Shariah in Action, Again

Here is yet another article about what happens to Western women if they report being raped while they are in Dubai. It’s appalling that female tourists are not given any information about the hellish treatment they face in the Emirates if they attempt to obtain justice for being violated.

Travel agents and airlines should hand out informational pamphlets on the issue to women planning a trip to Dubai. However, since this would have a negative impact on the tourist industry, it will never happen.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer, who translated this piece about a Norwegian woman’s ordeal in Dubai (she’s actually still there), includes this introductory note:

This article concerns a Norwegian woman who was jailed for reporting her own rape to the police in Dubai earlier this year. This incident is almost identical to the one involving Alicia Gali, the Australian woman who was thrown in jail in Dubai in 2008 for exactly the same ‘offence’.

As the article states, Islamic law is the norm in Dubai and thus the rape victim is looked upon as a criminal and treated with utter contempt. This is something that the liberal PC crowd in the west should pay close attention to, because this is what their favourite religion is all about.

Incidents like these are not something that we the ‘evil’ and ‘hateful’ counterjihadists make up ourselves and disseminate on the internet in order to smear Muslims. This is what Islam is like in its most undiluted form. It’s evil, misogynistic, highly unjust and thoroughly corrupt.

In order to stem the advance of this totalitarian thought system it is essential that it is called by its proper name. So allow me to spell it out: Islam is ideological and religious fascism, and there is no place for it in a free and democratic society.

The translated article from

A 25-year-old Norwegian woman has been sentenced to one year and four months in prison for reporting a rape to the police in Dubai. The sentence of the rapist’s was three months shorter than hers.

What was supposed to be a business trip to Dubai with work colleagues turned into a nightmare for the Norwegian 25-year-old when she reported a rape to the police in March.

After filing the report she was thrown in prison on suspicion of having non-marital sex. Her passport was confiscated and she was only allowed to make a phone call two or three days later. She was then able to notify her family.

Her family then contacted the Norwegian Consular service in Dubai. The Norwegian Consulate eventually managed to get her out of jail and brought the 25-year-old to the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Dubai where she has remained ever since.

Stunned when the verdict was handed down

The Norwegian Seamen’s Church has confirmed to that the 25-year-old has stayed with them since March.

“We have become very fond of her,” says Anniken Meling, a diaconal worker and the wife of the priest at the seamen’s church in Dubai, Gisle Meling.

The woman lives next door to the couple. Anniken Meling has also accompanied the woman several times in court.

The 25-year-old was convicted of consuming alcohol, having non-marital sex, and allegedly giving a false statement.

“Right up until the verdict we were convinced that it would go her way, and that she would escape punishment. It was therefore somewhat of a shock when she was sentenced to prison for such a long time,” says Meling to NRK.

According to Meling the rapist was also sentenced. He received one year and one month in prison for raping the 25-year-old woman.

The Foreign Department is assisting the woman

The Foreign Department (UD) has confirmed to NRK that they are providing assistance to a Norwegian citizen in Dubai.

“What I can say is that we, as a general rule offer assistance on practical matters to Norwegian nationals who are imprisoned or charged with offences abroad,” says UD spokesperson Kjetil Elsebutangen.

At the present time there is no extradition treaty between Norway and Dubai. Dubai is a Muslim police state with strict rules and strict customs.

This means that tourists and visitors are safe as long as they follow the applicable laws.

Overall there is very little crime in the country, but rapes of women do occur.

According to the Norwegian Embassy in Abu Dhabi the legislation allows consumption of alcohol in restaurants and bars in the main hotels, but one should refrain from being visibly intoxicated outside these areas.

One should also avoid physical contact between men and women in public.

More examples

Earlier this year 27-year-old Alicia Gali told about how she was jailed for eight months because she reported a gang rape in Dubai in 2008, according to the Australian media.

In 2010 a British woman reported a rape in the Arab emirate of Dubai. Her testimony was deemed untrustworthy and she was arrested along with her boyfriend for having non-marital sex.

9 thoughts on “Shariah in Action, Again

  1. I have little sympathy with people who do business with moslems. Neither she, nor any European should do any business with moslems.

    • Yes Charleston, but the problem of understanding how
      insane Islam is requires discovery by every individual.
      Most of our people won’t believe warnings that getting raped in Moslem countries is a crime committed by the
      VICTIM. Then it happens, THEN they know, when it is too late. You can’t successfully advise people not to visit
      the Middle East, they will all think you are exaggerating.

    • My thoughts exactly. She went to Dubai for a holiday?!! I never do business with Muslims, never. That even extends to the supermarket checkout – manned by a Muslim, I go elsewhere.

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  3. This highlights a problem for Qantas, Australia’s “flagship” airline.
    Recently, Qantas replaced British Airways with Emirates as its “partner” for the Australia-Europe routes. Their main stopover is now Dubai instead of Singapore (although Singapore is still available).
    There will soon be tens-of-thousands of young Aussies passing through Dubai and some will have a short stopover. Most of them will be utterly unaware of the sharia law in place in Dubai.
    One irony (if that is the correct word) is that Qantas’ CEO (Alan Joyce) is openly gay. For him to take his partner with him to Dubai (and stay in the same hotel room) for business meetings with Emirates would be illegal.
    Similarly, many Australian couples are either not formally married, or have different surnames — both cause for problems when checking in for an over-night stay in Dubai.
    I refuse to travel via the middle east! (Israel excepted, should the opportunity arise).

  4. “the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Dubai”

    That struck me. They can’t be all-in islamist if they allowed a church to be built.

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