Busted for Jihad Fundraising

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated a brief article from today’s VG about the culturally enriched behavior of the Al Furqan Relief group in Norway. He includes this introductory note:

This article concerns an individual (more than likely a culture enricher) who was arrested earlier this week and subsequently charged by the PST with the crime of financially supporting a terrorist organization.

I have read some Norwegian articles about the organization in question (at least I believe it was the same group). Apparently they have been involved in fundraising activities on the streets of Grønland in Oslo just a stone’s throw away from the biggest police station in the city.

That must mean that the police were able to behold these activities from behind their office windows while they were frantically twiddling their thumbs and pushing pencils back and forth across their desks whilst thinking up new methods to smear and prosecute Fjordman and other dastardly dangerous Islamophobonazis.

I suppose that by taking this drastic step and actually arresting this stand-up guy, the PST is guilty of terroristophobia.

Another article (in English is) here.

Here’s a picture of Mohammad Mohyeldeen raising funds for the group at the town square in Grønland. I believe that picture was taken earlier this year.

See the wiki on Mohyeldeen, and an earlier article about him from Gates of Vienna.

The translated article:

Fundraising coordinator apprehended for supporting terrorism

The Police Security Service (PST) have charged the leader of a group that has been raising money for Muslims in Syria and Myanmar for giving financial support to terrorist organizations, according to TV2 [Norwegian national broadcaster]

On Friday the PST raided the headquarters of the organization Al Furqan Relief in Oslo. According to TV2 a member of the group has been charged with financial support of terrorist organizations. The story was first broken by TV2.

“We can confirm that we have carried out a raid at an address in Oslo and that we have made an arrest. The person that we arrested has now been released, but charges have been laid against him,” says Martin Bernsen, a spokesperson for the PST.

On their Facebook page the group writes that the police seized NoK 300,000 [$51,000]. They describe the raid as dramatic, and claim that the police were armed.

“The member in question had gone to our bank to withdraw the money that we had raised during Ramadan. We were going to exchange the money and send it to Syrian refugees early next week,” the group claims.

Al Furqan Relief is not registered in the National Fundraising Register, and earlier this summer the NFR Committee warned people about giving money to the group

The maximum penalty for the offence in question is six years in prison.

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