Waking up the English Middle Class

The Blog of The Re-Enlightenment has published an excellent article entitled “Middle England must listen to Tommy Robinson” about the EDL and the necessity for the English middle class to wake up to the dangers of Islamic supremacism.

One of the difficulties in building a broad-based British political movement to resist Islamization is the reluctance (or should I say obstinacy?) of middle-class Britons to have anything to do with a phenomenon that is spearheaded by the working class.

We can only hope that this article is a bellwether of things to come. The author is a self-described “privately educated, second generation immigrant, middle class lawyer who lives in a big house with a small mortgage”.

Below are some excerpts from a much longer piece:

I wrote a post last week called “Time to be honest about the English Defence League”, in which I expressed some frank views about the EDL and its leader Tommy Robinson, and since then I’ve been regretting it. Not because I was too honest but because I wasn’t honest enough.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about everything more carefully and I’ve watched a number of clips of Robinson on YouTube. In short I’ve been completely blown away by his bravery, his commitment, his intelligence and his integrity. I really think it’s about time everyone started taking him seriously for what he is, which is a political activist of the highest calibre.

There are dozens of things on the internet but these are the ones I watched. I really hope you commit some of your time to watching them (the second one is audio only). If you don’t then I can’t see how you can dismiss Robinson so lightly.

Robinson is completely committed to defeating Islamism. We all know he has a dodgy past but that’s nothing unique amongst the general population and it’s certainly nothing unique amongst political activists. His past doesn’t disqualify him from speaking out against Islamism and it doesn’t make his opinions any less valid.

We forget that taking part in an institutional system of rules-based theft is no disqualification to sitting in either of our legislative chambers, or that being violent in a Houses of Parliament bar (twice) merely makes an elected public official an eccentric character, or that committing criminal damage as an undergraduate at Oxford University provided you’re wearing a nice suit and you’ve had the finest education money can buy, and smoking cannabis at Eton College, is no disqualification to becoming prime minister of the United Kingdom. Yet criminal convictions are an automatic bar to disapproving of ruthless, totalitarian ideologies.

Robinson’s real crimes are not actual crimes, though. I can’t stand class-based victim narratives but even I have to conclude Robinson has committed the ultimate crime of being a working class white lad and expecting to have an opinion on Islamism, which will be the defining issue of the century people reading this blog post will die in. I dismissed Robinson because of his background and because of the EDL’s image. I should have known better than to be such a snob.

Do we not believe people can change? We welcome with open arms reformed Muslim extremists like the brilliant Maajid Nawaz of the Quilliam Foundation precisely because we believe people can change, but we refuse to let Robinson escape his past — and Robinson can hardly be called a former “extremist” anyway.

At this point you might expect the self-appointed champion of the working classes Owen Jones to chime in with his Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class thesis, but don’t hold your breath. That’s because you can’t possibly apply that narrative to a white working class lad from Luton who wants to talk about Islamism. Robinson has repaid his debts to society and as far as I can see he’s now amassing a gigantic credit account.

In case you’re wondering whether Luton is significant or insignificant, it’s significant: it’s where the four 7/7 bombers started their rail journey into London. Oh you do remember 7/7, don’t you? I do because I got the Tube to work that day. I was sitting at my desk, probably surfing the internet or pretending to look busy when I heard a massive bang. That bang was the sound of my fellow Londoners being murdered in Russell Square.


Here’s something you might not know about Robinson: because of the numerous death threats against him and his family he was offered a new identity and a new location by the state. He refused. If that doesn’t represent moral and physical courage of the highest possible order then someone can tell me what does. He refuses to leave his home town through intimidation.

The death threats aren’t a figment of his imagination: he has been given a number of “Osman warnings”, which are warnings of a death threat or high risk of murder that are issued by the police. And a few weeks ago six jihadis were sentenced to over 100 years in total for plotting to bomb an EDL rally.

In his videos I’ve seen in Robinson a greater understanding and commitment to our fundamental civil liberties than I’ve detected amongst 99% of the lawyers I’ve worked with in my career. Robinson is warning everyone of the storm that’s already here and yet people refuse to listen to him through a combination of snobbery and a fear of being associated with this country’s Great Unwashed Underclass.

Yes, the EDL has an image problem and so does Robinson. So what? Are we hoping Islamism will be defeated by a perfectly manicured group of PPE students with Double Firsts from Oxford whose highest calling in life is to become a faceless Special Advisor in the Ministry of Lies?

There isn’t a huge field of candidates willing to speak out against the backward ideology that is Islamism because the consequences are so severe. We’re not just talking about physical danger from Islamists; we’re also talking about the perpetual slurs from their apologists and also the instinctive assumption from everyone else that anyone who’s white (and especially working class) can’t possibly be approaching this from anything other than a racist and hateful angle. You really can’t be too picky when looking for people to defeat Islamism. You pretty much have to take who you get. We’re lucky to have anyone, let alone someone as good as Robinson.


In one of his videos Robinson said he was hoping Middle England would follow. Well I’m a privately educated, second generation immigrant, middle class lawyer who lives in a big house with a small mortgage. If I’m not Middle England then Anjem Choudary is a moderate. I don’t agree with everything Robinson says but his message has got through to me. Has it got through to you? If it hasn’t then why? Is it because you think Robinson is a racist? On what basis? Is it because you don’t trust white working class lads? Or is it because you simply haven’t bothered listening to a word he’s been saying because you’ve already been told a hundred times how terrible he is? It’s time to think for yourself for a change.

People need to grow up and they need to listen to Robinson. Just watch some of those links. Robinson is living with death threats. The least you can do is watch a few YouTube clips in safety.

To many people Robinson is evil personified whereas the likes of Anjem Choudary have almost become harmless pantomime villains (boo, hiss, he’s behind you, etc). People are more scared of Robinson and the EDL than they are of Choudary and Islamism. This is absurd. One of these men is committed to non-violence and preserving our fundamental civil liberties and the other is committed to toppling democracy and replacing it with Sharia. Go figure.

If you still feel uncomfortable supporting the EDL or Tommy Robinson then how about at least resisting the impulse to dismiss them as far-right racist thugs? At least just stay silent. Don’t add to Robinson’s problems because he has enough already. I’m just an anonymous keyboard warrior sitting behind an old, shitty laptop which has a power problem but at least I’m doing something. What are you doing? Are you making things better, are you leaving them the same or are you making things even worse by demonizing Robinson for no real reason other than because everyone around you is doing the same?

It’s so easy to be a snob. I know because I am one. The EDL are in the main a bunch of white working class lads who like football. It’s perfectly fair to say grammar and spelling are not their strong suits. These are crimes of the century, obviously, and yet another reason why they’re not allowed a view on Islamism.


The scale of the task Robinson has taken on was well demonstrated in the BBC3 link above. It was basically a drowning Robinson versus a whole TV studio audience and panel. He kept asking people why they were calling him a racist and a bigot and no-one could provide a convincing answer. He explained that he and his family had received numerous death threats, to which the former Apprentice contestant Saira Khan replied, “well stop being a racist and a bigot then!” Cue delirious laughter and applause from smug metropolitan wankers who probably think Freedom is a brand of sanitary towels or the latest boy band.

The reaction to Khan’s response is deeply troubling on a number of levels. Firstly, no-one could explain to Robinson why he was a racist or a bigot in the first place; they just assumed he was. Secondly, since when has being a racist or a bigot justified a death sentence in the United Kingdom anyway, morally or legally? And thirdly, notice the not-so-subtle shift of culpability from perpetrator to victim here. This, ladies and gentleman, is Sharia and Islamism in one easy nutshell. Don’t want death threats? Well don’t criticise Islam then. Don’t want to get raped? Well cover up then. Don’t want to be executed for apostasy? Well don’t leave Islam then.

It’s simple really. As long as you do absolutely everything Islam demands and you never criticise it then you’ll be…well you won’t be safe but you will buy yourself some time while Islamists concentrate on more troublesome opponents. If you’re lucky you might just buy yourself enough time for a nice little life. As for your kids, who knows. Who cares. That’s their problem. Robinson readily admits he’s terrified about what Islamism has in store for his children. Aren’t you?

I highly recommend reading the whole thing at the The Blog of The Re-Enlightenment.

Hat tip: ICLA.

14 thoughts on “Waking up the English Middle Class

  1. Dancing round the maypole and morris dancing are integral to English culture as well. They are part of our North European Anglo-Saxon/Norse heritage and are much the same in Scandinavia as well, the use of the maypole from Norse mythology and a gentle, harmless type of folk dancing. They underline the gentle nature of England and its culture and the same sort of gentle culture in other countries around the North Sea.
    Unfortunately, perhaps those countries were just a bit too gentle and tolerant for their own good and that is why the countries around the North Sea have been swamped by multiculturalism by the Left and others and are in such a mess. Can you imagine the reaction if India, Pakistan, Black Africa, China or Japan had they been swamped by multiculturalism? A bit more violent I would guess.

    The English people are not stupid but like their cousins overseas are polite and patient by nature whilst deep down possessing the ability to react with great violence once they are finally cornered. They agreed with Enoch Powell but that scion of the One World New World Order who, some believe, rewarded him financially, Edward Heath, cast him into the outer political darkness. The English, faced with a similar fate if they spoke up, put their heads down and bided their time. They had no other option. When Powell spoke it was still early days. The English knew that it would come to this but what choice did they have? Now we face the prospect of being a minority in our own country within a few decades, if not in mine then in the lifetime of my children. The recent census showed that only 80% are now white British. Since mass immigration has chiefly affected England the figure for us is probably 75% i.e. one in four of the population are no longer ethnic English, a frightening figure. We are now like a caged lion trying to burst free of the confines to which the New World Order of the plutocratic elites and the Marxist left have condemned us. We have nowhere left to run to. This must surely be the moment when our backs are against the wall. But this is how we were in 1940. The tension in England today is unbearable. And yet what are our bunch of corrupt self-serving politicians doing today; engaging in the usual name-calling, mud-slinging and slanging-match, this time over party funding. We are not listening, we don’t care, you have destroyed our country. We want revenge. As Cromwell said when he dismissed the rump parliament; “In the name of God go” and leave us to sort out the mess that you have created for your own stupid ideological aims, which nobody shares with you, or to line your greasy pockets with silver.

  2. The middle classes here have been engaged in white flight for 60 years. BBC employees whilst espousing multiculturalism and forcing it on the working classes lived in a wholly white part of Hammersmith.

    But now they have nowhere else to run bar fleeing abroad. Even Scotland’s cities are now being taken over by the New Britons. If they flee to France or elsewhere on the Continent then they know they are going to another multicultural disaster area on the verge of upheaval. The same now goes for America and the Old Commonwealth. Except for Eastern Europe there will soon be no white countries left, thanks to the International Socialists and their globalizing plutocratic backers. The latters’ economic rape of the world has meant that the working classes and the middle classes in Britain are now coalescing as the new urban poor, the great unwashed. Time for the middle classes to admit that the working classes were right – after all it was the dockers who marched for Enoch Powell – whilst his own class kept mum. Either they coalesce on this as well or they just abandon the country to the New Britons.

  3. Sorry that first comment should have been under Paul Weston’s piece filmed outside Salisbury Cathedral in case anybody is a bit puzzled.

  4. Hello there……..its me again……….Don Laird…………

    It has always been the few that pave the way for the many……it always has been and always will be. To state otherwise is to deny human nature and the frailty of the human condition.

    This said, it speaks of outrage, grievous injury and righteous indignation, whilst casting one’s life and the sum total of ones worth into the arena of champions and patriots, to look over ones shoulder and find the duplicitous, the faint of heart, the cowards, the indecisive, the reformed treasonous and treacherous and legions of hypocrites, all standing on one’s coattails all whilst trying to save a nation from those lunatics who smear the excrement of 7th century barbarism on that which birthed and nourished all those coattail riders.

    But these are the few…..this is their lot…….and these are the paths they trod and the paths they now tread……these are the men and women who are the quintessential example of what we all can be, what we all need to be in order to wrest the fate of Western Civilization from the hands of barbarians and the gut wrenchingly treasonous.

    I am reminded of the penultimate paragraph of James Fenimore Cooper’s classic, “The Deerslayer”……….he writes……

    “We live in a world of transgressions and selfishness, and no pictures that represent us otherwise can be true; though happily for human nature, gleamings of that pure spirit in whose likeness man has been fashioned are to be seen, relieving its deformities, and mitigating, if not excusing its crimes. ”

    Flammen and Citronen are two of those gleamings.

    Alexsander Solzhenitsyn is one of those gleamings.

    Jean Moulin is one of those gleamings.

    Violette Bushell Szabo is one of those gleamings.

    Abba Kovner is one of those gleamings.

    These are the gleamings of who we can be and of who we should be…….these are the gleamings of that which forms the crucible from which is wrought a guard that stand in defiance of those who would do them and all they hold dear, harm……..these are the gleamings that, purposefully ignorant of all costs, clench their fists, grit their teeth and, turning into the wind to face the storm…..spit in the face of their enemies.

    It seems Tommy Robinson has chosen a gleaming path and as such there are those who, long since gone, a small but very exclusive collection of guardians, are given cause to look over their shoulders from points providential and say……..”here comes another, watch over him and in his hour of greatest need, whisper in his ear and tell him that he has chosen well and that history and his generations hence will speak well of him and honour him”.

    While I speak not ill of martyrs and of those who leave this life with the inimitable grace of Perpetua……..Tommy Robinson has chosen not to spend his life and what remains of it, on his knees, living a life of quiet desperation, living a life of abject degradation and humiliation, his throat laid bare to animals, the filthy bootheel of islamism on his neck…….Tommy Robinson has taken a leadership role…….and he has told his people..”do as I do….follow me”


    I wish Tommy Robinson and all those who love him and those he loves……I wish them all very well. I wish them good health, I wish them good fortune and I wish them all a seat at the head of the table of a new England. I wish all the members of the English Defence League well…..Godspeed to each and every one.

    As for the remainder of the citizens of England, I hope that they will chose not the path of those “that slumber by a slowly dying fire”

    I close with the words of of my very good friend, Victorian poet laureate, Alfred Lord Tennyson:

    Slowly comes a hungry people, as a lion, creeping nigher,
    Glares at one that nods and winks behind a slowly-dying fire. ”

    -Locksley Hall
    Alfred Lord Tennyson.

    Regards Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    • “I wish Tommy Robinson and all those who love him and those he loves……I wish them all very well. I wish them good health, I wish them good fortune and I wish them all a seat at the head of the table of a new England. I wish all the members of the English Defence League well…..Godspeed to each and every one.”

      Godspeed? Wheres they be going? I want them coming, not leaving.

  5. Can’t these half-educated wazzocks see that THEY’RE behaving in the very way they say the ‘white working class’ do? Shouting and yelling in mobs, condemning whole groups of people because of their own prejudices, etc …

    It’s about time we stopped pussyfooting around them and started labelling THEM for what they are – intolerant, racist bigots.

  6. “One of the difficulties in building a broad-based British political movement to resist Islamization is the reluctance (or should I say obstinacy?) of middle-class Britons to have anything to do with a phenomenon that is spearheaded by the working class.” Reluctance, obstinacy, or cowardice. The argument that working class leadership puts them off is off the mark. If they don’t want to listen to Tommy Robinson they could just as easily listen to Paul Weston, or Pat Condell if they want a laugh. But they don’t want to listen to any of them because they are afraid to confront the terrible reality that is modern day Britain – so they switch on the telly instead.

  7. You should pass on your “born again” views regarding Robinson to Melanie Philips who wrote a follow-up column regarding the response to her Spencer/Geller column. She apparently thinks the UK is no longer subject to class prejudice (how would she know, she is not on the bottom) and went to great lengths to comment on Robinson’s criminal record, which is nothing particularly outstanding. Someone should remind her that other notable activists who spent time in British Commonwealth prisons for pissing off the elites include Mahatma Ghandi, Jomo Kenyatta and Nelson Mandela for pissing off the elites, all of whom became the “fathers” of their countries.

    • The British class structure, a bridge too far for Melanie Phillips to cross unfortunately for Melanie, there are several bridges to traverse the last being the biggest attack on the class sensibilities and that is the rapprochement with the indiginous underclass.

      Melanie is coming across as ignorant of the role criminalisation (of the working class) plays in the cultural relativism theatre.

  8. I hope this will be read by certain critics of “Islamism” who say that anyone who might join forces with the EDL or appear on the same stage is compromising the counterjihad cause.

    When real trouble arises — whether it’s a burst pipe in your home or a menacing invader in your nation — the snobbish lawyer/financier/bureaucrat class inevitably finds that it absolutely needs the lower-class people it otherwise scorns.

  9. And yes – do read it all. It’s beautiful. I appreciate the author’s respect for raw talent emerging from unlikely places and for the self-sacrificing courage and fortitude that Robinson displays.

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