Blonde on Blonde

As I reported in last night’s news feed, the new French Counterjihad celebrity, known everywhere only by her soubriquet “The Blonde”, was suppressed by YouTube: Google’s behemoth took all three of her videos down.

The first two videos, in which she simply discussed the necessity for preserving the French identity and resisting Islamization, had become very popular, and had hundreds of thousands of views. The third one only stayed up for a little while — by then all the usual suspects had presumably complained to YouTube, and all three were taken down.

YouTube has now taken off the gloves and showed its hand: a user who had scrupulously abided by its terms and conditions has had her work deleted for no reason other than the opinions she expressed in her videos.

Fortunately, all the videos had been mirrored or copied by various fans, including the subtitled versions Vlad Tepes had made. Since then the Blonde has made two more videos, and both of them have now been mirrored and subtitled.

All five videos have been embedded below, the first four above the fold. The fourth video is her first response to the censorship directed at her, and the fifth one is a satirical response in which she dresses in a turban and a false beard — don’t miss it.

Below the videos is Vlad’s analysis of what YouTube is doing, followed by the transcripts for all five videos.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita and Bear for the translations:

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3:

Video #4:

Video #5:

Vlad’s essay analyzing the suppressive process employed by YouTube:

Freedom of speech? Sure. The problem is no freedom of listen.

This is the fourth video of that sweet ‘Blonde-of-Youtube’ I have posted in the past week or so [#5 came along later — BB]. Three of them deal with Islam and its effects on France and Europe. One of them discusses the fact that her videos have been deleted from Youtube, and, if I understand her correctly, she also had a Facebook page deleted because of the content of her videos.

What I find interesting is why. Her material is relatively innocuous. Compared to what imams say in a day about the rest of us on these same forums, the death threats she herself receives regularly and the attendant vulgarity, her videos are simple and obvious observations and analysis that is pretty much watertight.

So why the deletion? Why did her videos get yanked and my video of say, Anusup for mass relief not pulled?

Well I have a guess.

On her own channel, Blonde of Youtube (Great icon by the way) these videos enjoyed hundreds of thousands of views. Well the first two did, linked here and here. (My mirror of them.) The third one got pulled very shortly after it went up as I understand it and the one where she discusses the deletions has not been up long at all.

Below is the third video which was deleted very shortly after it went up, along with the first two on her own channels.

One of them is over 24,000 views on the Youtube channel it currently resides on. I would guess this means its not long to exist there if it continues to get views and if my theory is correct.

So what we have is indeed freedom of speech. But thanks to the technology that lets us know exactly how many and who are watching, what we do not have is freedom of listen.

Transcript for video #1:

00:04   Clashes of Trappes CouCou everyone
00:08   So I’m back from hols and have seen several worrying things on TV
00:12   I’ll start with the story of the
00:17   derailed train. I have already spoken
00:21   about it a month ago saying that they were talking
00:25   to see about the train. The latest innovation
00:29   it’s a project being negotiated atm, for the moment
00:33   it’s complicated, they have tried..
00:37   with the trains. And others who amused themselves to rob the death
00:41   It’s inadmissible! it’s horrid! it’s unspeakable!
00:45   So, I also wanted to speak a bit about Trappes
00:49   to remind you: there was a ID control in Trappes
00:53   Thursday. A woman who was fully veiled was asked for her ID
00:57   Her husband, who did not appreciate this decided
01:01   to take on the police and to strangle one of them.
01:05   the husband was remanded in custody, which seems entirely logic
01:09   because, lets not forget: in our country the full veil is
01:13   FORBIDDEN. But people seem to forget this,
01:17   so all the “youth”, the so-called “the residents”
01:21   have decided last night to descend on the police station.
01:25   It seems that the police had provoked them. Of course !
01:29   For them it’s normal to take it out on the police.
01:33   If they want to veil themselves, let them return to their countries
01:37   The police is here to do their work.
01:42   If you have nothing to reproach yourself, you have no problems.
01:46   So, stop to play the victims.
01:50   Manuel Valls (responsible Minister) tells us the reason is
01:54   that there are many unemployed in Trappes. hm. so it’s going to be “interesting” on Monday
01:58   because according to Manuel Valls it being the “unemployed” who did this
02:02   imagine what will happen Monday. S’cuuse me, but to become “unemployed”
02:06   perhaps one should have started to work at all. Don’t you think?
02:10   So, last night I went on Twitter
02:14   and I saw several twits
02:18   which made me laugh but which also made me somewhat sceptical:
02:22   e.g. posted by a woman at 0.39 am: her poor children
02:26   were outside and 1/2 hour ago they were gassed by the police.
02:30   Children outside at midnight??
02:34   I am a mum, my children, at 10 pm, they are not outside.
02:38   Okay? So it would perhaps be good to put things back
02:42   were they belong. I will be called a Racist, a Fascist
02:46   say what you will. I am not totally French
02:51   My father is Sicilian, my mother is Italian. They arrived in France
02:55   30 years ago. But both worked
02:59   Both integrated
03:03   as did my Swiss friends, my English and Portuguese friends
03:07   the only ones who will not integrate, and where it is continuously the (brothel?)
03:11   I don’t want to be nasty, but it is always
03:15   the same ones. It’s time we recognise this.
03:19   About a month ago, when there was the “marriage for gays”
03:23   they said that we, the Catholics were extremists
03:27   I have not seen put fire to a single car
03:31   I have not seen a single shop destroyed, okay
03:35   Everywhere it’s the same, the media hide
03:39   everything from us. A little example: 2 weeks ago
03:44   there was a rally against radical Islam
03:48   it was on CNN, it was in
03:52   the American and English news papers. One heard nothing
03:56   in France. Voila: for me
04:00   our country is in immediate danger. And it’s up to us the French, to wake up.
04:04   Because what is happening now is very very serious.
04:08   When I see in the paper….(title page of “Liberation” left paper)….have left for Syria
04:12   and that afterwards they will return to our country
04:16   but are you seeerious? We, we let them do this?
04:20   I am neither of the Left nor of the Right
04:24   I am here for my country, I am a patriot! Full stop!
04:28   We are forgetting The Republique, we are forgetting the values of France
04:32   We are forgetting Human Rights
04:36   All this is flouted. Flouted for what? Flouted for
04:40   for an immigration and by an extremist immigration.
04:44   On this subject: I am forced to disable comments
04:48   etc. I had many many threats
04:52   asking me to stop talking about politics
04:57   to stop talking about the Left. I was told that my throat would be cut
05:01   Well: listen: I will await you, Gentlemen!

Transcript for video #2:

00:02   One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go North. They will not go there as friends, Because they will go there to conquer. And they will conquer with their sons. The belly of our wives will give us victory.
00:06   Houari Boumediene
00:10   Algerian President, 1974.
00:14   Today I’ll start with the interview of a woman
00:18   of Trappes leaving the mosque. Listen, then we talk.
00:22   Muslim woman: “between Muslim brothers
00:26   one can attack others
00:30   one can attack a Christian but never a Muslim”
00:34   Bravo Madame you said out loud what Islam whispers
00:38   So: one can attack a Catholic
00:42   but one cannot attack a Muslim. Good.
00:46   And it’s I who lack respect?
00:50   I’m told we, in France, don’t show respect
00:54   and that we are absolutely intolerant.
00:58   So, today lets speak about Tolerance.
01:02   Let me make some important points: In France
01:06   we used to call Religious holidays
01:11   Easter and Christmas.
01:15   Now they are “Spring holidays” and “Winter festivals”
01:19   OK, we are not tolerant. Lets talk about French canteens
01:23   changing their menus to please everyone
01:27   Ok, we are still not tolerant
01:31   we can talk about all the Halal butchers
01:35   more than 70% of our abattoirs changed into
01:39   Halal abattoirs. We are still not tolerant
01:43   In France we have 2248
01:47   mosques. We are not tolerant.
01:51   To give you an idea: in Algeria there are
01:55   50 Churches, 7 of them will be demolished shortly.
01:59   and it’s still us
02:03   the Intolerants. In 2008 there was a priest
02:07   (just a small example among many), who was convicted
02:11   to 1 year in prison in Oran for celebrating a religious feast
02:15   outside his church.
02:19   If one talks of Tolerance while looking at what is happening in our country
02:23   every week during “prayers”
02:27   to speak of tolerance, really!
02:32   (Muslim prayers in the streets of France)
02:40   One tells me that we are not respectful
02:44   towards their religion. We are not respectful?
02:48   have you seen stones being thrown at people coming out of their mosque?
02:52   I don’t believe so. But last year
02:56   worshipers were attacked in a Catholic church during mass.
03:00   yet we will be told again not to mix up things
03:04   Newspaper: Faithful stoned during mass.
03:08   Lets talk numbers: In our French prisons
03:12   60 – 70% are Muslim.
03:16   This number does not come from me, it comes from the Grand Imam
03:20   of France. (Islam, first religion in French Prisons)
03:28   Another number just published: 80% of
03:32   Maghrebins (North African Arabs)
03:36   don’t work and live off Social Services.
03:52   When I see
03:56   in a bus one single (French person) while 50
04:00   other individuals shout “Allah U Akbar”
04:04   You call that “respect”? I call this provocation.
04:08   Allah is great
04:12   Allah is the only god
04:16   and Jews are the enemy of Allah
04:21   and Jews are the enemy of Allah
04:25   It’s time
04:29   to put things back into their place and to stop
04:33   telling us that by having an opinion about Islam
04:37   we are Islamophobes. Stop it.
04:41   It’s an excuse for denial of the truth
04:45   I have nothing against Muslims.
04:49   I do have a problem with Islam, supposedly
04:53   telling us
04:57   that the (Koran) is a book of peace and love.
05:01   A book of peace and love
05:05   which has 255 incitations
05:09   to hatred, Jihad and to hatred of Jews
05:13   and which accepts only one god, Allah.
05:17   Lets take stock:
05:21   2248 mosques, 200 more being built
05:25   the Cathedral (name?) which has been totally razed to the ground
05:29   with bulldozers because 3 million were needed
05:33   for renovations. And we have
05:37   200 mosques under construction? Yep!
05:41   Destruction of the Cathedral
05:45   she refers to (name inaudible)
05:49   so we French
05:53   have to come together
05:58   Islam is a great religion, powerful
06:02   and strong. The problem of the French and Europeans
06:06   is a lack of solidarity
06:10   I don’t call for hatred whatsoever
06:14   nor for violence. I only invite you to reflect on the future
06:18   of our country. It’s important. I thank
06:22   all my supporters and sites who publish my videos
06:26   I thank you all, I send a little kiss to all of you
06:30   Merci and Vive la France.
06:34   One day, millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere to go North. And they will not go there as friends, because they will go there to conquer. And they will conquer with their sons. The belly of our wives will bring us victory.
06:38   Houari Boumediene, Algerian President, 1974.

Transcript for video #3:

00:03   Incomprehension
00:07   CouCou. Today a continuation of my
00:11   last videos. But firstly I want to thank you
00:15   for the thousands of messages of support I received
00:19   I was very very happy about them
00:23   I have also received messages calling me a racist
00:27   So I would like to tell you what I think of that
00:31   Why am I a racist, because I love my country?
00:35   because I wish to preserve a secular country?
00:39   because I am against an extremisation of religion?
00:43   So, if you think
00:47   that for all these reasons I am racist, of course
00:51   than I am. And I am very proud of it.
00:55   Because you must not forget that it’s a country
00:59   that welcomed many people. It welcomed
01:04   my family and many others. A land
01:08   where one could hope for a better life
01:12   a country in which it was good to live. the problem
01:16   is that things have changed. As I said
01:20   I received 1000s of msgs of support from people who told me that I had
01:24   extraordinary courage because I dared express myself
01:28   without covering my face. Now I ask myself:
01:32   if there is no problem in France
01:36   why would I not express myself without covering my face
01:40   Other people told me
01:44   that I was Islamophobe. I find this term
01:48   is misused a little too often, because
01:52   when you look a little closer you see
01:56   ??? Let’s analyse
02:00   this term. There is “Islam” and “Phobia”
02:04   Everyone knows what Islam means. Now
02:08   the definition of phobia. It is an irrational
02:12   fear. But our fear of Islam is not an irrational fear
02:16   It’s a justified fear
02:20   We see daily what’s happening in our country
02:24   so lets stop
02:28   to use this term to avoid controversial subjects
02:33   When I see a nurse
02:37   being bashed in her hospital because she lifted the Burka
02:41   of a woman giving birth: it’s shameful
02:45   It’s important that everyone realises that there is
02:49   a real problem in our country. That we are not supported by our
02:53   government, that our police is not supported
02:57   that our soldiers are not supported,
03:01   and that our government is mocking us
03:05   but they should be careful because
03:09   this situation can turn against them. The people
03:13   is starting to rumble. When one sees that
03:17   our police cannot go where they wish, lest they be stoned,
03:21   that’s serious. The police should be able to circulate where they wish
03:25   when you see at the entrance of certain suburbs what I call
03:29   “the milice wesh wesh” who demand ID papers
03:33   from Doctors to “authorise” them to enter the city
03:37   when “they” refuse ID controls
03:41   there are questions to be asked
03:45   so, my question now is
03:49   Why does the government
03:53   accept all these acts
03:57   I don’t understand
04:01   what’s their interest? Lets not talk
04:05   about Mr. Hollande.
04:09   I don’t call him Monsieur le President, because for me he is not a President
04:13   A president who tells us “I am president for all but responsible for nothing”
04:19   and then you read this
04:23   it’s enough to make you flip. So don’t be surprised
04:27   if this government is in chaos. He is not even able to tell us in which country he is
04:31   he confuses Egypt with Tunisia
04:35   and he finds (? ?) Macedonia
04:39   It’s too much. Starting from this principle
04:43   I think that around 2030 I will present myself
04:47   as candidate for President, because it seems
04:51   one doesn’t have to be “fut fut” to be up there.
04:55   Once more
04:59   Thank You, you were in the 1000s to send me messages, to share my video
05:03   it has gone to the UK, to Belgium,
05:07   it went to Canada. So Thank You All
05:11   for spreading the message. I have only one correction:
05:15   Many told me that it is my combat
05:19   well I wish to say it’s OUR combat.
05:23   we must save France. To those who want me to stop my videos
05:27   I have only one thing to say: NO
05:31   I will not stop. I am in a country
05:36   Free Country. I do what I think is right
05:40   and it’s not you who will dictate my acts
05:44   nor my thoughts.

Transcript for video #4:

00:00   CouCou. Today we’ll talk “Freedom of Expression”
00:04   So: my videos have been deleted because…
00:08   there is no Freedom of Expression in France, and even less on YouTube
00:12   apparently there were mass complaints about my videos
00:16   for racism etc. my Facebook page
00:20   will be deleted soon.
00:24   Let me tell you: what you are doing,
00:28   delete my videos, my pages: well keep at it.
00:33   You will not stop me. I will open other pages
00:37   and other sites. I will go to Ru-Tube
00:41   where one is not censored. I will go
00:46   on all sites, Daily Motion, anywhere
00:50   but you will not silence me, ok?
00:54   because the whole community of (wesh wesh??)
00:58   in fact what you are doing is reinforcing
01:02   my idea that France has a huge problem
01:06   you are proving it!
01:10   At the end of this video I will post
01:15   the racist and offensive comments I received.
01:19   To tell you how far this goes:
01:23   I commented on a video of a little (girl)
01:27   who does Horse videos. I am a fan of equitation
01:31   so I commented one of her videos, praising her
01:35   and to encourage her. They followed me to the page
01:40   of this 10 y.o. child: saying on that page
01:45   that I was a fascist, a racist etc.
01:47   And it is *I* who go too far? And *I* am censored?
01:48   But when you see a guy like (name?)
01:53   with a swastika who sends you super radical messages
01:57   when you see on his page: he is fan of Mohamed Merah
02:01   fan of Sharia, fan of radical Islam
02:05   and when you complain it’s you who gets the message that “if you complain again…
02:09   you will be banned from YouTube
02:14   OK. You want to censor? We will censor!
02:18   My question is: Who is the moderator
02:22   of YouTube. Because sharia-channels
02:27   extremist religious channels: no problems! But my videos
02:31   are censored. So I invite everyone
02:35   readers of FN and all the others
02:39   who are FOR the Freedom of Expression, I invite you to report these channels
02:43   en masse and ALL YouTube pages which
02:47   worry them.
02:51   Now you will see me everywhere
02:56   you will see me on the streets, in meetings
03:00   you will get an overdose of “the Blonde”. I have all my time
03:04   I started this morning: I discussed with those gentlemen of the left
03:08   they very much appreciated my intervention.
03:12   My husband also. Voilà
03:16   All this to tell you: I’m not ready to stop.
03:20   People who subscribed to my channel
03:24   my channel will soon be closed I think. Don’t worry
03:29   Give me 2, 3 days, and I will create another channel.
03:33   See you soon VIVE LA FRANCE
03:37   to: la blonde de YouTube: (in bad French): Whore, You the French are pigs. When we have the number we will apply our laws, if you don’t like them, leave. You will see we will rape you, dirty whore, you’ll have deserved it, dirty bitch, and we will go for your children.
03:41   Tunisian: the small of blood follows you despite your perfume. you will have to assume your position of pig. We are already united little cockroach. You make us crave to do grave things.
03:45   Killer SiSi011 Allah Akbar! We will bury you, alive, 6 feet under // my mother, granny, and yours, it’s my favorite whore. She adores my circumcised [member]. Insh’hallah, it’s only a question of time before France is Islamic.
03:49   gwendal bleas: French just incomprehensible for reliable translation: blabla “[defecate] yourself” and “be prepared”
03:53   abdul9183 A surate is part of Koran …re bus, no source. Even if in France (free country) people have the right to free expression. (as we can support football, shout go Hollande or vive Sarkozy).
03:57   Killer SiSi01 Allah Akbar. You I will piss you out (of France) or I will bury you alive 6 feet under, dirty whore
04:02   We will chase out all fascists. France belongs to us as say the popular rapper: “I [roger] France until she loves me back!” !!!!!
04:06   (note by translator): the French of these caption is so bad that translations are approximate, and not in exact order.
04:10   ETC ETC… Regarding the most serious messages: a complaint will be filed. See you very soon.

Transcript for video #5:

00:00   hello I am Ben Soualbenben so today…
00:04   my little video is for…
00:08   YouTube. on YouTube it was decided…
00:12   my brothers and I after having seen the…
00:16   video. are invited to a big mishoui…
00:20   yes…
00:24   go away!!
00:28   so as I was saying you will be there.
00:32   as the honored guest. At the beginning I had thought of sending…
00:36   my brothers those who are in France. you know the ones in France you know we have many…
00:40   but in fact we have notice I don’t know they told me that you were…
00:44   a detonator and that we had to avoid slicing your throat…
00:48   so…
00:52   I decided to send you my best informants…
00:57   they have attained level 3!
01:01   3! geniuses of the…
01:05   their domains…
01:09   but you a blonde you have succeeded…
01:13   have deactivated their whole attack.
01:17   a coup in Argentina, a coup…
01:21   the largest country of the miscreants. oh…
01:25   the United States of America…
01:29   what I find weird is not when you say United…
01:34   States of America right away there is a pride that comes up in you…
01:38   oh well let’s pass on… so impossible…
01:42   wait…
01:46   don’t tell me it’s not true!
01:50   it’s true? mouhaaa!!!!
01:54   mouhaa!!!!! Allah???? salambole???
01:58   ?????
02:02   ?????
02:07   YouTube we have censored all your videos!!!
02:11   now that we have stolen all your videos. no longer need to invite you…
02:15   to stoning mishui no more worries!!!
02:19   what?? you have already put your videos…
02:23   online??? but what is your problems in France??
02:27   the blondes? ????
02:31   now you? the blonde of YouTube!!
02:35   and who told us in France? our brothers…
02:39   they told us the women were submissive. here I introduce you to my wife…,
02:43   hi! just saw her not long ago.
02:47   we just celebrated her ninth birthday…
02:51   so to finish if you continue the blog…
02:55   the blonde of YouTube detonator or no detonator…
03:00   I will come me!
03:04   you [expletive] you will listen to me all right??
03:08   its over your videos you forget about them…
03:12   stop your shenanigans. because if you don’t…
03:16   you will see.
03:20   it’s not good to do terrorism. it’s what
03:24   you were doing against us. It’s bad to do terrorism ok?
03:28   how can we deal with this if we can no longer purchase weapons…
03:32   how can ;we colonize…
03:37   colonize the other countries??
03:41   ok?
03:45   its the last warning? I am warning you the last.
03:49   the next time.
03:53   you will be invited to the big michui at the public plaza…
03:57   don’t worry we have all the rocks…
04:01   ciao the blonde of YouTube.

19 thoughts on “Blonde on Blonde

  1. She shames me, I had two death threats, the first was no problem, but the second was, it was a anti-fascist who had all of my personal details, the age of my kids etc., I backed off while my kids grew up, soon they will both leave Europe and then I am free of their threats because I will not hold back just like this wonderful woman.

  2. I don’t think that some account being banned or something being removed (facebook, twitter, youtube) is necessarily indicative of active censorship on the part of the hosting company.

    3 years ago I saw the fascist Left had “mass reporting groups” on Facebook, where suddenly 200 of them would go and report some account/item and get it removed. My guess is it triggers some complaints/hour threshold, and the item is automatically removed. These companies do not waste money having staff adjudicate this. They may have staff adjudicate an appeal, but the vast majority of banned accounts/content will not bother going through the appeal process.

    I’ve seen the same “mass reporting” done on Twitter, with the same effect. Having seen it done, I’ve organised our own reverse teams that do the same thing, and it is 99% effective.

    I expect it works the same way on Twitter. Even Pat Condell’s videos have ended up being mass-reported/removed by YouTube.

    We don’t pay anything to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. I guess they are well within their rights to reduce their costs by automating these things.

  3. Bravo Blonde!

    At least 50% of Youtube’s content is the illegal use of copyrighted material for which they pay no royalties- which is against the law- and from which they profit greatly.

    Youtube, if it were not paying off the right pimps in government, would be shut down for this flagrant and colossal fraud.

    The Youtube funding/enabling puppetmasters must be Islamic or corrupt apologists for Islam for them to force this reaction to such a trivial level of “attack” all while allowing the biggest copyright infringement and protected intellectual property misuse on Earth to freely flow online.

  4. It’s amazing that the “anti-fascists” don’t know, or refuse to believe, that Hitler and his inner circle had a great respect for Islam while they also despised Christianity. Good company you anti-fascists are keeping!

    • They are fascists for their own brand of crushing despotism posing as “anti-fascist” to deceive the witless media and inattentive public.

      Hitler was a socialist (Leftist) who used private (Brownshirt) and then State terror to control the populace.

      The “anti-fascists” are generally Leftist anarchistic socialists/communists (paradox is a concept they do not consider deeply) who use the same dtormtrooper tactics that brought Adolf to power.

      Which is their goal as well.

      Power in order to suppress all criticism of their pet causes by calling it “fascist” and thereby aborting any examination of the full scope of the situation or a presentation of historical facts (“Islamophobia” is imputed to any non-lickspittle examination of Islam’s past, dogmas, or current behavior) .

      Any possible value in the arguments of the so-called “fascists” are thus rendered taboo and drowned out by thug yahoos enforcing anti-free speech terror.

      Bellowing and bashing cretins and bullies, posing as “freedom fighters”, prevent critical thinking in public forums when such analysis gets too close to goring one of their favored “oxen” (Islam/poor, downtrodden minority foreigners, et al).

      It is a Machiavellian disguise to be an actual fascist pretending to be fighting “fascism”.

      As Bolshevik (“Majority”) Party was a cunning self-description given by an actual minority Party to itself as a way to gain instant (false) credibility and (the illusion of) broad-based support.

      The fascist behavior betrays the “anti-fascists” as the tyrannical work of the Communists exposed their “anti-tyranny” tactics used to gain office.

    • They know this very well.

      Islam critic Micheal Stürzenberger of the Germany PI blog has recently been sued (and acquitted) for displaying a photo of Heinrich Himmler with the quote

      “The worldview of Islam is very similar to our worldview.”

      But since just quoting Nazis is not illegal, and especially if you are using the quotes _against_ the Nazis, he hat to be sued for the fact that the swastika on Himmlers uniform on the photo was not garbled and could be seen by pedestrians passing by.

      The leftists are very well aware of the Islam-Nazism connection, but they are still teaming up with Islam, since they still perceive Christianity to be their primary adversary, while Islam is the proverbial “enemy of my enemy”.

      The leftists are at war with Europe as well as Islamists, but since the leftists are aware that they can not win purely on their own, since Europe’s sympathies for them are limited, and since they have no persecutional background narrative to play the victim card on their own, they have found an ally who will play the victim/racism/religion card for them.

    • Hitler didn’t have respect for any religion and his interest if any, in islam, was the fact that they were anti Semites. So they had that but nothing else in common. Late in the war when warm bodies were needed to fill the ranks to replace the Germans who fell, he allowed muslims to join the SS. Not a popular move among the faithful who resented muslims wearing the black uniform.
      All of that aside, I greatly fear that Pat Buchanan had it right more than 10 years ago in his book, the Death of the West.
      I wish I were wrong but, as I see things unfold, I do not see the west doing the things necessary to defend itself. I see a rule by the dictatorship of the politically correct, which I despise.

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  6. “Do no Evil” is what Google says.
    Sergie Brin and others should be held to account but how?

    • you might stay away from youtube… but then others, who browse youtube won’t get to see this blonde French lady and what she has to say, nor will they see that her videos have tallied hundreds of thousands of views… meanwhile, they’ll be able to flick through Reza Aslan’s and Tariq Ramadan’s finest Taqiyya without any hindrance whatsoever… so, the end result? If the likes of the blonde French lady and others who share her viewpoint can’t get their message out via the mainstream media, nor via the alternative media (e.g. youtube), then how will others know that such people even exist?! And how will they know that there are legitimate arguments and viewpoints, beyond those of the multi-kulti “tolerant” leftists and the Islamic Taqiyya artists? We, who are already in the counterjihad don’t need youtube… but if we’re to ever convince others in the 99% “mainstream” of our opinions, any one of those videos taken down, or arguments made by other means may be crucial.

  7. Pertinent to any discussion on censorship at youtube – their “Jihad” against a 2011 post over at Atlas Shrugs, showing a video of small children waiting in line to be beaten by their teacher in a Muslim country…

    I happened to be reading the post live, while it was being updated. Some mirrors of the video were deleted only TWO MINUTES after they appeared on the Atlas Shrugs post… was someone at Youtube also reading the blog post, and removing the videos as soon as links to them appeared???

    • Very likely. The older forum (1995 – ) on the Bangkok Post was closed down in a similar fashion by Malay islamists.

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  9. This woman, beautiful, intelligent, brave woman is a hero! An example to us all, an inspiration for us to wke, take a stand and stsrt speaking aloud and warning everyone around us of what is going on right now in the totalitatian police state countries that have now developed in europe, who are trying to silence us and lead us quietly into the gas chambers and gulags, and allow our children, culture and the native peoples of western europe to be obliterated at the hands and knives of the savages hiding behind the bogus religeon of so called islam!

    Peoples of france, england, germany, holland, finland, denmark and all europe
    Stand tall!!!

    Vote out the traitor goverments in your countries, join the ant jihad partys and also send money for support to all anti islam organisations to support our defence against the savages of islam.

    Islam = nazis


  10. This woman, beautiful, intelligent, brave woman is a hero!

    An example to us all, an inspiration for us to wke, take a stand and stsrt speaking aloud and warning everyone around us of what is going on right now in the totalitatian police state countries that have now developed in europe, who are trying to silence us and lead us quietly into the gas chambers and gulags, and allow our children, culture and the native peoples of western europe to be obliterated at the hands and knives of the savages hiding behind the bogus religeon of so called islam!

    Peoples of france, england, germany, holland, finland, denmark and all europe
    Stand tall!!!

    Vote out the traitor goverments in your countries, join the ant jihad partys and also send money for support to all anti islam organisations to support our defence against the savages of islam.

    Islam = nazis


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