Picking on Israel

The European Union’s new guidelines on doing business in Israel instruct its member states not to have any dealings with firms in the “territories”. The PVV, Geert Wilders’ political party, raised a strong objection to the new policy in the Dutch Parliament.

According to a press release from the PVV:

PVV questions Dutch Foreign Minister about EU guidelines on Israel

Parliamentary questions of the MPs Raymond De Roon and Geert Wilders (both PVV) to the minister of Foreign Affairs about Israel’s condemnation of a new EU guideline

1.   Have you seen the press articles about the Israeli condemnation of new EU guideline to ban funding and cooperation beyond the 1967 Israeli borders? *
2.   Is it true that you agreed with this guideline last December?
3.   Don’t you think that with this new guideline the European bureaucrats are interfering in the internal affairs of Israel in a complete unfair manner?
4.   Why do the EU bureaucrats interfere so openly with Israel while they do not set any guidelines for other territorial disputes, such as the Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus, the Chinese occupation of Tibet and the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara?
5.   Can you make sure that this new guideline will not be issued?
6.   Do you share our view that paying Israel-hating EU bureaucrats, who previously wasted billions of development money in Egypt, are a wasteful expenditure for our taxpayers?

*   The Washington Post

3 thoughts on “Picking on Israel

  1. Mister Wilder of the PVV is dead right!
    It is a shame what the EU-burocrats are doing.

  2. This is bureaucratic buffoonery at its worst.

    Who do these New World Order tools think will be MOST affected by their ruling? Someone put the message on a silver tray and present it to the dimwits in charge:

    many of those businesses targeted by the terminally clueless in the EUacracy are employing the PoorPalis™ … maybe that’s the point: keep them down and out and dependent on handouts.

    As Charles Johnson was fond of saying, something smells bad here in this new diktat.

  3. these eu people are nuts, a total waste of time and tax payers money, they should be exposed and taken to court for hypocrisy, propaganda, vilification, racism, and generally having totally misrepresented israel to the world.

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