6 thoughts on “We Will Set You on Fire!

  1. It looks like we (The Christian west) are getting the blame for Morsi’s downfall.I have not seen one comment from any western leader that has justified the “coup”.
    As usual we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

  2. How easily do threats of violence erupt from the mouths of these faithful ones: the zebiba-marked man resorts to the default Muslim position—blame someone else for forcing you to violence, while the “religious Egyptian lady” sees no conflict between her calls to set Christians on fire and the faith that her black shroud epitomizes. Exhortations to bloody violence without a second thought—how Islamic.

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  4. Fascinating. Al-Sisi is a Muslim, hence the struggle ought to be Muslim versus Muslim, yet the crazy Muslim lady in the video threatens to burn Christians to death. Go figure. It would be nice to have someone explain the weird dynamics.

    Are the Christians “evil” to the Muslim masses like this lady because they want a secular “diversity”-type culture?

  5. Ah dinna think that ugly [weasel] wie the beard should be playing wi matches, eh?

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