Next Target: A Jesuit School

The plight of a Jesuit school in the Egyptian city of Minya reminds me the fable about the frog and the scorpion. For those unfamiliar with the story, it runs something like this:

A scorpion persuades a frog to carry him across a river by arguing that if he were to sting the frog, both animals would die.

The frog complies with the request, but halfway across the river the scorpion stings him. Before he drowns, he asks the scorpion, “Why did you sting me? Now we both shall die.”

The scorpion replies: “Because it is my nature.”

The Jesuit school in Minya, unlike a nearby church and orphanage, is still standing. But probably not for long — the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and deposed President Mohamed Morsi have been demonstrating in front of it, and a violent attack seems all but inevitable.

Yet three-quarters of the school’s students are Muslims, so when it is eventually reduced to a charred ruin, the children of the local Muslim community will be denied an invaluable Jesuit education.

Because it is their nature.

Here’s the report from Asia News:

“We Live in Fear of More Violence, “ Says Indian Jesuit

Head of the local Jesuit school, the priest describes how the Christian community is targeted by Islamists on a daily basis even though three quarters of its pupils are Muslim. Minya residents complain that things are out of control in their governorate as Islamists vent their rage indiscriminately.

Minya (AsiaNews) — “When they march in front of our church during demonstrations organised by the Muslim Brotherhood, protesters are amazed that the building is still there,” Fr Bimal Kerketta told AsiaNews.

Originally from India, the priest has been in Egypt for ten years working as the principal of the school run by the Jesuit Fathers in Minya.

“Each day, they gather in front of the building to shout slogan of intimidation. I fear that tomorrow’s event will lead to fresh acts of violence.”

Minya Governorate, which is located on the Nile south of Cairo, felt the brunt of the Islamist wrath following Mohammed Morsi’s removal from power.

Many local sources describe a city out of control and left to fend for itself.

“Fundamentalists have burnt and destroyed everything,” a resident told AsiaNews. “Their aim is to remove all traces of a Christian presence here. Even orphanages have been looted.”

The Islamist rage fell especially on Christian schools and churches, but also on museums and anything that stood for modernity. One of the country’s main museums of ancient Egyptian art is located in Minya and was recently damaged and looted, with about a thousand pieces stolen.

For the authorities, some members of the Brotherhood were among the thugs that attacked the building.

Since 30 June, when the President Mohammed Morsi was ousted, at least 12 churches have been torched and destroyed in Minya alone.

The number of buildings affected goes up to 20 if orphanages and other Christian-run facilities are considered.

Islamists often strike at random and indiscriminately, ignoring the fact that at least one of the buildings to which they set fire was open to Egyptians of both confessions.

“Ours is an Arab school, from kindergarten to middle school,” said Fr Bimal, who has been in Minya for five years. “Seventy-five per cent of our pupils are Muslim.”

Hat tip: C. Cantoni.

11 thoughts on “Next Target: A Jesuit School

  1. It is all part of the 1400 + yr. pogrom being perpetrated against the ‘unclean’ and ‘unholy’ Infidel, which varies in intensity from year to year in different regions but never stops.

  2. Looking more and more like all that anti-Nazi stuff my generation was dipped in has been forgotten and Kristellnacht for Christianity is given s pass.

  3. Muslims created Islam, not the other way round. Muslims were Muslims even before they defined themselves so. They behave as they do because it is their nature – the clue is in that which they call a religion: it is hateful because they are hateful.

    • They are both running with the fox and hunting with the hounds – so to speak.

    • Both of them are Manchurian Candidates who have been groomed, trained and parachuted in to specific roles for their invisible Globalist masters. Christianity is anathema
      to these people who see White Christian nation-states as the only stumbling block to their total economic domination of the globe. This is their strategy to achieve
      World domination politically very soon. This kind of
      individual will never care if the entire Christian population of Egypt is wiped out, in fact they would
      welcome it. These are the same sick individuals who
      believe the World population needs to be reduced to a
      maximum of 500 million, when we all know that it will
      sail happily past the 10 billion mark in fifty years time
      without even a whimper.

  4. Ah, time is a valuable and limited resource – and the Jesuits should be choosing better students on whom to spend their time. Namely, the Jesuits should be teaching Western CHRISTIANS about the evil of Islam – instead of helping foreign Muslims to be superficially literate so that Muslims might appear to be ‘moderate’ Muslims to educated Westerners. To wit, Jesuit education implies that Muslims believe in or support education when Muslims must believe in and support ILLITERACY – because true literacy which would prompt informed QUESTIONS of the soul that would endanger and eliminate Islam.

    The Catholic Church has ALWAYS known full well about the evil of Islam but has long ago lost its nerve to tell the truth about the evil of Islam.

    If the Catholic Church had told and taught the truth about the evil of Islam all of these recent years instead of lying that Islam is just one of many paths to salvation, then the West would have been better able to practice the tough love that would help to save Islam-illiterate Westerners from the predations of Muslims in Western countries.

    As I understand it, Japan has the right idea.

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  6. Pictures like this should be showed to every muslim who is asking for asylum in the west and to any ship carrying “refugees” coming from Egypt or wherever, before sending them back. Just the images, not words explaining, nothing more.

  7. Here the fable ends: ‘Because this is the middle east’. (Yes you should also name the river or the area after something in the middle east.)

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