Repugnant and Dangerous

I reported last night that the Web Editor of Standpoint magazine had written to us requesting that we take down our embed of the recent speech by Daniel Johnson, the editor of Standpoint.

The Web Editor was unhappy with what I posted in response, and asked that I remove his name from the piece, which I have done.

[Update: The Web Editor sent a follow-up email with this request: “Also, my name remains in a comment underneath your first post. Please remove it.”

I’ve complied with his request. Readers who happen to know his name are asked to refrain from including it in comments.]

Below is the brief email he sent me this morning:


I find it wholly unprofessional of you to post our correspondence without waiting for my permission. Had you waited, I would have asked you not to publish my email or at least not include my name. By offering to remove identifiers like my email address, physical address and phone number you acknowledge the risks involved in being named on a site like Gates of Vienna. But by leaving my name and place of work on your post you have left me exposed to anyone with an internet connection. The decision to include my name is particularly odd given that you use a pseudonym instead of your own name, Edward S. May. If I am to be named on your site, let it be known that I find your “counter-jihad” repugnant and dangerous.


[name removed at the Web Editor’s request]

I sent him the following response:

Mr. [name removed at the Web Editor’s request],

I am sorry to learn that you feel this way.

Actually, removing identifiers is simply common Internet courtesy as practiced by bloggers. It is a sign that I considered yours a friendly email. If you had been antagonistic and vituperative, I would have included your email address, postal address, and telephone number in my post. That is standard practice for bloggers when they receive hate mail.

I left your name in the piece because you are a public figure, with an archive page in your name at the Standpoint site. However, to honor your request, I have now removed your name from the text of the post.

Concerning my use of a pseudonym: that is a continuation of my practice from the days before I went public. If you were a regular reader, you would be aware that I publish under my real name at FrontPage at other sites. I have been fully public for a number of years. Perhaps you have heard of the practice known as “branding”…? I was “branded” as Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna beginning in 2004, and Baron Bodissey I remain.

In my new post I will make certain that our readers are aware that you find our mission “repugnant and dangerous”.

I trust that the changes I have made meet with your satisfaction.

Ned May
a.k.a. “Baron Bodissey”

61 thoughts on “Repugnant and Dangerous

  1. Yes, the Counter-Jihad is repugnant and dangerous, but somebody have to do the job, and try to save even the headless liberals from living as spineless dhimmis in the Caliphate.

    And to Mr. Anonymous Web Editor – what is worse writing under pseudonym or not having the courage to stand by your own words?

  2. Gutless wonders……..and I wonder about the gutless.

    We are in the predicament we are in with those who seek or subjagation and or deaths by those very cowards and trembling liberal lilies who, at every turn, appease the violent oppressors. Bloody ridiculous.

    And now a word from Burger King, Home of The Whopper…..

    “you acknowledge the risks involved in being named on a site like Gates of Vienna.”

    and the other Whopper…..

    “let it be known that I find your “counter-jihad” repugnant and dangerous.”

    Oh woe is me……yet another coattail rider…….surfing the oceans of apathy, indifference and cowardice all whilst spewing blather and leftist rhetoric.

    Fills me with the urge to defecate…….gotta run!!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Talk about whiney. “My information is freely available, but don’t publish it.”

  4. Whilst I understand to a degree your point of view, I think it ill-considered. You are well aware of the dangers involved. Many have had careers and lives ruined because they have had the moral courage to speak out, especially in the field of education. Remember Ray Honeyford? Some are more brave than others and some have more to loose than others, others have nothing and have nothing to loose at all. Let each give according to his means and let know one say that it is not enough. I hope to see an appology appearing shortly on your site.

    • I would suggest not getting your hopes up regarding an apology.

      Were you a regular commenter here your opinion would get a longer consideration. But according to our Word Press logs, this is your first appearance in our comments. Can we safely assume you have arrived on a mission?


      In the eight years we’ve been blogging we’ve suffered the slings and arrows ourselves – even some of “the Baron’s” professional work is done anonymously (no author’s name attached) in order to appease those who pay the piper. So while we have sympathy for people who feel they must toil in a morally reprehensible environment, it is a sympathy borne of experience. But those fellow-feelings do not extend to the kind of swivel-eyed fear that leads to name-calling. We have sacrificed much to maintain this site and to serve as a bridge to communication between Europe and the U.S.

      Repugnant are we? Dangerous, too? Oh my. And what proof is there of either charge? Is it our support of the EDL? Our frank ridicule of the double standards and exquisite sensitivities of political Islam? When did Britain return to the days of heresy hunters? What price integrity? As Benjamin Franklin said, we either hang together or we’ll hang separately. The middle class in Britain has demonstrably failed to understand that simple calculus.

      Despite his position as a web editor, the man who wrote us is obviously inexperienced re internet protocol or he would have understood ahead of time the inherent problems involved in his demands – beyond his mere lack of civility.

      You don’t remove material from your website unless someone is threatening legal action and can back up those threats. Not ever. Such silencing is merely a strong-armed “lawfare” and we have experienced it via deep-pocket Muslim groups who can afford to throw their money around to buy silence. Being poor, we couldn’t prove we’d done nothing wrong, so we followed procedure: took down the purportedly offensive material and replaced it with their legalese.

      Here’s the catch this web editor doesn’t seem to understand (surprising ignorance for a techie): very little escapes the long arm of the wayback machine or google’s cache. Thus if we were to disappear posts or comments without explanation, readers would rightly question our integrity. I’ve seen that happen with others.

      When Breivik massacred all those people and the scapegoating of Fjordman started, the ugly mobs appeared at Gates of Vienna to comb our comments looking for evidence of our evil. They found two comments left the previous year by Breivik. Since his words were civil and on-topic – and before July 22nd, who would have known him from Adam? – the opinions he expressed went unremarked.

      But these sleuths were armed with the various nics he used and thus we were declared guilty by association because a stranger left his mark here before he struck elsewhere. Here again is an example of the heretic hunts in full bore. We did NOT remove his comments.

      Guilt by association is an old standby used to very good effect during the Inquisition and later by the Stalinists. We refuse to deal in that currency.

      Mr. Johnson is not the first Mr. Johnson to act – or cause others to act – without integrity because of his own fear. But in this case there is a simple solution to this Mr. Johnson’s problem: just remove the video from his public You Tube account and our screen at Gates of Vienna will go dark.

      In any conflict, it behooves the parties involved to ascertain who owns the problem. I hope I’ve been clear about why it’s not our property.

    • Hello there…….its me again….Don Laird…..

      Dear Hinch99, you say:

      “I hope to see an appology appearing shortly on your site”………oh please…..not in this milleniumm……I hope.

      you also say:

      “Let each give according to his means and let know one say that it is not enough”

      ……..forgive me but haven’t we had enough of those who ride coattails and call it sacrifice and bravery?

      We are in this mess Hinch99 owing to the amount “given” and “called enough” by the treasonous, the cowardly, the ignorant, the criminally uninformed and the just plain lazy.

      And to illustrate my admitration for those with the intestinal fortitude required of all citizens in a democracy, especially a democracy under attack and being smeared with the fanatical, excremental lunacy of Islam, read below a comment I made inrealtion to an earlier post,…..a post that one could call my “loathing of coattail riders”


      and I quote me……….

      It has always been the few that pave the way for the many……it always has been and always will be. To state otherwise is to deny human nature and the frailty of the human condition.

      This said, it speaks of outrage, grievous injury and righteous indignation, whilst casting one’s life and the sum total of ones worth into the arena of champions and patriots, to look over ones shoulder and find the duplicitous, the faint of heart, the cowards, the indecisive, the reformed treasonous and treacherous and legions of hypocrites, all standing on one’s coattails all whilst trying to save a nation from those lunatics who smear the excrement of 7th century barbarism on that which birthed and nourished all those coattail riders.

      But these are the few…..this is their lot…….and these are the paths they trod and the paths they now tread……these are the men and women who are the quintessential example of what we all can be, what we all need to be in order to wrest the fate of Western Civilization from the hands of barbarians and the gut wrenchingly treasonous.

      I am reminded of the penultimate paragraph of James Fenimore Cooper’s classic, “The Deerslayer”……….he writes……

      “We live in a world of transgressions and selfishness, and no pictures that represent us otherwise can be true; though happily for human nature, gleamings of that pure spirit in whose likeness man has been fashioned are to be seen, relieving its deformities, and mitigating, if not excusing its crimes. ”

      Flammen and Citronen are two of those gleamings.

      Alexsander Solzhenitsyn is one of those gleamings.

      Jean Moulin is one of those gleamings.

      Violette Bushell Szabo is one of those gleamings.

      Abba Kovner is one of those gleamings.

      These are the gleamings of who we can be and of who we should be…….these are the gleamings of that which forms the crucible from which is wrought a guard that stand in defiance of those who would do them and all they hold dear, harm……..these are the gleamings that, purposefully ignorant of all costs, clench their fists, grit their teeth and, turning into the wind to face the storm…..spit in the face of their enemies.

      It seems Tommy Robinson has chosen a gleaming path and as such there are those who, long since gone, a small but very exclusive collection of guardians, are given cause to look over their shoulders from points providential and say……..”here comes another, watch over him and in his hour of greatest need, whisper in his ear and tell him that he has chosen well and that history and his generations hence will speak well of him and honour him”.

      While I speak not ill of martyrs and of those who leave this life with the inimitable grace of Perpetua……..Tommy Robinson has chosen not to spend his life and what remains of it, on his knees, living a life of quiet desperation, living a life of abject degradation and humiliation, his throat laid bare to animals, the filthy bootheel of islamism on his neck…….Tommy Robinson has taken a leadership role…….and he has told his people..”do as I do….follow me”

      I wish Tommy Robinson and all those who love him and those he loves……I wish them all very well. I wish them good health, I wish them good fortune and I wish them all a seat at the head of the table of a new England. I wish all the members of the English Defence League well…..Godspeed to each and every one.

      As for the remainder of the citizens of England, I hope that they will chose not the path of those “that slumber by a slowly dying fire”

      I close with the words of of my very good friend, Victorian poet laureate, Alfred Lord Tennyson:

      Slowly comes a hungry people, as a lion, creeping nigher,
      Glares at one that nods and winks behind a slowly-dying fire. ”

      -Locksley Hall
      Alfred Lord Tennyson.

      Well that pretty much wraps it up…..

      In the flicking light of the fires set alight by the Muhammadans across Europe………read this….

      “Let each give according to his means and let know one say that it is not enough”

      That, Hinch99, is a ridiculous and injurious cop-out and it is also the kindling used to fuel those flames that may, God forbid, consume the civilized world,,,,,,,

      Regards Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

      • I think those you challenge have already been brave indeed and deserving of admiration and encouragement. Not all can stand in the shoes of Thomas More as you would wish and nor should they be bullied into doing so. Moreover who are you to put other mens lives (and and families lives) and careers at risk?

        Fools rush in where angels fear to tread and discretion is the better part of valour!

        • Hinch99,

          You say…..

          “Not all can stand in the shoes of Thomas More as you would wish and nor should they be bullied into doing so”

          That is exactly what they should be subjected to or, in the alternative, they should be shown to the door and politely asked to leave.

          Participation in a democracy, a civilized Western democracy. has been a free ride for decades. That time is over…….finished… the time has come to ante up and pay the dues. I will not suffer cowards and the treacherous gladly, I will not allow them one more opportunity to shirk their duty, to shuffle off their obligations, to allow them to ride one more inch one the coattails of good men and women. Not one more inch.

          As Thomas Jefferson said ……”The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”……..

          Lastly, you say,

          “Moreover who are you to put other mens lives (and and families lives) and careers at risk? “……..

          I hear this all the time and it makes me roll my eyes and giggle like a schoolgirl…….

          The Socialist Liberal Left in all its charming forms, fronts, guises and mutations convulses and coughs blood when faced with the truth of what is a war between Muslims and the West…..a thinly disguised cultural war and one which bears the earmarks of sheer bloody terrorism as exercised by the opposition, the Muslims…….this reality is denied, mitigated, manipulated, excused, ignored, obfuscated and disguised………because in the opinion of the Left, fawning handmaidens to the excrement of Islam every single one, all of our assertions in reference to reality, truth and over 1400 years of bloodsoaked history at the hands of Islamist terrorism and madness….is all a figment of our imagination. How rich.

          How remarkable then…..when dragged into the light of day, these same Leftist handmaidens claim threat and danger……..and in the light of their foolish mitigation of the madness of those who seek their deaths……..I ask the burning and certainly obvious question; who could possibly threaten them?…….from where could the danger emerge?……, according to them……there is no danger and all of this “terrorism” and “islamofacism” is just the work of ultra-right-wing ,dangerous, repugnant, vile, filthy, sheet-wearing, cross burning, wife beating, dog, kicking, heavy drinking, uneducated, unenlightened, conservative, God fearing and probably Christian, narrow minded, homophobic, anatidaephobic, hate mongers…….

          Its a tired old song…………

          Now, if you’ll excuse me……….I think there’s a peeping duck at my window…..

          Regards, Don Laird
          Dogtown Bastard
          Alberta, Canada

  5. Let them return to their repugnant little house of class war where they are more than willing to fight under the auspices of the shahada.

  6. I have published under my own name for nigh on 8 years and more and had my phones tapped, followed around UK by ”funny people” in dark cars, had’em outside my house and even been followed by a Police helicopter….Then there’s the still extant death fatwa…

    Oh yes they tried to kick my door down…

    Wished ’eme all a cheery ”Good-day!!!”

    And it amazing what one can do with Bishop’s crosier….

    Bit painful one must admit but there is no way I will succumb to this awful ideology.

    Still here

    Regards to all


    • Well bloody done!!!

      Allow me a quote…….from a piece I wrote called An Open Letter To England by Don Laird……

      I am reminded of a line from the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”…it renders useless the arguments offered by those who, weak of will, follow the murderous direction of others and refuse to act on behalf of those in need. The King of Jerusalem, counseling a young knight on matters of conscience and courage of conviction, responds to one of his questions, he says, ” Even when those who move you be kings or men of power, your soul is in your keeping alone. When you stand before God you cannot say that I was told by others to do thus or that virtue was not convenient, this will not suffice”.

      Obviously Father Torres……….you have decided what will suffice and what will not……and as such, in these times of absent depth of character among men…… seems your flock is well taken care of.


      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

  7. Who cares what Daniel Johnson thinks, people like him didn’t stop the rape gangs in England, he isn’t worth so much as a single EDL member.

    • That occurred to me too. Yes, the speeches are fine. We’ve posted many a fine diatribe here. But The Boyos in Luton were the impetus behind the reining in of the “Asian” pimps and hustlers who were able to take advantage of young underclass girls who were essentially another group of throw-aways.

      We were reporting on that situation back in 2005 and exactly nothing happened. That horror was my introduction to the politically correct term “Asians” back then – for Pakistanis. And God forbid one called them “pakis” out loud . These brutally vicious little tin-pot drug lords and pimps were roaming free and the police in Luton looked the other way while these girls disappeared, often sent to the north to be broken in and trained.

      No police, no media, no academics, no human societies, not social workers AT ALL. It took the organization and mobilization of the EDL to begin to halt these horrors. But it’s only a small dent since these criminals operate with impunity. Were the EDL not there to protest loudly at the fate of these girls, if they didn’t have the courage to push-back, many more girls would be up north some where. Won’t be any middle class girls though, so the problem doesn’t exist…the police work for the middle and upper classes, not for working class Brits. It’s positively Chinese in its authoritarian injustices.

      The class wars will destroy Britain as a cohesive sovereignty. The middle and upper classes are so many mandarins, who think their way of life can continue apart from the muck below them…one only has to read Anthony Daniels to realize how deep the disorder runs.

      He was a doctor who made his living “treating” the psychiatric ills of those at the bottom of the food chain, but his writings are at pains to make sure we know he kept his skirts clean…I wonder if he actually helped anyone – I mean “helped” in the sense he mentored or intervened in lives with any compassion…

      I finally had to stop reading him. The things he was blind to – the things he didn’t know he didn’t know – were too painfully dissonant.

  8. Most on the left just don’t know who their friends are. We in the counter-jihad stand for freedom for all, compulsion to none, of speech, expression, self-defense. This self-righteous European will first sell the rope to those who would/will hang him, then he’ll hold the rope as the noose knot is tied.

    “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

    Ronald Reagan (1964)

    “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

    Ben Franklin (1776)

  9. The Gates of Vienna is a repugnant and dangerous site? Surely, he (the web-editor-who-has-no-name) jests? What lies has he swallowed and who is feeding them to him?

    With sneer quotes he dismisses “your ‘counter-jihad.'” Baron, I didn’t know that all of this effort was a personal initiative, motivated by your own idiosyncratic crusade against the benign cultural enrichers of Europe and their oh-so-mild peccadillos. As for sneering at the counterjihad movement, well, yes, the web-editor-who-has-no-name would have to first acknowledge that there is a jihad going on before he could begin to comprehend that there’s a movement to stop it. To reach that stage in his thinking he needs about ten years to catch up on his reading. I suggest he start with Bat Ye’or.

  10. This un-named invertebrate’s response again suggests Daniel Johnson did NOT initiate the request to have the video removed and he is far more concerned with ‘his’ image than that of Johnson or Standpoint. Just because his identity has been redacted, what, pray tell, gives him reason to believe “Standpoint’s” integrity won’t be questioned when it’s editor can’t support his own expressed opinion. Spineless, indeed.

  11. Kinneddar – re your comment about liberals who oppose the counter Jihad at least having to acknowledge there’s a Jihad to counter. – I agree with your logic, but sadly they lack it, and rarely admit there’s a problem with Islam or some of its followers. Instead they smear critics of Islamic extremism as racists or bigots, as if they had personally insulted every Muslim on the planet in pointing out the violence in Islamic scriptures or the violence committed by Islamist followers.

    • I agree, Dinan. It’s as though they have a mental block which won’t allow them to process information that goes against their assumptions. Since they can’t admit that their assumptions about Islam may be on shaky ground, they deny any information presented to them that doesn’t fit into the mold they’ve created. It might take a repeat of 9/11 by Islamists to wake them up, or, with time, if they read enough from unbiased sources they might change their thinking. Hence, my suggestion that he-who-must-not-be-named start on a reading campaign. Sadly, though, I believe there isn’t time and I fear that the wake-up call will come first.

  12. This [redacted: “person”] needs a reality check. He ought to take a walk around Luton with ‘Tommy Robinson’, listen to what he ACTUALLY HAS TO SAY & if he survives his little stroll (doubtful) think more carefully about who and what is repugnant & dangerous’ in the UK today.

    Of course he will never do that, never associate himself with the riff-raff – people like [he who must not be named] and Melanie Phillips are happy enough having discussions over a bottle of wine about Islam, but they really don’t think that working class people are sophisticated enough to have an inner life, not educated enough to have a legitimate opinion about Islam or … well, anything really.

  13. Might I add that his assertion that by removing his address etc you acknowledge the “risks” involved in having an email quoted on GoV – simply not true.

    It is simply good practice to remove any addresses etc from anyone’s communcations; everyone knows this.

    One wonders what “risks” he is talking about – could it be the risk of being sent to Coventry by his colleagues in the “chattering class”?

    If that’s the case then he might want to try developing a backbone & standing up for himself.

    I suggest he spends an evening watching “Sophie Scholl – The Final Days”.

    It’s also worth noting that obviously [he who must not be named] has no problem with using people’s given name in internet communications since he uses the Baron’s given name.

  14. Rarely am I left staring off into space and speechless.

    Being counter-jihad is not only repugnant but also dangerous? What-the… ?!!

  15. It’s going to be a long, hard haul for the C-J if these sort of moral invertebrates are the best support we may be able to call upon.

    But do look upon the bright side – as Chesty Puller said “So they’ve got us surrounded, good! Now we can fire in any direction, those bastards won’t get away this time!”

    Semper Fi 🙂

    Seneca III

    • Oh How I wish ole Chesty was around today, for he would put the fear of God into the hearts and minds of these spineless leftist who fold at the slightest harsh word.
      Goodnight Chesty! Wherever you are!
      Semper Fi !

      • Our general staff are a sad lot of wankers now. Is ‘wankers’ a bad word? It was the first bit of opprobrium that popped into my head.

        Anyhow, they used to be officers and gentlemen. Now they are sad p.c. homicidal maniacs who make their men kiss the Koran and avoid shooting anyone. Our current rules of engagement are designed by Obama & Co. to drive men away from the military. Utterly sad.

        • You have no idea how right you are. My last excursion to Afghanistan, the boys over there were more frightened of being court martialed and the ocifer class than they were of the Taliban. Moral is in the (redacted) and continues to plummet. The officers are telling them to trust their afghan counterparts when it is as clear as day that you can’t. We need a Battalion of Chestys to fix this mess we are in. Thank God(not allah) that I am retired from govt servitude and now a PMC where things get done.

  16. Personally, I am very glad to be associated with repugnance and danger, please carry on Baron, Your achievements in the almost ten years of Gates of Vienna are remarkable, it is only by education that this battle will be won, and yourselph and Dymph have been providing that CJ 101 class very astutely. The Yob snobbery, as shown by he-who-must-not-be-named makes me suspect that we have a false flag operation going at Standpoint!

    We NEED to be repugnant, and we NEED to be dangerous, being timid and PC is not going to save Mr Nobody’s neck when the headsmen cometh. Time to check the screws in your head Mr. , they seem to be a bit loose……

  17. I always thought the siege of Vienna was repugnant and dangerous.

    Now mr xxxx got me all confused. Must be my English.

  18. Maybe [he who must not be named] will now remove all the names of the writers who contribute articles to the magazine he works for then?

    Maybe [he who must not be named] will remove his own name from all aspects of that magazine, and any associated youtube videos which are in the public domain, so that he cannot be associated with the magazine in any way, shape or form?

    No? Why not?

    I wonder what Douglas Murray thinks about all this btw?

  19. You know, Douglas Murray who wrote a book called “Islamophilia’ recently and who sang the praises of “guerrilla publishing” in an article in … Standpoint.

    • Douglas Murray was originally slated to be one of the speakers at the Oxford Debate, but had to cancel, FWIU.

  20. When your house is on fire, the appreciative homeowner doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the fireman’s politics. They face the common enemy as a team.

    • Unless you’re a cultural enricher…in which case you attack the firemen…pardon me, fire personnel…and after the house is gone, you demand another. And the state supplies it.

      That’s the insane asylum socialist view of “supply side” economics.

  21. He’s a nasty coward.

    I use a pseudonym online because my family has been plagued by both cyberstalkers and real-world stalkers, including a particularly dangerous one from a Muslim country.

    I say and do exactly the same things in person under my real name as I do online under my screen name. It is my right to keep the two forms of communication separate.

    • Unless you’re a cultural enricher…in which case you attack the firemen…pardon me, fire personnel…and after the house is gone, you demand another. And the state supplies it.

      That’s the insane asylum socialist view of “supply side” economics.

  22. Dear Baron,

    This story confuses me – maybe you can help me?

    When I made a search on “daniel johnson, standpoint, youtube” – not very complicated – I immediately found the video from his Oxford speech. If you choose to publish anything at YouTube, Vimeo etc., doesn’t that make the material a kind of “official document” in a legal sense? Which means that anybody has the legal right to refer to it if it is done correctly?

    Is the “web master” and Daniel Johnson different persons? If so – Standpoint might have som problems regarding their internal communications.

    I am a fairly new blogger. When I made a search on “Baron Bodissey”, I immediately found your name Edward S May. Dear Ned – you are not more anonymous than Barack Obama – and of course it is your concious choice!

    In the world of blogging, you have the right to choose whether to be anonymous or not. Noone is to blame to stay anonymous. As a Swede in exile, I have chosen to show my identity. I am not at all sure that it’s a wise decision……

    What puzzles me the most: Isn’t Daniel Johnson proud of his excellent and very well-prepared speech? I bet that his 4 children are!

    • “Isn’t Daniel Johnson proud of his excellent and very well-prepared speech?”

      Not if it’s cited by any certified “racist” – which in Britain can mean anyone against Islam, moreso anyone “connected to Breivik”… as GoV was, when the Guardian said that Breivik was one of its co-contributors.

      In such a case, one may lose any credibility by even being quoted positively by any such “undesirable”, and so must run as far away as possible in order to keep one’s reputation alive.

      • The impression given is that Johnson has taken
        fright at the power in his own speech. Either that
        or someone further up the food-chain has had a
        fatherly word with him. Those who spoke against
        Islam being a religion of peace spoke very clearly
        and their message was hard-hitting. Given that
        univercity students are usually idealistic airheads
        and therefore the results of the vote shouldn’t
        surprise, I was wondering if anyone knew how
        attendance at the event is organised. Again I get
        the impression that the other side seem to have maximised their bums-on-seats.

  23. One more thing. When you run a blog, you have the total rights of choosing subjects and of moderating the posts.
    No doubt – blogs like GoV has complicated the lying of the traditional medias. And when it comes to speed – they are hopelessly lost.

    • You’re right on both comments. Some antifa group and a certifiably insane individual thought they were outing him when they published his name. I call him Neduardo. His son calls him “Dadn”-

      and he just says don’t call him late for dinner….

  24. This quote from Samuel Adams seems appropriate for Standpoint’s Webmaster

    “Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say ‘what should be the reward of such sacrifices?’ Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” — Samuel Adams

    • that should be “more” …. “than the animated contest of freedom,”

  25. I’d like to have seen some explanation of what he finds “dangerous” about your counterjihad, and more particularly, to whom he finds it dangerous. Does he believe that you’re spawning legions of Breiviks here, and they’ll go out and shoot up Labor party picnics? Or mosques?

    Is it dangerous to the egos of the establishment that keeps trying to defend its multicultural madness and its tender regard for Islam?

    Or could it, might it, just possibly, be: the counterjihad is dangerous to the counterjihadis, and to anyone they quote, because … Muslims will get very, very mad?

    Nah, couldn’t be that.

  26. Reminds me of when a liberal/left-wing (and sometimes PC) friend visited me last year… during one of our conversations, I mentioned that I read GoV… His immediate reaction: “Why do you read Gates of Vienna?“.

    In hindsight, I missed the chance for an immediate comeback: “Why do you read the Guardian?

    • I should note that I had assumed that my friend (like the vast majority of the inhabitants of this planet) was not aware that a blog called GoV existed. But his reaction made me wonder if the Guardian and other left-wing mouthpieces left their readers well-prepared as to what “enemies” (or even “sub-humans”) they may encounter among the blogosphere….

  27. Ironic that the people at Standpoint would likely consider themselves “intellectuals” (also true of many “anti-fascist” groups such as UAF, Antifa etc) – and indeed, they were invited to a debate at one of the world’s foremost centres of intellectual study…

    What exactly is “intellectual” in demanding that a blog post containing a video of your speech is taken down, simply because you don’t like that blog? Aren’t the high and mighty in academia meant to be thirsty for discussion and exchange of opinions?

  28. Many moons ago I held a relatively senior position in a local authority (England) social services department. During one lunchtime I doodled an ironic piece about the race-relations/racism industry that involved anti-racist zealots dressed in Ku Klux Klan outfits arresting a poor individual who’d said something vaguely out of pc line. Interrupted by the phone, my carelessness resulted in the said piece ‘finding its way’ between the pages of a file that I was in the process of closing – where it remained for a couple of years until it was unearthed by someone going through closed files. It ruined my career, and subsequently my marriage. I was suspended and from the behaviour of my superiors I got the impression they found me dangerous – which of course I was, as is G of V, as is anyone who speaks outside orthodoxy. We are dangerous – to the status quo.

  29. I’m glad that a few people still have the guts to resist the PC-juggernaut. Even FoxNews is turning Marxist in their acceptable comments policy.

  30. Well.
    Now I suppose it’s clear what Standpoint stands for.
    And against.
    The counterjihad agenda of this website, GOV, is the only rational response to Islam.

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