The Hamburg-Altona Intifada

“Youths” have been rioting every night since last Thursday in Altona, a borough in the western part of the German city of Hamburg.

Many thanks to Lena for compiling this report on the culturally enriched intifada in Hamburg.

Three Nights of Muslim rioting in Hamburg-Altona
by Lena

For three nights in a row there have been heavy Muslim riots in Hamburg-Altona. On Thursday evening a mob attacked policemen. Last night they burned cars and hurled stones.

About 150 young people gathered Friday night in Chemnitz Street and in Holsten Street. “They wanted to let loose,” said a police spokesman. First the rioters only lit firecrackers; later they torched cars.

In Karl Wolff Street a car was completely gutted. Another car was set on fire in Hospital Street, but was able to be extinguished. Some time later the tires of another car were burning. More than 100 police officers were out in force. They used pepper spray against the rioters. In response the mob hurled stones at the officers. A 21-year-old man was arrested.

The following night on Sunday again around 80 young people gathered in Holsten Street, and fireworks were ignited again — luckily nothing more happened on the third night of riots. “The situation has become very calm,” said the spokesman for Hamburg police on Sunday morning.

The riots started on Thursday night when a group of youths blinded car drivers with a laser pointer. The police moved in – and suddenly saw a group of over 150 people moving towards them. 16 rioters were detained.

There was an aggressive mood and the situation escalated. In the media, not much was said about the cultural background of the rioters, but in the photos and videos it can be seen: There are ‘Asians’ and women with headscarves. Also, the battle cry “Allahu Akbar” can be heard in the video.

[Note: This video (in German) is a Muslim propaganda piece. — BB]

In this video about the events in Hamburg-Altona Friday night, one can hear very clearly “Allahu Akbar” at 0:26. Local Muslims are interviewed and show a completely different picture of what had happened. They are lying brazenly.

No matter where Muslims live, they are always innocent victims. The bad guys are always the others, because Muslims are, after all, permanently and everywhere suppressed and harassed and discriminated against.

The manner in which the Hamburg police are massively verbally — and obviously completely untruthfully — attacked is downright outrageous. Those who are familiar with Islamic ideology know that lying is an integral part of Islam, and the dissemination of lies plays an important role in strategy of conquest. Thus can these bold statements in the video be correctly characterized.


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14 thoughts on “The Hamburg-Altona Intifada

  1. and so it escalates. I can’t say what I really think but it involves lead rather than pepper spray. Animals, in the wild, know exactly how to deal. WHY don’t we?

  2. So it begins- and the trouble will spread……

    One trusts the ”liberals” are satisfied. I was stationed in Hamburg in the early 1980s…

    What a terrible shame….

    But of course it is all ”our fault!”

    Damn these oiks to hell!

    When will people steel their courage and dela with this appalling travesty?

    ”Oh you are racist and Islamophobic!!!”

    Damn right I am!

  3. It is amusing to watch those turks cry and whine about polizei brutality. I can’t wait until those very same polizei and Bundewehr folks give the turks a healthy taste of grapeshot and an hearty raus raus shnel !

  4. Note semi mono brow at 3:13. He’s blaming the Danish cartoons (rolls eyes). Also note grey paw marking on his left jacket collar – that’s the symbol of the Turkish Grey Wolf organization – a radical islamic movement.

    • Or maybe the paw is the copyrighted trademark symbol of Jack Wolfskin, a German based outdoor clothing company…

  5. Personally, I think the Turks (they’re mainly Turks) in Germany should be a bit more careful. What they fail to realize is that the Germans are (so far) the only people on the face of the Earth that have shown themselves perfectly capable of mass genocide on an industrial scale. When push comes to shove it could become very nasty (for them) indeed.

    • Don’t get cocky, kid.

      The British invented the modern “concentration camp” during the Boer War. They seem to have got a few hints from the Confederate POW camps during the American Civil War.

      The Russians “disappeared” many millions in the twentieth century: they may have throttled back a bit lately.

      Everybody’s friends, the Chinese, have been going hard at “population control” (and “attitude adjustment”) for decades. Where do you think they got the blood and bone fertilizer for their agricultural “revolution”?

    • Well, if Turks in Germany still consider themselves “Turks”, they could usefully relocate to Turkmenistan or another of the Turkish countries.

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