“We Can Attack Christians…”

“…but we cannot attack a Muslim brother.”

That’s a very interesting admission by the culturally enriched mother interviewed in this news report.

As we reported last night, “youths” in the town of Trappes went on a rampage on Friday night. The violence continued last night, and also spread to other enriched areas in the glorious rainbow utopia that is Modern Multicultural France.

Many thanks to Bear for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this news video from French TV:


00:00   …have disturbed the night in this city. The police station was placed under
00:04   very high surveillance since the violence of last night, with 30
00:08   trucks from CRS (Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité). We will
00:12   find on location our special envoy, Stéphanie Zenati. Stéphanie…
00:16   Hi, at this time this morning, has
00:20   the situation has improved?
00:24   Yes, listen, at the moment really it’s a return to calm here that we can
00:28   notice, despite the fact that we were told the night was particularly violent
00:32   once again here in Trappes, notably with these 50 individuals.
00:36   50 persons that showed up to stone the police, to stone the police station right where we are,
00:40   with thrown pieces of mortar, despite as you see behind me the security measures. Missiles
00:44   remained very important here. The police contingents
00:48   told us about 10 vehicles that were burned, many garbage cans set on fire,
00:52   mainly about this pursuit of a car that had refused
00:56   to stop and ran into the
01:00   CRS, and was chased by a helicopter and escaped the helicopter
01:04   by passing through a tunnel. This morning we talk of four arrests,
01:08   but there were no injuries, and this morning there is effectively a return to calm.
01:12   There is something new if we can call it that.
01:16   Stéphanie Zenati, it no longer concerns just Trappes, but other cities were
01:20   affected tonight.
01:24   Yes indeed, the phenomenon has spread, which is what the police forces were concerned about.
01:28   Yesterday since we were able to observe many
01:32   incidents in Veriere, Guillancourt or at Ellancourt,
01:36   with, as an example, cars that were set on fire parked at Ellancourt.
01:40   In front of the police station the back of a police car that was
01:44   set on fire. We have also seen burned cars but the police officers
01:48   explained that for a while that they had been feeling this climate of tension since the
01:52   14th of July, which makes them say that these burned parked cars
01:56   have nothing to do with the arrest Thursday night,
02:00   with this man who started this night of violence in Trappes between
02:04   Friday and Saturday. Thank you very much, Stéphanie Zenati live from Trappes, we will
02:08   check with you all through the morning with Mathieu Robert and
02:12   Vincent Bonnet, our teams on site at the origin of these protests in Trappes, anyway,
02:18   these about a 21-year-old man who opposed an ID check
02:22   on his wife, who was wearing a burka. Yesterday this man was released from custody
02:26   and placed on probation. And there are two conflicting versions:
02:30   there is that of the police stating that the man hit the police officer that even tried
02:34   to strangle him; then there is the version of the couple; the wife…
02:38   in fact presented her version on an internet site: “As usual,” she says,
02:42   “I cooperated. I was going to raise my veil when
02:46   I saw one of the agents violently push my mother.” Her mother, who we have..
02:50   been able to meet. Listen to her statement here.
02:54   All the brothers that are at the mosque, they are with us. The police told them to get out.
02:58   They closed the police station to them. They were all outside. (???)
03:02   After they came back, they came back to,
03:06   to do, to do everything they did. But we are innocent; we don’t know…
03:10   we did not know what they were going to do. You know between brothers,
03:14   between Muslims, it does not happen this way normally. We can attack others. We can
03:18   attack Christians, but we cannot attack a Muslim brother.
03:23   And the politics continue around this violence. In Marseille
03:27   yesterday the minister of the interior Manuel Valse declared his
03:31   support for the police forces. Marine Le Pen speaks of “communautarisme”
03:35   exacerbated by mass immigration, other reactions…
03:41   Those who do not want to respect our laws have no obligation to remain in France…

5 thoughts on ““We Can Attack Christians…”

  1. When did the French- and the rest of Europe- forget the lesson of Charles Martel?

    Or Jan Sobieski?

    • History lessons at school were obligatory, I think maybe
      twice a week. Not even on a single occasion was Islam’s
      wars or slave-raiding EVER mentioned. We never were
      taught about Martel, or Sobieski’s defeat of the Moslems at the gates of Vienna.

  2. The French reporters all doing this with a straight face as if they were giving an agriculture report on barley prices.

    “Yes 1,700 cars burned, police attacked and 7 Christians stabbed to death and now for the weather”.

  3. Westerner: “Those who do not want to respect our laws have no obligation to remain in France….”

    Muslim: “Those who do not want to respect our SHARIA laws have no obligation to remain in France….”

    P.S. Our Choomer-in-Chief must be SO p*ssed to see the riots in France instead of the USA. You just know that he is saying to himself – and the State Department, “I just gotta get me some more of those ‘civil rights loving’ Muslims over here ASAP – you know, to honor Trayvon Martin.”

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