This Baby Needs a Shave

Wherever immigration laws grant unaccompanied undocumented minors special treatment — which includes a number of Western European countries and Australia — there is widespread age-related fraud. “Children” with heavy beards and gray in their hair make appear in these countries and claim asylum, giving their age as 15 or 17 to immigration authorities.

Sweden has one of the most liberal asylum policies in Europe, plus a very generous smörgåsbord of welfare benefits for new arrivals, so “child” asylum-seeker fraud is pervasive in the country.

Thoralf Alfsson is a member of the Swedish parliament for Sverigedemokraterna (The Swedish Democrats). The following article was posted today on his blog. Many thanks to LN for the translation:

Hypocrisy has no limits
by Thoralf Alfsson

Sometimes you see things the way they were intended. Yesterday I saw a group of “unaccompanied children” with their staff. I can only say I am upset, to say the least, when I look at the age group in which these “children” belong. One of them was certainly not a day under thirty years old!

What hypocrisy from our authorities! The hypocrisy is even greater from the staff of these places who are players in this theater. They do it with the argument that it is not their duty to assess the age of the “kids”.

I believe that you, as employee, have the obligation to report any anomaly in your workplace. Liars and cheats will be reported! Anything else is malpractice!

Today, the politically correct politicians and operators such as the Migration Board are using the media created-acceptance that asylum seekers and undocumented migrants have the right to cheat and lie as much as possible without experiencing any consequences. Right Consciousness is about to go completely overboard in our society! Moreover, with the seven-leaf-clover politicians and blessing of the authorities. Disaster!

The staff at these shelters for “unaccompanied children” are cowardly hypocrites if they do not report abuse of our tax money. The culture that is spreading within the employees of the “refugee and asylum industry” is, to say the least, sickening.

I feel great contempt for those hypocrites who support themselves by their hypocrisy at the state’s expense without doing their job 100 percent. I would like to give the staff a big kick in the butt when they let 30-year-olds “play” unaccompanied minors and consume community resources. In addition, the media play along in this crying, sobbing hypocrisy, especially the local press and its top journalists.

It’s a big scandal and hypocrisy without limits!

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5 thoughts on “This Baby Needs a Shave

  1. Toralf Alfsson is one among the sharpest politicians of the Sweden Democrats. Go and try to read his blog and the comments. For english speaking people it´s OK to write in english, a language witch is widely accepted in Sweden

  2. “Unaccompanied minors” should ring the authorities’ alarm bells. Strong arm regimes seldom persecute children; they persecute adults, and the children suffer. It is natural that people fleeing persecution would want to take their children with them, but children fleeing by themselves are an anomaly.

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  4. And these government stooges have no care for the vulnerable children or women (Foster care) that these predatory men are placed with.

    For shame.

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