Lars Hedegaard Interviewed on DR2

Six months ago today, an attempt was made to assassinate Lars Hedegaard, the president of the International Free Press Society, at the entrance to his apartment building in Copenhagen. The would-be assassin, who appeared to be of Middle Eastern origin, was dressed as a postman when he fired a shot past Mr. Hedegaard’s head and then fled on foot.

For more on the assassination attempt, see the Lars Hedegaard Archives, or the list of links at the bottom of this post.

Lars Hedegaard was interviewed today on DR2, the Danish state broadcaster. Many thanks to Steen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:11   In spite of 6 months of intensive investigation,
0:16   the police are still nowhere near to finding Lars Hedegaard’s would-be assassin.
0:22   It’s 12 o’clock and Lars Hedegaard is here as my guest.
0:32   It was six months ago that a murder attempt was made on Lars Hedegaard of the IFPS in his home.
0:41   It caused a massive media debate, but although the police have used vast resources,
0:48   they are no closer to apprehending a suspect.
0:54   The man posed as a mailman, and fired a shot right next to Lars Hedegaard’s head.
1:02   Thereafter a fight started, and the man fled on foot.
1:06   In spite of 6 months’ effort, the police do not have much to go on.
1:13   We have exhausted our immediate possibilities, and we need help from the public
1:21   or from one or more of the technical leads we have obtained.
1:29   What you have now technically is not enough?
1:33   No, we have fingerprints and DNA, but now we need a hit in Denmark or abroad to match these traces.
1:44   You have come up blank?
1:47   We still consider it a serious case; we are not through, but we don’t have much.
1:58   Not much. Welcome Lars Hedegaard, you are chairman (on leave) of IFPS.
2:05   This case has been huge in the media.
2:11   How do you feel about the criminal still being at large?
2:14   It’s a shame that he is still walking around freely, thinking that there is a job to finish,
2:23   namely shooting me, I would like him apprehended,
2:32   find out who sent him, if it was his own idea — I don’t think so –
2:34   who is behind it, who supplied the weapon, the bullet that is not identifiable,
2:41   where he is today, who helped him flee — all that is very interesting for me,
2:47   for others, who may wind up in the same situation.
2:51   If he is not behind it himself, who then?
2:54   The reason is, it seems to be very well planned.
3:02   The man bought a car under false name.
3:07   He gave the name “Mohammed Issa”, who is a Palestinian terrorist who appeared in Athens
3:15   During a bombing in 1968. It’s not a coincidental name; he could have called himself Søren Andersen.
3:26   He didn’t; he called himself Mohammed Issa, and those who sent him know very well who that is.
3:33   The signal is that this was politically, ideologically and religiously motivated.
3:45   Moreover there is a projectile that the police cannot trace.
3:58   It’s political, you think. Why would someone want you dead?
4:06   I have been a hash critic of Islam.
4:17   I have spoken my mind.
4:19   In my books and articles I have not hidden my views on the ideology that I consider Islam to be.
4:26   And I’m sorry to say the treatment that I have been given in the press
4:33   could have made people think that I was ‘fair game’.
4:45   Without much risk, you could go for me,
4:50   silence me, and send a signal to other critics to watch out that they don’t share my fate.
5:02   You are convinced of that?
5:07   I’m totally convinced.
5:09   The man who aimed at you and tried to kill you, how do you feel about him today?
5:15   I don’t know him. He is a Muslim, otherwise he would not have chosen that name.
5:24   He was Middle Eastern.
5:31   I don’t hate him personally; he only does what the Quran orders him to do
5:41   to disbelievers who become too impudent.
5:47   if it’s himself or others, they only follow the ideology they believed will take them to paradise.
5:57   I don’t mind him that much, though I would not like to meet him again.
6:06   You mean, Muslims are obliged to kill you?
6:12   Let’s be careful, now. Far from ALL Muslims are willing to do this, and many reject the idea
6:18   A few days ago I met a Muslim in a bus; he said: Sit down now. You are right!
6:27   But I can’t say that, and thus I meet many people who agree with me.
6:32   We must be very careful, Muslims are as various as you and I and everybody;
6:40   it’s the religion and ideology that is dangerous and makes someone act upon it.
6:47   They are convinced, if they don’t, they wont go to paradise.
6:50   The Quran does not say shoot Lars Hedegaard?
6:58   That’s what I’m saying.
7:05   It says, that when the holy months are over, the people who have taunted the Prophet shall be killed.
7:13   It’s according to the book. Fortunately most Muslims don’t do that,
7:22   but they have a duty according to the religion they are raised with.
7:28   You gave an interview to Krasnik on this channel.
7.30   Unfortunately I did….
7:37   How did you experience the time after that interview?
7:45   Frankly speaking, that interview was worse than the assassination attempt
7:52   Why?
7:53   The shooter tried to kill me; the interviewer tried to crush me
8:02   as a person, a historian and a trustworthy writer.
8:07   I have complained to Denmark Radio and also to the ombudsman.
8:15   Krasnik was full of lies in the interview.
8:18   We have seen that debate… how did you experience media-Denmark?
8:28   I don’t know how much they really did. There were of course some
8:38   who intended that I was exposed and full of lies;
8:48   that was the most unpleasant. I would rather be shot at than trapped that way.
8:58   Lars Hedegaard, our time is up, thank you so much for coming.

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  2. “Fortunately most Muslims don’t do that”

    But unfortunately, we can’t distinguish them, so we need to ban ALL of them for the duration of their jihad against us.

    (But I do applaud Lars’courage and fighting skill against that Muslim assassin. The leftist interviewer he refers to, also deserves an “(word-that-can-mean-‘donkey’)-whoopin” too.

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