13 thoughts on “The Politics of the Jackboot

  1. Bravo to Pat Condell who nails it once again. I have a new word to add to my lexicon: veritaphobia, fear of the truth. Pass this video around, eh?

  2. Thank goodness for Pat Condell and his magnificent talks. Just when it seems that the world is truly mad, when the Ministry of Truth broadcasts its lies, when human rights crusaders are denounced as haters, when the indigenous Briton is consigned to second-class status and told to be quiet in the face of humiliating restrictions on basic freedoms, along comes Pat with his razor sharp wit and scathing analysis to tell us we are not the only ones to find this state of affairs to be ludicrous. Let’s hope that his words reach those slumberers who seem oblivious to the fact that the good ship Britannia is listing.

  3. Listing? She’s holed beneath the waterline, & if we don’t get her into dry dock pronto & get her repaired …

    • @Nick,

      Worse than that, they have backfilled the dry dock and have built a Tesco and mosque complex over the top. The shipyard engineers are now employed on the checkouts with zero-hour contracts subsidised by welfare and housing benefits while the shipyard grafters have had their welfare sanctioned and are now forced to stand in line and submit themselves to the mosque foodbank.

  4. The anti-free speech Leftist policy of No Platform, is shameful. I heard Waterloo Sunset defending it and supporting street violence against Leftwing political opponents at Bob From Brockley’s blog not too long ago. These thuggish totalitarian Leftwingers are the brownshirted fascists. Look in the mirror.

  5. Another brilliant video by Pat Condell.

    This video should be forced viewing for David Cameron. He is a member of the Unite Against Fascism group.

  6. A small suggestion for such videos – could they not be made to be free of any “red flag” words in the title, or the initial part of the description? (also included in the summary, when posting to Facebook etc). Such words, like Islam, EDL, etc can work like a red rag to a bull, when read even by “moderate” readers. Whereas if someone sees a video called “fear of the truth”, they may click on it and learn some hard-hitting facts from someone coming across as intelligent, sane and humorous.

    This video almost passes such a test… but underneath the title, the first words in the description still include “English Defence League”. Which may mean anyone posting it on Facebook may become automatically discredited and consigned to the “loony bin”.

    Yet videos such as this one should surely be on the must-see list both for “anti-fascist” sympathisers and the moderate, polite lemmings in the “centre”.

  7. Does the EDL have any members willing to resist the PC-juggernaut, or will they inevitably crumple? Looking at Europe today I fear there’s not a single hero left.

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