Threatened With Death? Don’t You Dare Tell Anyone!

Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League, receives numerous death threats via Twitter. When he retweeted some of them, the Bedfordshire Police took prompt action to track down the threatening tweeters, arrest them, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law…


A few days ago Tommy tweeted the following:

@bedspolice just called me to say don’t retweet death threats or I’d be arrested as they cause people distress? I ****ing kid u not!

A Facebook post on the same topic was put up at about the same time, but before I could acquire a copy of the text, it was gone. Not only was the post removed, but the entire group was taken down by Facebook.

Tommy can’t show the world all the death threats that have been made against him on Twitter, but Vlad Tepes lives in Ottawa, and is therefore less at risk of being arrested. He has compiled a brief selection of some of the threatening tweets aimed at Tommy.

Note: Obscene language is used in any number of these tweets:

37 thoughts on “Threatened With Death? Don’t You Dare Tell Anyone!

  1. 1): our police are obviously corrupt beyond recovery.
    2): Tommy may not be able to re-tweet the threats, but there is nothing to stop him forwarding the to others who may do so.
    3): he should re-tweet them any way and then sue the plodnicks for misconduct, fraud, wilful dereliction of duty and (possibly) aiding and abetting.

    • That’s presuming he would have the money for lawfare litigation. Not to mention the physical danger he’d be in if he showed up in court. If I remember correctly, the police – or QP, or whoever does those things – froze his bank account.

      He lives in a cage as it is, and probably gets by with help from his friends. Who would dare hire him now? They’d be a target too.

      This is a 21st century soviet; much slicker than Russia’s last century version but every bit as difficult for those in its crosshairs. Since England is a small island with a fairly temperate climate (no frozen Siberian wastelands) they have to rely on urban gulags – i.e., jails and prisons.

      So unless you can come up with the significant amounts of money for legal help and especially for security, #3 isn’t possible. He missed his family long enough in that period he spent in solitary before.

      Look at it this way: being the “Fenian Bast***” that the poster in the video claims he is, he naturally attempts to stand his ground the best way he can. Being Fenian myself, I can understand why.

      But repeatedly, the police appear to take some sadistic pleasure in slowly cutting off all avenues of escape. They seem to want to make sure he feels stuck in a shrinking circle of limited movement or action. Unwittingly, they show by their nervous reaction how much he scares them.

      • “Unwittingly, they show by their nervous reaction how much he scares them.”

        Shames them.

  2. The British government and their stazi police force are only obeying orders as they have for the last 50 to 60 years. I wonder what Neil Clark would have to say about the latter. They hate their people (i.e. the indigenous British) and they hate the country they govern and want both gone in line with the New World Order. If Islam helps them achieve their ends then so be it. But what government forces European countries to deny airspace to and then search a Bolivian aircraft they think might be carrying somebody who threatens to expose the elites in charge and their skulduggery. Another government just obeying orders presumably.

    • He is a penniless hero and the recommendations you have seconded cost money. Can you pay the enormous security costs? And that is dependent on whether he could even get security at any price..

      Can you not see the cage this brutal system has built??

      I just pray we don’t run afoul of our own increasingly stasi-like federal government.

  3. Irrespective of the implications of this particular incident Bedfordshire Police have long been known as the most appalling collection of incompetent, self-serving f***wits in a no longer United Kingdom policed by the most appalling collection of incompetent, corrupt, dhimmified self-serving f***wits since before Sir Robert Peel created a body of men to protect and serve the citizenry of which they were once part.

    And I have long wanted to say that. Hissy fit not withstanding.

    Seneca III

    • P.S. And I should have said after ‘of once they were part’…”Other than the Met., who are so bad even the drones of other Constabularies regard them with something bordering on contempt.”

    • you say a no longer United Kingdom

      Beyond the cultural mess that mass immigration, legal and otherwise, has created in many areas of the countries involved in the UK, can you tell us how you see the fissures evolving? For instance, I know Scotland wants to pull away, but beyond that what future do you see.

      • I will try, Dymphna, but it is not something I could do justice to in the small number of words fitting unto a comment.

        Clever girl, you, you have spotted something that has been concerning me for a long time :)…O.K., good point; I now feel another boringly long rant is about to be born – if I can find the time – and could that have been your intent in the first place with this follow up commenty? :). S III

        • P.P.S. It’s been a long day on the road followed by several pints in the village pub; hence for ‘unto’ read ‘into’ and for ‘commenty’ read ‘commentary.

          Other than that I’m off to bed now, which is probably the best place for me to be in my current state of mind. 🙂

        • scotland will be bankrupt within a year of independance, which they will get.
          they will be living on euro handouts and awash with unemployable immigrants, their economy non-existent beyond whiskey distilling and grievance mongering.
          (there will be no grouse shooting as publicly owned guns will be outlawed).
          europe will implode with unpayable debt thereby reducing scotland to savage penury for which england will be blamed.
          england will vear towards civil strife, with an ineffectual police force manned by uneducated thugs guarding the elites and gold depositories.
          all police will carry guns.
          every one else will have guns but none will be licenced.
          drugs will be legalised.
          murder will be as common here then as it is in south africa today.
          england will leave the european union and its economy will shrink, the savings from not being in europe will cushion the effect.
          our defences will be subcontracted out to germany / ireland / india.
          (which ever is cheapest).
          the net will be 100% monitored and emails subject to state regulation.
          farmers will be entitled to shoot trespasser on sight as they might be planning to steal food.

      • There are many now trying to create England’s own parliament and want Scotland to go its merry way. But the British establishmment fears the English more than any other and blocks it at every turn. The EU plan is to divide England into regions and dismantle it. I say EU plan but this is undoubtedly the One World plan. This is now much easier since they have divided the English one from another through mass immigration. Our third world massess probably wouldn’t care about such butchery. They know we English are no longer able to pull together as a cohesive whole. After all the ethnic English are now just the white community in a community of communities of all shades of the rainbow and all religions and cultures. The Celtic nations only have a combined population of about ten million to England’s 50 plus. They will be lighweights on the world stage.

        Jack Straw mp has said that England and the English are not worth saving. William Hague mp, our Syrian Al Qaeda friendly foreign secretary has said the English are potentially a very violent and aggressive people. We would be if we were all united. So the Soviet style police force is busy ensuring that we never do by frightening us with the gulags as predicted by Vladimir Bukovsky and into one of which Emma West the girl on the Croydon tram who found herself the only native English person aboard and shrieked her despair is also now festering. We do not know who is sending these hate messages to Tommy. It could be the establishment themselves so as to scare him into silence.

        England is now a surreal place. You should tune into last night’s programme about the River Trent entitled River of Dreams on BBC4 . It shows a river winding its way through pastoral England and the presenter meets up with Englishmen doing what they love doing, restoring and preserving bits of our industrial heritage and bringing them back to life. You would have no idea that mass immigration had taken place. It was as if it never had and yet 100 miles away a soldier was beheaded in broad daylight. Tens of miles away Tommy Robinson is in an English Siberia and tens of miles away the city, Leicester, where Richard the Third’s remains were found recently is an Indian city with an Indian and Pakistani majority population. And those men carry on restoring things and turn their backs on the gradual disappearance of their race and their country. It is wholly weird.

        • Point-out that after 18 months and 6 court appearances EmmaWest was bound-over to keep the Peace;ie. told not to do it again by the judge who had made it clear he was fed-up with the business, after which the serious charges were dropped and replaced by some p.c. gobbledy-gook to which she pleaded guilty.

          • Thanks for the update. So in the end she had to plead guilty to what? Her grandparents and even her parents possibly would have recognised her part of London as part of London, England. She found that day that London England had been replaced by Warsaw, Delhi, Lahore, Harare and God knows where else. She suddenly found that she was living in a dozen foreign countries without giving her consent. Still Croydon today, the whole of England tomorrow and the Emma Wests will be as rare as the polar bears in their own country.

            I am still intrigued by the fact that the English haven’t yet grasped that all their forthcoming genocide and dispossession were no accident or act of God but have been in the planning at least since the War, if not before. They bury their heads in the sand waiting for the multulcultural storm to pass over. Well it is not going to it is just going to get bigger and bigger until it sweeps them all into the sea.

        • “….You would have no idea that mass immigration had taken place. It was as if it never had …..”

          pure escapism and the inability to see the truth.
          self fitted blinkers

          • Yes, if they looked too hard at the world beyond their front doors or even their street, assuming it has not yet been culturally enriched, then they might feel constrained to do something about it and that is just too scary and too dangerous, just leave it to the hotheads and then tell everybody what terrible racists they are even if you agree with them but daren’t admit to it.

            So better to stick your head inside the boiler of a steam engine or paint a rusting cast iron bridge or restore a sailing barge with your head buried in the hold. Mass immigration, can’t see it at all from inside here.

      • Cultural and political identity diffusion across the British Isles, its going to be very messy.

  4. At first I thought that the usual bureaucratic busy-bodies were Tommy’s main problem, but subsequent events and some of the chilling news postings here, like the recent one about the Jewish boy who had visited Israel being hassled and threatened with arrest by border agents, have led me to believe that something is very rotten in Britainmark. What the hell is going on there, anyway?

    • Satan wanders about the earth like a lion looking for people to devour (1 Peter 5:8); a few years back he visited Westminster and discovered fast food.

      • The subject is not a laughing matter but I could not contain a chuckle when I read your comment, Nick.

    • What is going on here, is the advanced stages of Marxist plotting.

  5. On what charge, exactly, can you be arrested for retweeting a death threat? Anybody know?

  6. Events will prove that real ”change” is on the way….No the ”change” beloved or desired by the Lefty ”liberal” traitors and their politocally correct ”Bules” sniffing out ”Diversity” and ”Sharia” offences to please their masters…..

    (‘Ere Sarge…..oink oink….I found a report and 87 years old woman offering a bacon butty to the local Imam…oink…oink…..(reaches for another truffle))

    Watch events in Egypt- the global strategic key to the coming collapse of the NWO plan…..Then watch Turkey erupt allowing Assad to push back. People do not sem to realise or grasp the important fact that NATO has been thoroughly defeated in Afghanistan and Iraq. China and Russia have only to wait and wtach it collapse. There is no way NATO -US/UK can fight a sustained global war now. America, Europe, the UK are all in deep financialand social trouble.

    As Tommy Robinson said so expertly ”It ain’t gonna be pretty!”

    But we poeple and our nations will survive. The Liberals and theirNWO are both idiotic plans, that like all the rest of their faecally ideas will collapse. This is what happens when greedy arrogant nobodies try to defy Evolution…

    Trust me.

  7. Yes, undoubtedly we British, English people are very effectively repressed by our ruling elite, arguably for one reason (NWO /incompetence) or another. The effect is the same. Freedom dies. Our culture and history gets flushed away with it etc etc. But – ruling elites and Police Forces are one thing; as in they create the cage that binds the democratic, unarmed majority. Our armed forces are different. The rank and file of our armed forces consists mainly of working class people. These people have huge affection for the democratic majority British people and possess the same mind set cocnerning Islamisation. This large organisation of well trained, self disciplined people with access to military hardware at every Terriotrial Army Centre throughout Britain is the achilles heel of our traitorous, treasonous ruling elites and Police. It is not Tommy Robinson my government needs to be fearful of but large scale dissent within our armed forces for the continuing, encouraged, Islamisation of Britain and its peoples. Once that worm turns………

    • Good point. I think the same applies to many officers. The self discipline of both army and (English/Scots/Welsh/Irish) natives – and our instinctive law abidingness – is what the politicians rely on. They use it to manipulate us. But once the worm turns, yes indeed. Self discipline and willingness to follow orders are long term benefits that in the short term can be twisted to self-harm – but once the worm turns they can be just as easily directed at those that would do us down. I sense a growing feeling that the politicians must be taken to task for their treason.

  8. Needless to say that although the Bedfordshire Mutaween may threaten Tommy with arrest by if he retweets the death threats, they will not arrest the Islamic and Marxist thugs who sent them as that could be perceived as harming community cohesion.

      • I presume you mean by those who hate the ethnic English people so much they want to see them gone as Jack Straw mp, who is not ethnic English but many who are share his views, has said. We are not worth saving as we are an impediment to the creation of the Marxist one world state where people who are of a lower iq and less bothered about things like freedom and democracy will prevail over Europeans and their 2,500 year old civilisation.

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  12. Perhaps it will take some martyrs before others are willing to start fighting back against the satans in charge. Words certainly don’t work against controlling authorities that are inherently evil.

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