Tolerance, Respect, and the Islamic Conquest of France

The young woman in this video speaks with eloquence and common sense about the Islamization of France, and the absurdity of any French self-chastisement over the country’s lack of “tolerance”. If an ordinary citizen can reason so lucidly about what is happening to France, why can’t French political leaders do the same?

We all know the answer to that question — or at least the regular readers of this and similar sites do.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:02   One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go North. They will not go there as friends, Because they will go there to conquer. And they will conquer with their sons. The belly of our wives will give us victory.
00:06   Houari Boumediene
00:10   Algerian President, 1974.
00:14   Today I’ll start with the interview of a woman
00:18   of Trappes leaving the mosque. Listen, then we talk.
00:22   Muslim woman: “between Muslim brothers
00:26   one can attack others
00:30   one can attack a Christian but never a Muslim”
00:34   Bravo Madame you said out loud what Islam whispers
00:38   So: one can attack a Catholic
00:42   but one cannot attack a Muslim. Good.
00:46   And it’s I who lack respect?
00:50   I’m told we, in France, don’t show respect
00:54   and that we are absolutely intolerant.
00:58   So, today lets speak about Tolerance.
01:02   Let me make some important points: In France
01:06   we used to call Religious holidays
01:11   Easter and Christmas.
01:15   Now they are “Spring holidays” and “Winter festivals”
01:19   OK, we are not tolerant. Lets talk about French canteens
01:23   changing their menus to please everyone
01:27   Ok, we are still not tolerant
01:31   we can talk about all the Halal butchers
01:35   more than 70% of our abattoirs changed into
01:39   Halal abattoirs. We are still not tolerant
01:43   In France we have 2248
01:47   mosques. We are not tolerant.
01:51   To give you an idea: in Algeria there are
01:55   50 Churches, 7 of them will be demolished shortly.
01:59   and it’s still us
02:03   the Intolerants. In 2008 there was a priest
02:07   (just a small example among many), who was convicted
02:11   to 1 year in prison in Oran for celebrating a religious feast
02:15   outside his church.
02:19   If one talks of Tolerance while looking at what is happening in our country
02:23   every week during “prayers”
02:27   to speak of tolerance, really!
02:32   (Muslim prayers in the streets of France)
02:40   One tells me that we are not respectful
02:44   towards their religion. We are not respectful?
02:48   have you seen stones being thrown at people coming out of their mosque?
02:52   I don’t believe so. But last year
02:56   worshipers were attacked in a Catholic church during mass.
03:00   yet we will be told again not to mix up things
03:04   Newspaper: Faithful stoned during mass.
03:08   Lets talk numbers: In our French prisons
03:12   60 – 70% are Muslim.
03:16   This number does not come from me, it comes from the Grand Imam
03:20   of France. (Islam, first religion in French Prisons)
03:28   Another number just published: 80% of
03:32   Maghrebins (North African Arabs)
03:36   don’t work and live off Social Services.
03:52   When I see
03:56   in a bus one single (French person) while 50
04:00   other individuals shout “Allah U Akbar”
04:04   You call that “respect”? I call this provocation.
04:08   Allah is great
04:12   Allah is the only god
04:16   and Jews are the enemy of Allah
04:21   and Jews are the enemy of Allah
04:25   It’s time
04:29   to put things back into their place and to stop
04:33   telling us that by having an opinion about Islam
04:37   we are Islamophobes. Stop it.
04:41   It’s an excuse for denial of the truth
04:45   I have nothing against Muslims.
04:49   I do have a problem with Islam, supposedly
04:53   telling us
04:57   that the (Koran) is a book of peace and love.
05:01   A book of peace and love
05:05   which has 255 incitations
05:09   to hatred, Jihad and to hatred of Jews
05:13   and which accepts only one god, Allah.
05:17   Lets take stock:
05:21   2248 mosques, 200 more being built
05:25   the Cathedral (name?) which has been totally razed to the ground
05:29   with bulldozers because 3 million were needed
05:33   for renovations. And we have
05:37   200 mosques under construction? Yep!
05:41   Destruction of the Cathedral
05:45   she refers to (name inaudible)
05:49   so we French
05:53   have to come together
05:58   Islam is a great religion, powerful
06:02   and strong. The problem of the French and Europeans
06:06   is a lack of solidarity
06:10   I don’t call for hatred whatsoever
06:14   nor for violence. I only invite you to reflect on the future
06:18   of our country. It’s important. I thank
06:22   all my supporters and sites who publish my videos
06:26   I thank you all, I send a little kiss to all of you
06:30   Merci and Vive la France.
06:34   One day, millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere to go North. And they will not go there as friends, because they will go there to conquer. And they will conquer with their sons. The belly of our wives will bring us victory.
06:38   Houari Boumediene, Algerian President, 1974.

13 thoughts on “Tolerance, Respect, and the Islamic Conquest of France

  1. The building described was the church of St James (Saint Jacques) in Abbeville, Somme region. It was a large 19th century edifice but did not have a ‘cathedra’. Its bell, named Jacqueline, was from a previous church on the site and made in 1737. It survived the Revolution and also the 2nd world war. Abbeville was 80% destroyed by bombing in 1940. A smaller bell mysteriously disappeared when the church was destroyed, (or ‘deconstructed’ as the town hall says). This second bell, which the town hall says never existed, turned up at an auction and was saved by the actions of Hervé Gouriou, an expert from the Ministry of Culture. I used his letter of protest as a source from this site:
    An interesting video and quite courageous of the lady.


    • @Kerobaol- Thank you for the link to the church of Saint Jacques. It was heartbreaking to see the destruction of a Gothic church of the 19th century that survived WWII in tact being torn down, especially when 80% of the town was bombed…
      One really has to wonder about the gov’t and the populace to allow such a magnificent architectural relic to go under the wrecking ball and, for a pittance. 3 million is a small price to pay to preserve an historical structure like Saint Jacques. No charitable entity or the French gov’t or the church was able to come up with this sum to save this architectural relic? So terribly sad that western Europe so easily gives up its historic monuments.
      Here in NYC we have a museum called the Cloisters. The Rockefeller family went to Europe right after WWII and bought historic artifacts, probably at 5 cents on the dollar and assembled them in upper Manhattan. I only hope that artifacts of Saint Jacques, like the two bells, will be properly displayed.

  2. Unfortunately, France is already doomed to Islamization. The ignorance of the West has left it vulnerable to an invasion of foreign elements who have no love or appreciation of Western culture. They have no come to assimilate but to oppress. For the fitst time in European history, they are being colonized by Moslems who intend to take over their countries. We in North America must stop the Islamic march. We must turn North America into a citadel of freedom.

    Democracy depends on an inveterate social contract between the citizenry and the government. But what do you do when you have a huge block of foreign citizens who have nothing but contempt and hatred for your society and tear up the social contract. Basically, you are doomed to extinction.

    Europe is lost and is about to descend into a thousand years of darkness from which there is no return. The Leftist elitists are in an unholy alliance with Islam. They have thrown our citadel gates open to foreign invaders who are now raping and pillaging our society. They have used Islam as a means to destroy the Judeo/Christian society upon which Western civilization is built. So they imported the barbarians to destroy it.

    There is only one thing Islam has given the world: DESTRUCTION.

  3. One of the methods to halt and reverse mass immigration that has been tried in England and possibly in other European countries is to invoke article 169 of the United Nations treaty in respect of the rights of indigenous peoples and to forestall any attempt at the genocide of the same. We know that the United Nations spokesman on migration Peter Sutherland has called for further mass third world immigration into Europe in order to bring about the EU superstate through the obliteration of the hitherto homogeneous nation states of Europe. Some suspect that this is the first step towards one world government but proving that is difficult.

    However, when faced with a petition to parliament citing article 169 prime minister David Cameron refused to acknowledge that there was such a thing as an indigenous population in England. Until 1948 and the onset of mass third world immigration, England had the third most stable population in the world and minimal immigration since 1066. But this did not wash with that place man of the New World Order, David Cameron.

    I say that other European countries would probably come up against the same stumbling block because I believe that something similar was tried in Sweden which probably had an even more homogeneous population than England. Once again the Swedes were told they were a nation of immigrants. I suggest somebody now try that one on the Chinese, the Japanese and the Indians.

    • So we must ask ourselves, what is the difference between
      the Chinese and Indians on he one hand, and us in the
      West ? It’s difficult to use one word to convey what the
      difference is, but if I had to pick one aspect of our lives I
      would say that our lives have rather quickly become very
      sedentary. It also seems that the delineation between
      traditional man and traditional woman has become less
      clear-cut. Where are all the macho-men of yesteryear ? We have become weak and comfortable and satisfied.

    • I can tell you that the Japanese would rather deploy robots than import third worlders. Islam does not go over well in Japan.

  4. Found this lying around on my hard drive, lyrics written by me, apologies to Mr. Excell, hope someone can make use of it:

    Allah wants me for a warhead,
    To kill for Him one day;
    In every way try to please Him,
    At home, at mosque, each day.


    A warhead, a warhead,
    Allah wants me for a warhead,
    A warhead, a warhead,
    I’ll be a warhead for Him.

    Allah wants me to be violent,
    And vicious to all I see;
    Showing how nasty and gruesome
    His little one can be.


    I will ask Allah to help me
    To keep my heart in sin,
    Ever reflecting His evil,
    And always pray for Him.


    I’ll be a warhead for Allah;
    I can if I die well;
    Serving Him moment by moment,
    Then live with Him in Hell.

  5. The usual “I don’t have a problem with muslims but I have a problem with islam”. Muslims are the problem, there would be no islam without muslims. Islam doesn’t just sit there being menacing. Muslims are the menace.

  6. I tend to agree. All those “peaceful” Muslims are sustaining a hideous ideology. It’s true that the penalty for rejecting it can be rather severe – but that’s because Muslims as people (not Islam as an ideology) choose to impose that penalty.


  8. definition:

    an “islamophobe” is anyone who is not smiling as they trip happily into the gas chamber – anything short of cheerful mass suicide is now “racism.”

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