The Laser Jihad Comes to Switzerland

Every video of the nighttime riots in Cairo shows the flashes and green spears of hand-held lasers being used by the demonstrators in an attempt to blind police and soldiers. Now the same tactic has been imported to France, and is being used to blind train drivers.

Yes, I know that there is no indication so far that the lowlifes who mounted the attack were culture-enrichers. However, assuming the suspects are ever caught, does anyone want to take any bets on the Mohammed Coefficient of the perps who did this?

Many thanks to SimonXML for translating this article from 20 Minutes:

Train driver blinded by a laser

The driver of an Intercity train from Geneva to St. Gallen was the victim of a laser attack on Sunday evening. The train had to stop in Wil (SG) to change drivers.

The train driver was hit in the eyes and blinded by a laser while the train was travelling near Aadorf (TG), said Lea Meyer on Monday, SBB spokesman, who confirmed information broadcast by Radio FM1. The train continued to Wil where it was stopped.

Laser attacks have increased over the past two years, Lea Meyer said in a Radio FM1 programme. People who do this are ‘dangerous and cowardly,’ she added. SBB reports every incident to the police.

Train drivers and helicopter pilots are increasingly more often victims of laser attacks, according to Hanspeter Krusi, spokesman for the St-Galloise cantonal police. Rega has equipped its pilots with protective goggles, he told ATS.

The police are also being exposed to such attacks, especially during sporting events. “We are looking at the possibility of taking protective measures,” said Mr. Krusi.

In Switzerland, only class 1 and 2 laser pointers up to a power of 1 milliwatt (mW) are allowed. But pointers up to 2000 mW are available, primarily on the Internet. A 1 milliwatt beam can permanently damage the retina.

17 thoughts on “The Laser Jihad Comes to Switzerland

  1. Why don’t they just ban the blasted things ? They banned the perfectly inocuous Edison bulb for no good reason. What is the legitimate use of these gadgets, anyway ? Pointing at one more useless Powerpoint slide ? Let office drones use sticks to that effect — or words, for God’s sake.

    • One problem – How do you distinguish between a laser pointer and an LED flashlight? In law, I mean.

      • I don’t get your point. If you agree that laser pointers should be banned, but your concern is that LED flashlights should remain allowed, just write into the law… that laser pointers are banned.

        Or use whatever relevant technical language that designates those devices harmful to the eye.

    • You can’t, because of “human rights”, the west’s suicidal religion that replaced Christianity.

      • The Antifa treats the Right at odds with “human rights”. And no, the Antifa doesn’t protect “human rights”against the Right, the Right protects “human rights” against Islam.

    • More to the point, sunglasses that protect specifically against that particular green are available. In fact, they are usually sold with the really high-power ones.

      A solution that appeals to me is to cover the outside of the choppers with centimetre-sized cube corner reflectors.

  2. What I fear, is that some fool child will red-dot a policeman with a laser pointer. The policeman will react as trained, and will not know until it is too late, that he has shot a prankish adolescent or child — and will thereafter carry the guilt of a wrongful shoot for the rest of his life.

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  4. They do the same to aircraft too. We get this a lot in the East, but it is becoming more prevalent in Europe too. We get targeted about once a week by these morons, and it is not only distracting but could indeed be very dangerous.

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