Woolwich Walk: 10 Lapses of Liberty

Below is an analysis by the EDL writing team of the loss of liberty in Modern Multicultural Britain as exemplified by the arrest of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll on their way to Woolwich last weekend.

Woolwich Walk: 10 Lapses of Liberty
By the EDL Writing Team

Tommy Robinson once again became a prisoner of conscience last Saturday, this time for peacefully walking while being Tommy Robinson! He and EDL co-leader Kevin Carroll were walking across their country’s capital city to save the life of a child dying from cancer and NHS neglect. Both were held in custody for the rest of the day even though Mr Carroll was the victim of an assault. In a shameful spectacle the Metropolitan Police assumed the character of Saudi Arabia’s Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice and imposed sharia law on two non-Muslim British citizens on a charity walk in their own capital. This episode demonstrated ten clear lapses of liberty that are evident in modern Britain, which is now adopting the values of a pre-modern society:

1. No Freedom of Expression — You Can Say What You Like if it Supports the Regime

The hysteria that followed Tommy Robinson’s announcement of his charity walk was due to his voicing opinions that the political ‘elite’ disagree with. His views amounted to questioning government policy, which is an essential characteristic of a free society. It is the right of any British citizen to point out the failure of Government policy, yet those with power want to silence him. It seems likely that pressure had even been put on charities not to accept any money raised by Tommy. One may also wonder whether similar pressure was put on the grieving family of Lee Rigby. If the so-called leaders of our society disagree with what Tommy says, then why don’t they debate the issues with him in rational terms and without resorting to name calling? The reason is, of course, that they have no rational explanations, or at least none that would be seen to be in the interests of the country and its people.

2. No Freedom of Movement — Emergence of a Checkpoint Culture

The events on Saturday clearly illustrate that British citizens no longer have freedom of movement within their own country. Very tenuous reasons are invoked to justify authoritarian restrictions on movement. Britain is clearly on the path towards the development of a checkpoint culture.

3. ‘Cameron’s Comrades’ — UAF Botherboys

The organisation euphemistically called Unite Against Fascism (UAF) has stalked the EDL since its creation and brought violence to the latter’s otherwise peaceful events. According to the UAF website, current Prime Minister David Cameron was a signatory to the UAF’s founding statement. His apparent reluctance to disavow UAF suggests that he is a key supporter of this violent group of botherboys. Is UAF actually run via orders from Downing Street itself?

It will be interesting to find out whether those involved in the assault on Kevin prior to his and Tommy’s arrest were agents of Cameron’s street thug organisation. How can a sitting Prime Minister retain power while potentially commanding a street militia charged with attacking political opponents of the ruling regime? What sort of country has Britain now become? Indeed, was there collusion between these ‘Cameron’s Comrades’ and the Metropolitan Police?

4. Commissars In The Met — Political Policing

In the Soviet Union, political commissars were placed in the military to oversee commanders and ensure their ideological purity. The events on Saturday suggest the existence of something similar in the Metropolitan Police.

On Saturday, even with police all around the EDL leaders, a man was allowed to step forward and assault one of them. A police chief inspector, no less, was then immediately on hand to arrest the victims of the assault. Why did Tommy and Kevin have to be arrested by such a senior police officer? Was that officer a kind of commissar who was directed to make the arrest on political grounds? Surely a simple arrest, if fully justified, could have been carried out by an ordinary copper? Were the police who were around the EDL leaders allow the assault to take place because their mind was on politically motivated orders rather than their job?

Is there a system of accelerated promotion for university — or Common Purpose — graduates who are willing to toe the political line at the expense of natural justice? If so, it is a clear threat to the liberty of the people of the United Kingdom.

The recent revelations about the existence of smear squads in the Met that tried to demonise the family of Stephen Lawrence suggest the existence of a politically driven black-ops unit at the centre of its operations. It seemed quite readily on hand to do the Government’s dirty work on Saturday and harass two people who happened to oppose some government policies that are deemed legally beyond the realm of criticism. Is a Metropolitan Police smear squad now targeting key EDL leaders in the same way it targeted the Lawrence family?

Does the Met serve the public or the political elite and its ideology?

5. Failing Welfare State And Economic Mismanagement

There is a no more effective way of illustrating the incompetence of the political class than to point to the current economic malaise. This is obviously something to which the government does not want attention drawn. The Welfare State is used as a vehicle to control the masses. By pointing out the case of a girl who was sent home to die by the NHS the EDL was drawing attention to the welfare state’s empty coffers caused by economic incompetence of the political class. This is something that clearly couldn’t be tolerated! The message that a girl was dying because all the money had been spent propping up failed bankers would not go down well with the spin doctors.

6. Islamic Sovereignty

The implication of British Citizens being denied access to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is that the Government has effectively ceded sovereignty of that area. It seems that Islamic ‘community leaders’ now have the power to grant or bar access to their territory that legally speaking is part of the United Kingdom. It is time for the Government to be honest and admit if it is no longer able to control areas that it supposedly governs.

7. Sharia Law Enforced in the UK

Saturday’s arrest of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll demonstrates quite clearly that sharia law is now routinely enforced in the United Kingdom. Naturally, it is not called sharia, but if it quacks like a duck…. If someone criticises Islam then they are in violation of sharia law. If the police arrest someone because they have engaged in such criticism then they are quite clearly enforcing sharia law. If the courts punish people for this then they are doing the same. Pretending that someone is arrested or punished for something else is just an exercise in smoke and mirrors. They are arrested / punished because they have transgressed the strictures and superstitions of sharia law!

8. Legacy Media No Longer Protects Freedom

The Fourth Estate — the free press — has long been regarded as one of the guarantors of liberty. However, today it does not serve to keep the powerful on their toes, because it is the powerful who own it! Instead, it slavishly serves their interests and promotes their ideology. The EDL has been demonised by the legacy media since its foundation. The reporting on the arrest of Tommy and Kevin reflects this media bias. For instance, the video coverage presented after the event on the Sky News website studiously omitted the assault on Kevin. It focused on the arrest itself, presumably to put the EDL in the worst light possible. A free society cannot long endure if the media are corrupted in this way. Without an honest press liberty can be easily subverted. Common Purpose in the press, anyone?

9. Two Tier Policing

Tommy and Kevin were arrested on Saturday not because of what they did but because of who they are. Islamists by contrast are often not arrested and may get state funding in spite of what they do, because of who they are! This is not justice; this is subversion of the law, and strikes at the heart of the principle of equality before the law, and even the concept of the rule of law itself. This is clearly yet another lapse of liberty illustrated by Saturday’s events.

10. Walking While Being Tommy Robinson

It is quite clear that in early 21st century Britain if you are Tommy Robinson you have no rights. For you, legal contortionists are able to turn even the most basic action into a crime. If you walk down the wrong street, not only are you assaulted, you are criminalised. Walking while being Tommy Robinson is now regarded as one of the most heinous of crimes! Traditional rights and freedoms no longer exist for you. In the future anyone who ‘becomes a Tommy Robinson’ by questioning government policy will be treated in the same way — the precedent has been set and will be enforced again and again.

Our free society is in serious trouble. Goodbye traditional English liberty!

33 thoughts on “Woolwich Walk: 10 Lapses of Liberty

  1. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
    John F. Kennedy.

    • Yes Seneca, an old saying……..for an old and tired quandry……

      So I ask……as I have before……and will again…….

      When will we realize that we are far past the point of no return……..putting aside farcical delusion and the fanciful notions of the oft mocked and ridiculed British doormat to a sawed-off mass murdering Austrian corporal…….when will we realize that, as I have said, many times as have others…….this conflict will come to blood…….blood is the only currency of recongnized worth in the future transaction to wrest us, all of us, from the madness we now endure……..

      To that end…….and the resolution which, ignored, is inevitable if we are to once again call ourselves civilized……I am reminded of the words of Marcus Aurelius…..yet another gem from “Meditations”…

      “Think of your many years of procrastination; how the gods have repeatedly granted you further periods of grace, of which you have taken no advantage. It is time now to realize the nature of the universe to which you belong, and of that controlling Power whose offspring you are; and to understand that your time has a limit set to it. Use it, then, to advance your enlightenment; or it will be gone, and never in your power again.”

      -Marcus Aurelius
      Warrior, Emperor, Statesman, Orator, Writer, Philosopher

      In closing………posed as rhetorical pondering……..how long will we procrastinate?……how long until we can no longer stand the sting of accusatory stare rendered by our women as they grow hotly outraged at our dwindling manhood and poverty of courage?……..how long will we provide our children with colourful examples of wretched cowardice and bootlicking capitulation?……how long will we procrastinate?

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

      • In answer to your many demanding questions, Don, I simply don’t know. I, perhaps like you, am angry, frustrated and, to be honest, quite horrified by the cultural and moral suicide to which we in the West are committing ourselves so meekly in the face of the now brutally enforced pipe dream of ‘multiculturism’.

        Yet, if we take time to look at it from a rational perspective, there is actually no ‘multi’ involved, it is and is intended to be ‘uni’, and that ‘uni’ is not of us or ours and if it prevails it will mean that, simply put, we as a people and a culture will cease to exist. It really is that simple.

        However the tides of human affairs do have both a rhythm and a demanding necessity of their own and, as always, these tides and rhythms demand a substantial butcher’s bill to be paid by the survivors (or victors, if you will).

        So, if we are prepared to pay that bill, then we will sustain; if we are not prepared to pay then history, as always written by the victors, will remember us as most deserving of the fate visited upon us.

        Rgds, S III.;

        • Agreed Seneca……..agreed……..

          Forgive me as I wax poetic……..

          Let us, then, look to those among us for whom the smearing of the excrement of Islamic totalitarian fascism is simply intolerable……and who……when called…..will rise to the occasion…….who, as echoes of greater men than all of us, will pick up weapons and, walking in the footsteps of those great men, will stand a post and honour the gifts given us all from failing hands………

          (From Teddy Roosevelt’s speech at Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910…..called “The Man In The Arena”……the complete text found here….


          and a brilliant read it is……the echoes of greater men………)

          “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

          -Theodore Roosevelt
          Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910

          Then a few words from my good friend and Victorian Poet Laureate……..Alfred Lord Tennyson…..a few selected lines from “Ulysses”

          “Much have I seen and known; cities of men, And manners, climates, councils, governments, Myself not least, but honoured of them all; And drunk delight of battle with my peers, Far on the ringing plains of windy Troy. I am a part of all that I have met; Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades for ever and forever when I move.

          How dull it is to pause, to make an end, to rust unburnished, not to shine in use! As though to breathe were life. Life piled on life.

          Though much is taken, much abides; and though we are not now that strength which in old days moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

          “Ulysses” (excerpts from….)
          -Alfred Lord Tennyson

          The echoes of greater men Seneca……….

          Regards, Don Laird
          Dogtown Bastard
          Alberta, Canada

  2. I have just read a comment suggesting that the Christian response to the murder of Lee Riby should be a search for reconciliation with muslims. Gone are the days of muscular Christianity but we should be grateful that our new Archbishop of Canterbury has gone to North Africa and the Middle East to find out about the plight of Christians, in what until the 7th century were wholly Christian countries, faced with persecution and even murder. I haven’t yet heard how he has been getting on.

    It would be interesting to hear whether Lee Rigby’s murderers viewed him as a Christian. Even in post-Christian Britain Islam still sees Europe as the Christian West.
    If we are ever allowed to learn of his funeral then, if he is laid to rest with full military honours, it will undoubtedly be a church funeral.

    Even a clergyman admitted to me that Mr Cameron plays the Christian country card when he feels the need to garner support in the Anglican shire counties; but that is merely a vote gaining exercise. I wonder whether any others saw the programme last night about the docklands of London and the old East End. A Jewish lady thought the arrival of Asians to replace the Jews was just another part of the East End’s story and a wonderful enriching experience. She forgets that the only foreign intake before the arrival of the Jews from Eastern Europe about 100 years ago were the protestant Huguenots from France who were small in number, as indeed the Jews have been, there are only half of million in a British population of 62m. The Jews are already outnumbered eightfold by muslims here. I believe she was filmed in the 1970s or 80s. I wonder what her view of Tower Hamlets would be if she were to wander down there today, especially wearing a star of David.

    • At least 50% of attacks on jews in London are carried out by muslims/arabs.


      Muslim organisations, the BBC and the jewish organisations all conspire to cover this up. Muslims are a minority of the population of London (around 12%). Yet all the BBC and the CST is interested in doing, is stoking the narrative of the bogeyman of the white Nazi.

    • I’ve got Jewish roots in Soho. Tailors and Cobblers. I’m also part Hugenot and Norman.

      I think that the Jews around London in the political and judicial classes have been lousy to the ordinary Briton with the promotion of the Multicult, and deeply paranoid that the English will at some point turn on them as the Germans did. All the peasants in Europe must look the same to ’em eh? Blond beasts ready to kill.

      Maybe the influx of Pakistanis and Subsaharans has something to do with the desire to open up Britain to the multiracial norm of globalization. Poor old Tommy thinks the people who run Britain have a heartfelt love of being British.

  3. In my country – the Netherlands- the ruling class turned to violent speeches when an eloquent politician told them what was wrong and started the debate. The result was: the murder of mr.Pim Fortuyn by one of their henchman/voters. They were sort of begging the public to turn violent against mr.Fortuyn ( calling mr Fortuyn a nazi! Who doesnot want to eliminate a nazi?)

    These people dont play on the same field as we do. If they can’t win the debate? They turn to violence and eventually murder.

    I dont wanne play games with cheats. Not no more.

    • “These people dont play on the same field as we do. If they can’t win the debate? They turn to violence and eventually murder.”

      And, Anonymous, what then should we do, roll on our backs, offer them our entrails for the taking and accept our fate?

      Or otherwise?

      S. III.

      • My dear Seneca,

        Otherwise. The least we can do is ignore their laws. We should no longer seek the debate with them until a direct democracy is in place.

        • I agree, but I suspect that ignoring their laws will not be enough unless a significant percentile of the body politic actively does so.

          The power of the State, exercised through the iron fists of the vast Police/Judicial/Civil Service Executive that is dependent upon that very same State for its livelihood, will crush and scatter any small assemblies of protestors just as they are doing to the EDL.

          We are not just facing an ideologically corrupt, avaricious collection of self-serving ‘Politicals’ and their international plutocrat allies, all of whom feel themselves immune from the consequences of their actions, but an army of jobsworths who are desperately dependent upon the status quo, are determined to maintain it and who have been established for that very purpose.

          Rgds, S III.

          • I hear you Seneca! I hear you loud and clear.

            Ceterum censeo EUSSR(to begin with the worst State and lets see where it takes us from that point) esse delendam 😉

  4. “How can a sitting Prime Minister retain power while potentially commanding a street militia charged with attacking political opponents of the ruling regime? ”

    ask Hitler, UAF are Cameron’s brown shirts.

  5. There can be NO DOUBT at all. Both the UK and the US are now totalitarian states (and so for that matter are all countries in Europe, with the possible exception of Italy. Italy does not recognise Islam as a “religion” – they are correct and good on them. )

    The US even refused the right of a plaintiff to mention the First Amendment and “freedom of speech” in a court case there recently – see here –

    Do you want to know how BAD it really is in the UK?
    Who signs off all of the laws there? The Queen.
    That means that there is **royal assent** to every single unjust law passed in the UK. In other words, the problem goes *right to the top* – right to the royal family themselves.

    The US Declaration of Independence *does* say this –
    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles….. ”

    It could be **very well argued** that the removal of the current government in the UK (on the above grounds) would be a “RESTORATION of the state” which has LONG been corrupted and has BETRAYED the people of the UK.

    • I agree, and the sooner, the better.

      The current so-called “government” of the UK is COMPLETELY corrupted and has completely betrayed those whom it purports to represent.
      They have completely sold-out to Islam.

  6. That sour dour puss who told Tommy he was under arrest for obstructing the filth was just the woman for the job. In the circumstances of the encounter the normal context for such a charge would have been the filth were attempting to arrest the UAF person who struck Kevin and Tommy interfered to prevent them from doing so. Here the filth were refusing to arrest the UAF person and Tommy was interfering with that refusal, hence the charge. It is just absurd, but does make the working class moniker for the constabulary ever more appropriate.

  7. I am ”Tommy Robinson’ now too…Like his ancestor Tommy Atkins there will be a ”Dunkirk” moment. Everybody in my congregation and in every other Church I know connected with traditional Christianity is increasingly angry- very angry with the shocking treatment of Christianity in the UK and across the Middle East. Today I become a Bishop in the Old Catholic Church- a worldwide movement and still part of Rome, whose Bishop is our supreme Pontiff. Many of us are not prepared to sit back and ”turn the other cheek” any longer. There are despicable ”Christians” that ”dialogue” with Islam. One cannot ”dialogue” with evil and a pagan faith to boot.

    We have had this Islamist stuff shoved down our throats and all the rest of this ”liberal” agenda like ”gay marriage” that does not even exist. Despite everything the Mother Church is 2000 years old. It has its weak PC branches but I assure you the trunk and branches remain intact. Nobody ever mentions this but they are still there.
    Timeless and strong…

    The Establishment have taken us on. So be it.

    The Church will still be here in another 2000 years time. (And) we will continue to speak out against this abomination. They can abuse us, harm us and worse. However, our teachings include like the false Prophet’s the concept of martyrdom- not in the disgusting manner of the pagan Saracens and their US/ UK Iqwan paymasters but in the same terms as those that suffered persecution and prosecution since the days of Rome. Do not underestimate us… We will if necessary go to our deaths if required to make our point, that evil, even Common Purpose and Islamic evil will never prevail against the Word of the Son of God…

    When the state arrest clergy as they will, then you know where we all are in political terms, just as those older Christians knew when arrested in the past in similar regimes…Cameron and Co- You started this and now even the Church- or at least that part of it still worthy of the name is your foe too. I promise you we will never surrender, no matter what you do to us but by our example, people will know that you can be stood up to and defeated, as all such arrogant politicians and elites have been in the past.

    • I suggest you go one step further and join President Putin in the Orthodox Church. He has just signed into law a bill forbidding adoption or fostering by gay couples on the grounds that it harms children psychologically not to have one parent of each sex, this is according to research. Strange how Russia is becoming arch-conservative whilst the West is drowning under cultural Marxism. Of course Russia always was pretty conservative, it was not the peasants who wanted the demise of the Little Father of All the Russias. It was those whom the Tsar had made very angry and bent on revenge. Much of what happened to Russia in 1917 came, as the Zagorsk Prophecy said, from outside Russia and had nothing to do with the Russian soul.

      Meanwhile here in England things are becoming more surreal with every passing moment. I think I have already informed you that the BBC has now relegated Songs of Praise, a sort of favourite hymn programme, to 6 30 am in the morning. Songs of Praise was a favourite of the elderly who were probably housebound and had no way of getting to church. They will probably miss out on the programme from now on and then the BBC will say that the programme gets such low ratings that they might as well ditch it. The Marxist anti-Christian BBC just hate European Christendom, what is left of it.

      However, Channel 4, which is perhaps even more Marxist and pro-multiculturalism than the BBC is to make up for the loss of Songs of Praise by broadcasting the Call to Prayer during Ramadan. Yes, my American friends, you probably always thought that some of the English were a bit dotty but here is proof that some are plain barking mad and just don’t realise that when the day comes, they will be swept away with the rest of us. But just remember the Good Samaritan and keep praying for that much needed reconciliation with our new kid on the block over the death of Lee Rigby. By the way, did you know there is now a charity here set up to help our soldiers who when they leave the army are left on the streets to fester, or possibly get beaten up by adherents of the Religion of Peace. See what I mean about surreal?

  8. 1. No Freedom of Expression — You Can Say What You Like if it Supports the Regime of Baron.

    Truth and Facts only are taken into account as far Baron wishes this …… when truth even can overcome misery and stop guilt building processes, if Baron does not wish this its censored by him.

    • EDL should make and sell I am Tommy Robinson T-shirts. I would buy one, and I live in Canada.

      • Even better, Tommy R white masks so the filth can’t recognise anybody. That will really wind up this situation. Well, if Moslems can hide their identities by wearing a full body and face covering,
        why can’t we ?

  9. It is almost certainly the case that the man who assaulted Kevin Carroll was an agent provocateur. Before the actual assault it will be seen that the perpetrator was allowed to close to within physical striking distance of the duo, the police must have noticed this in time but did nothing. Democracy does not seem to apply in the UK. What the end result of these piecemeal attacks on citizens’ rights will be is anybody’s guess, it will not be favourable, and that’s for sure! However, the reaction of the British public thus far is apathetic to say the least.

  10. The British government has gotten itself into a very precarious and increasingly intractable position. The actions it has taken of recent are revelations of this fact.

    On one hand, the issue and now problem of the presence of a large Islamic population with differing customs and an alien world-view must be gingerly handled so as to prevent riots and insurrections. The government has gone to great lengths to appease its growing Muslim population which it also fears.

    On the other hand, the British government fears, above all else, the uprising of the indigenous British people. This would be a nightmare of biblical proportions that must be kept under strict control. Tommy Robinson and the EDL symbolise the reality of this possibility to them.

    The influence provided by a Leftist Media, crowd control from police forces, and smaller Leftist organisations like the UAF to keep pressure on those who would dare to resist their own demographic replacement, are all tools being used by the current government to keep the people ignorant and as docile as possible.

    This condition cannot last indefinitely. The government will eventually have to choose sides or will be run over by one of them.

    Long live the British people! My hopes are with them.

    • Sadly, if the British do finally rebel it will probably be left to the working classes. The middle classes, once it kicks off, will fly off to their second homes in France – they are probably Liberal Democrat voters who think multiculturalism is just too too lovely and will have woken up finally to the grim reality that has been inflicted chiefly on the British working class. The real people behind it all, the plutocratic elites and the politicians will be off to overseas tax havens, like Monte Carlo where the infamous Fred Goodwin of the Royal Bank of Scotland is holding out, or in the Carribean. Fortunately, it will probably all happen in London and Birmingham and the textile manufacturing towns of the north of England so I should be ok here. Anyhow, I have got plenty of hills to hide out in.
      When the above have flown the nest then the richest people here will probably be Asians of every hue who may then just choose to go back to the Sub-continent faced with another French Revolution. If the working classes are then in charge then we might hopefully get our manufacturing industry back which the City boys sold off overseas.

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  12. The French might be the biggest suprise in this whole mess. The Manif pour Tous is a popular movement that has turned out thousands, maybe even millions, of French, to protest the Socialist government. I’m suprised more on the Manif hasn’t been published here.

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