Jubilation While a Church Burns in Garbsen

A church in the culturally enriched German town of Garbsen, near Hanover, was set on fire a few days ago. While it burned, local youths gathered nearby to celebrate the occasion and take videos of the burning church.

Yet as far as one could tell from reading the regional newspaper, the fire in the church was just one of those tragic things that inexplicably happen from time to time. The connection between the jubilant youths and the ashes of the church was one that local residents were able to make, but the German MSM did not want to go there.

JLH has translated two very different articles about Tuesday night’s events, and includes this explanatory note:

To go with the short Politically Incorrect article I chose one of the articles in what PI identifies as the “left-leaning” Hannoversche Allgemeine newspaper.

The general tone reminds me of an old government-sponsored ad which urged us not to leave our keys in the car on a city street. It did not seem to care whether we could afford to lose the car. The big aim was “Don’t help a good boy go bad.”

Here it seems that the problem is that there were not enough social workers on the street and not enough programs to divert the unnamed (and hopefully native, white?) miscreants from this particular form of entertainment.

First, from Politically Incorrect:

A Mosque Burns in Hanover
by Roland

Actually, no. it’s not a mosque. If it were, all of the daily papers of the region and beyond would be full of this event. But it is only a Christian church in heavily enriched Garbsen, near Hanover. There is also no talk about an initial suspicion of racism or xenophobia, since it is not a mosque, only a church.

Anyway, we can say without fear of contradiction that there was arson on Tuesday night. In the case of a Christian church burning, of course, the logical assumption is spontaneous combustion or an accident with the candles during a service.

What conditions prevail in the area surrounding the Christian church, and the fact that the state authorities are unconcerned by them, one can see in the left-trending Hannoversche Allgemeine newspaper (HAZ) and make sense of that:

“When they set fire to a church, neighboring houses burn next.” That night, a neighbor says what many others may be thinking. Fear, consternation, tears among those who were attached to Willehadi; “I am shocked that everyone is not shocked this night,” says Pastor Renate Muckelberg. and is thinking of what firefighters and police had to experience: almost jubilant, uproarious youths on the Sperberhorst,* sneering shouts and teens on bikes, racing provocatively close by; cell phones filming everywhere…

The second translated article is from Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung:

“On the Horst”

Politicians React to the Arson

What tasks does Garbsen’s political establishment set itself after the fire at Willehadi on Tuesday? Several groups are formulating their initial evaluations. The two largest parties — SPD and CDU — have thus far made no public pronouncements.

Garbsen: “The first goal must be to combat social dissatisfaction,” writes Darius Pilarski for the Greens. It is also important to prevent groups becoming antagonistic to one another, as may already be seen happening on the internet, writes Pilarski. The Greens are meeting on Monday, August 5th at 5:00 P.M. at the Willehadi church.

Garbsen’s Jusos [Young Socialists] warn against prejudices against, for instance, immigrants, “as can be heard at the site of the ruins,” writes Eike Siemers. “We reject such comments, because they disparage a large portion of the population as suspects.” They welcome the engagement of street-level social workers.

“Houses of worship on fire have always been an alarm signal,” writes Peter Wettberg for the Independents. It is sad, he says, that something has to happen before anything is done by those in authority. “It is to be hoped that the state and the police will advance ideas on how to apprehend the perpetrators, thwart copycats and put preventive measures in place.”

In the opinion of the Free Voters, preventive work would have cost less than rebuilding the church. “The damage to policy is immense, the damage to civilian trust is much greater,” writes Andreas Bienstein.


The Islamic organizations urge solidarity

Turkish and Islamic organizations in Garbsen are calling a vigil at the Willehadi church on Sunday. “No to violence — we stick together” says the announcement.

*   Section of the city circumscribed by a rectangular street with three sides, two of them dead-ending at another road — rather like a circular driveway — but also the name of a chain of social service centers for young people, one of which is located here.

14 thoughts on “Jubilation While a Church Burns in Garbsen

  1. I don’t think those “youths” were filming the burning of the church to send it to their friends in Turkey to tell them what they are doing to their Kuffar allies. Members of “the religion of peace” never harm kuffars.

  2. “antagonistic to one another, as may already be seen happening on the internet”

    Right, I’m sure that it would never have happened if not for sites like GoV and PI. They are so cute those red-greens, when they are frying in their own fat.

  3. Arson, church and parish house

    News: A church and a chapel burned in the night to Tuesday in Garbsen near Hannover, apparently by negligent arson! Against 01:00 clock in the night residents reported flames at the town hall and the church in Garbsen. Immediately drew a large contingent of firefighters on. With solid strength and use two turntable ladders were fighting the flames that hit already from community and church upon arrival of the first firefighters. Despite the massive use of the parish hall and the church burned down completely. There was considerable damage to property. Still at the site, the police took up the investigation into the cause of the fire. Residents reported in the interview after the fire, before the fire that apparently had gezündelt youth in community building. “I’ve gotten really scared. There have been many fires. Continuous geböllert is here!” as a frightened local resident. Extinguishing the fire at the church will continue until the wee hours. – Google Translate.

    Europe, the frightened Old Lady and the Juvenile Jihad.

    • @Jolie:

      “Anwohner berichteten im Interview nach dem Brand, dass vor dem Brand offenbar Jugendliche am Gemeindehaus gezündelt hatten. “Ich habe mittlerweile richtig Angst. Hier gab es schon viele Brandstiftungen. Dauernd wird hier geböllert!” so eine verängstigte Anwohnerin.”

      In interviews after the fire neighbors reported that youths had been igniting things at the parish building. “In the meantime I’m really afraid. There are constant shots/explosions here!” said a fearful neighbor.

  4. Hi. I write from France – on vacation from England. Before I left I read about St Andrews church in Mount Pleasant (sic) Batley (a culturally enriched area) Yorkshire near where used to live being under attack from ‘youths’ who have smashed stain glass windows and attempted to set the church on fire. Youths? What is the matter with the West? Dare no one speak the truth?

    PS – seen very little evidence of cultural enrichment in France – rural France looks in good shape viz Muslims.

    • My Breton friend has just spotted his first visitor from the Maghreb in deepest rural Brittany so do not be so complascent.

  5. its sickening!

    yes the media, would be full of it if it were a mosque!!! but nothing from these traitors, as it was a church, a christian church, and the same if it was a white person beaten or murdered!!!!, nothing!!!

    but a black or muslim or non white, the media would be full of it, a witch hunt, and we woud never here the end of it!! ala steven lawrence in the uk….
    the uk new nazi goverment has even made this yobs mother a dame!! can you believe this ???

    germany wake up!

    we need to be shining a light onto these people who are turning a blind eye to all this, these damn journalist pay check suckers, who are covering all this [disgusting material] up, and leading us towards a civil war in the streets with these islamic savages.

    start looking at the traitors who are behind it all, there the journalists, cops, tv producers, theres a whole bunch of these [intensifier] bastards masquerading as media watch dogs.

    this is hello, europw is burning beacise of these traitors.


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  7. Perfectly good waste of a future mosque!

    SEE: The Hagia Sophia, ~AKA The Blue Mosque.

  8. Europe will become Muslim or a new Hitler will appear. Either way, Europe is in trouble.

  9. Look at what survived the burn! (s. photo):


    and donations are welcome for the rebuilding!

    Bank Info (bank is in Germany so you’ll probably need to wire the $$. Make sure to check the routing number with your bank – you may need to get an international routing number):

    Bank name: Sparkasse Hannover

    Account number : 910 188 254

    routing number (within Germany) : 250 501 80

    Subject: Wiederaufbau Willehadi (Rebuilding Willhadi)

  10. Germany cannot allow this to continue. These scenes bring back the scenes of synagogues burning in 1938. How much longer will the Europeans tolerate this?

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