Those Filthy Mushrikun

Shirk is one of the greatest possible offenses in the eyes of Allah. It means, roughly, “polytheism”, and is the opposite of tawhid, which is “monotheism”, the assertion of the absolute oneness of Allah.

Those who practice shirk are known as mushrikun, a word that is commonly used to refer to Christians, since the doctrine of the Trinity is considered to be shirk under Islam. It is described as “ascribing partners to Allah”, and is therefore a form of polytheism.

Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi Al Amreeki, or Yasir Qadhi for short, is an American imam who lives in Tennessee. In the video below you’ll hear him describe mushrikun — Christians — as “filthy”. He says that if they do not repent and convert to Islam, their property and persons are lawful to Muslims; that is, they may be robbed, abducted, enslaved, and/or killed.

Surely Imam Qadhi is mistaken…? He must have taken those Koranic verses out of context!

These are the sorts of vile things that Islamophobes such as Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer say about Muslims, but we know they can’t be true. Our own leaders, from David Cameron to Fredrik Reinfeldt to George W. Bush, have assured us that Islam is peaceful and tolerant.

Perhaps Barack Obama or John Kerry or John Brennan could brief the imam and explain the true doctrines of Islam to him…

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video, and for subtitling it to make it clearer:

3 thoughts on “Those Filthy Mushrikun

  1. So this complete filth is being spoken in Tennessee? No wonder the citizens came out gang busters when our gov’t wanted to tell them that speaking against Islam would be construed as a hate crime.
    The entire situation on both sides of the Atlantic has gone into the surreal… KC and TR being arrested just after someone threw a punch at KC indicates that if a citizen finds themselves in a situation that “disturbs public order” they are guilty, not the people that actually disturb public order. We, in the US, are driving to the same end albeit a bit slower than our European cousins.
    But, we here in the US have technology on our side… every single web site I visit and every comment I make is being recorded. So, take this down NSA; I am not one bit happy with you and hope to overthrow this totalitarian regime in 2014. I hope to have your brand shiny new building with 6 sub basements in the western desert turned into a twinkie factory…
    Just look at the reports on GOV for the last 10 days or so and you will see the world turned upside down.

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