edl spar with the MDL /multicultural defence league.to watch the carnage on youtube of course. Western Europe is lost already anyway,so it does not matter what anyone might think

  13. Looks like it may be time to close this post.

    This last comment pretty well seals the conversation. And in fact there isn’t anything new being said, folks. Time to sheath our swords and go home.

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