Your Altar is Our Latrine

Vlad Tepes has a translated article from Gazzetta di Mantova about an incident of culturally enriched thievery that included additional activity that was far nastier than mere theft:

SERRAVALLE. First they gained entry to the rectory of Libiola and stole the money collected by the children of Grest, and then, still not happy, they entered the nearby church which, since last year’s earthquake, is a simple tensile structure made of plastic and defecated and urinated next to the altar. This was a contemptuous act of vandalism and sacrilege. The culprits were identified, because a woman saw them coming out of the tent. They were four boys of Moroccan origin, one resident in Serravalle, the others from Ostiglia and surroundings.

The incident happened on Thursday afternoon, but the parish priest, Father Eugenio Ferrari, has only yesterday made an official complaint to the police. That day the parish house of Libiola, inhabited by two nuns, was empty and locked because the sisters, along with the parish priest, had gone on a trip with the children of the Grest on a day trip to a mountain resort. Undisturbed, then, the criminals broke the lock of a back door and entered. They climbed upstairs and also forced the lock on the bedroom of the Sister Superior. In a bag in a drawer there were about eighty euro, the takings of the third week of Grest, plus a portion of the proceeds of a summer risotto organized by the group of children and parents. Having carried out the theft, the group was still not satisfied to leave. They wanted to leave their mark. A mark of vandalism, that because the place where it was made, also takes on the meaning of a provocation, a disgraceful affront.

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3 thoughts on “Your Altar is Our Latrine

  1. Now where are the hot-blooded, proud Italians when you need them? Seems the Latinos can certainly be temperamental when behind the controls of a cruise ship, or high-speed train… but where are they, when the followers of the Religion of Peace make a deliberate provocation? Are there any riots due over this incident, as there surely would be if an Italian did something like this in a Mosque?

    • I sometimes wonder what it would take for Whites to actually DO something about these despicable acts
      committed increasingly by the followers of the Paedo
      Prophet. What would it take ? I fully believe that most of us Whites would allow a gang of these retards to rape
      not just our young daughters, but also our mothers, right
      in front of us. Why are we like this?

      • Speak for yourself, sir. I know the men in my family would not act as you claim. Oh, wait. Maybe some of them wouldn’t be considered White (as you say, with a BIG ‘W’) by you.

        All you men should have your blood tested so we have certificates of your racial purity.


        • Are you trying to move the discussion off
          course and into the cul-de-sac called race?
          It is irrelevant to this issue, and by the way, who ever mentioned racial purity, except you, Madam?


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