Kiss Your Ham Goodbye, Norway

The brief report below from French television concerns the cultural enrichment of Norwegian schools. The father interviewed in the clip describes what happened to his children in school when the number of “children of Norwegian background” dropped below 50%. When the number of enriched students reached a certain critical mass in the classroom, non-Muslim children were no longer able to bring ham sandwiches to school in their lunches.

The children were compelled to accommodate their classmates “because others think that [eating ham] is illegal”. That is, the perception of the illegality of ham forced the de facto enforcement of non-Norwegian law in a Norwegian school. That law is, of course, Islamic law, and Norway is in the process of becoming a sharia state.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Cohabitation is not as harmonious
00:04   as some like to think
00:08   It’s school which crystallises part of the tension
00:12   Robert
00:16   Robert is a father, he lives
00:20   in a posh part of town were native Norwegians
00:24   have recently become a minority.
00:24   For him, his children live in a
00:28   society of cultural apartheid
00:32   When he started primary school, it was 50/50
00:36   in his class there were 15 Norwegian children
00:40   and 15 children of a foreign culture
00:44   today only 3 or 4 Norwegians are in his class.
00:48   sometimes it can be a problem because
00:52   our children are not allowed
00:56   to have ham on their bread because others
01:00   think that is illegal.
01:04   this can seem harmless, but it can become a problem
01:08   In the Country of Happy People
01:12   broadcast 6.8. on ‘Arte’ (A very left French TV channel)

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8 thoughts on “Kiss Your Ham Goodbye, Norway

  1. Poor Norwegians they are crying. A ten year old Muslim can make a school of white cowards cry and sob. Stop crying Norway. Stop crying Europe. You care too much to be hurt by Muslims. And you have “democracy” and nothing else. Is that not enough?
    — Hey … Muslims Europe has democracy that works. Do you know that?
    –Oh, by Allah. It is the most stupid successful democracy. That democracy helped us plant our tentacles in Europe and the cowardly stupid natives are leaving one at a time. We can wait another 20 years. And then Allah will take possession of Europe. That means us.

  2. Norwegian Dad? Ham is not illegal, unless you agree. That father is emblematic of all that is wrong with Norway. Hey Dad, how about having the spine and warrior attitude of your ancestors? This post made me go and find ham and eat it. What a wimp, will he wait like the Jews did to leave? What in the hell made him give up his rights to march into that school and say serve ham or my kid is eating ham or anything other than he is a wimp victim showing his son how to be a victim. I marched into my school on many occasions but my best one was that we would be continuing our Christmas Concerts with hymn and carols. We had several strong parents and one weak principal. This is one very weak man. Where are the parents? It takes strong parents, or this weakling would not have been able to get away with what he did. He had many choices and his was to be a dhimmi for sharia. Shame . I would tell each parent, rise up and throw him out. We did. These schoolmasters are generally very weak men. And this parent is a very weak man. He has approved sharia law in his school and his son will in future never FORGIVE him.

  3. The Vikings have turned into worms. Have you no shame, Norwegians? No pride in yourselves at all?
    Vikingene har blitt ormer. Har ni ingen skam?

  4. I suppose the Norwegian chattering class will assure us that outlawing ham comports with Norwegian values, whereas letting people read the thoughts of Fjordman does not.

  5. It seems that the Quisling concept has been adopted by the whole country. No Valhalla for modern day Vikings.

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