Some observers are speculating that yesterday’s horrific train derailment in Spain — which killed at least eighty people and injured upwards of a hundred others — may have been sabotage. The proximity of the disaster to the Santiago de Compostela festival and the association with Matamoros have fuelled speculation about (presumably Islamic) sabotage of the train.

However, the evidence available so far — which is admittedly scanty — doesn’t support the idea of sabotage. Below is a CCTV clip of the derailment, first at normal speed, then in slow-motion:

What we see in the video is that the second car in the train derailed first. The flash — which some people describe as an “explosion” — came after it tipped over, when it hit something near the track. The video is not clear enough for us to discern what flashed, but it could have been a transformer on a pole, or something similar.

Another car further back also buckled out of line a split second later.

This is consistent with the train’s hitting a curve at a high rate of speed while beginning to brake. It was, according to numerous accounts, traveling at more than twice the speed limit.

When the engineer realized what was wrong, he must have said, “[expletive deleted]!”, and hit the brakes hard. If all the cars didn’t have equally effective brakes, they would tend to accordion, which is exactly what we saw in the video. The ones with weaker brakes buckled out of line, since they were now going faster with the ones with stronger brakes in front of them.

Thus the accident could be explained by the excessive speed, and then braking. No sabotage is required.

We are left with some questions, however:

  • Why was the train going so fast?
  • Isn’t the speed on these trains automated?
  • What was the Mohammed Coefficient of the train driver?

In this case, there were actually two drivers. Both survived, and one of them (who is under police custody in the hospital) is named Francisco José Garzón Amo. So the Mo-Co here can’t be more than 50%.

Then there’s the report than someone heard an explosion. But, after watching this video over and over, I’d say that there must have been a lot of events in those first five seconds that sounded like explosions.

The only possible point of sabotage would seem to have been a disabling of the train’s automatic speed control. However, the train driver is said to have boasted on Facebook about how fast he likes to drive his train. Could he have overridden the automated controls in order to travel at the speed he preferred?

Below are relevant excerpts from a Reuters report:

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I Demand Halal Pork!

Our Perth correspondent Anne-Kit has translated a rousing op-ed from the opinion pages of yesterday’s Berlingske Tidende, one of Denmark’s leading dailies:

I Demand Halal Pork
By Henrik Day Poulsen, Psychiatrist, PhD

WE are in the middle of the Muslim holy month, Ramadan. I’ve already treated two women with scarves who were ready to faint in the summer heat, due to the ban on eating and drinking during daylight hours.

This week both Berlingske Tidende and other media have covered Islam for better and for worse. Zenia Stampe, the village idiot in charge of Radikale Venstre [Denmark’s radical liberal (or left) party], showed herself to be devoid of psychological insight into what Danish soldiers and their families might think and feel about the armed forces’ exit from Afghanistan. Stampe’s party supported Denmark’s involvement in upholding Muslim women’s rights in Afghanistan, including girls’ access to education. They also supported the prevention of the formation of terror cells, thereby creating a more peaceful world.

But now, in the clear light of hindsight, Stampe thinks this was a big mistake. Consequently, in her view 43 Danish soldiers lost their lives by mistake, and their families lost their sons by mistake. I don’t know if it was a good idea to invade Afghanistan. But I do know that politicians need to think very carefully before they express opinions on sensitive issues that affect people deeply. Many veterans struggle with psychological problems, and again this is due to a regrettable mistake, says Stampe. She forgets to mention that Denmark and her allies are owed a big debt of gratitude by the Muslim world for trying to support democracy and human rights, and for fighting the Taliban, whose reign of terror is comparable to those of Hitler and Pol Pot. Imagine if England and the US had not fought Hitler, and just didn’t care?

I call for prominent Muslims to thank Danish soldiers for their efforts. This would be especially timely during their holy month. A big “thank you” to the 43 soldiers who died for what they believed in, i.e. freedom. A “thank you” to Danish taxpayers for the billions of DKK that have been and still are being sent to Afghanistan. Denmark is among the foremost countries that support equal treatment of Muslims on the world stage.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/24/2013

The International Committee of the Red Cross is cutting back its services in Afghanistan due to an attack on its offices in Jalalabad at the end of May. A security guard was killed and the building was badly damaged in the assault.

In other news, a number of major European banks will be taking a hit from the bankruptcy of Detroit, since they hold substantial quantities of unsecured Motor City debt.

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The New Appeasement

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The New Appeasement
by Fjordman

Who really won the Cold War? If we truly and decisively “won” the fight against Marxism, why does the “victorious” superpower the USA a mere generation later have a President Obama who champions Socialist doctrines and practices, barely concealed? Did we fail to fully expose and confront Marxist aggression and infiltration, and has this failure made the Western world vulnerable to Islamic aggression and infiltration today?

The eloquent author and columnist Diana West raises some of these questions in her new book American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character. I will do a more thorough review of this book later this year. At the moment, I am tied up with completing my own upcoming book, Witness to Madness.

As Diana West states: “Since the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union, the findings that confirm the secret Soviet penetration of U.S. institutions have uneasily co-existed with the old legacy of Soviet-fanned disinformation that tells us the ‘Red scare’ was just a ‘Red-baiter’s’ fantasy. It is this consensus that conditions us, for example, to sentence Sen. Joe McCarthy to burn in hellfire forever for Senate investigations into Communist penetration, but views a portrait of Chairman Mao by Warhol as just the thing for the chic mantelpiece. Never mind the 30 to 40 million people the Communist dictator killed. Such mental conditioning may have ruptured our moral and logic processes. But it left the field wide open for some serious new revision. Once-secret sources — among them, the Mitrokhin archive, the Venona archive, the Vassiliev archive, and declassified FBI files — reveal the Moscow-directed maneuvers of a strategically-placed intelligence army of American traitors fighting to advance Soviet interests. That’s not one Aldrich Ames or five Cambridge spies. Hundreds of American traitors operated surreptitiously in the public square, many of them entering government positions under FDR in the 1930s.”

This subject is also briefly touched upon in the book Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me, by the courageous Dutch politician Geert Wilders. Vladimir Bukovsky, a former Russian dissident under the Communist dictatorship of the Soviet Union who spent years as a political prisoner in the Soviet Gulag, argues that there should have been a “Nuremberg trial” of sorts after the fall of Communism, just like there was after the fall of national Socialism at the end of the Second World War.

Since this didn’t happen, he figures that we never truly won the Cold War as decisively as we could and should have done. International Socialism in the form of Communism was not fully exposed as the inherently evil system that it was. As a consequence, therefore, it carries much less social stigma in the Western world today to call oneself a Communist or a Marxist than to call oneself a national Socialist, although both were murderous, totalitarian belief systems.

Vladimir Bukovsky stresses that such a Nuremberg trial against Communism should have focused on exposing and judging the evil system and the ideology behind it, more than on punishing specific individuals. If you were to punish all those who had collaborated with the repressive Communist regimes you would have to jail millions of people, and Mr. Bukovsky doesn’t want to replace the old Gulag with a new one.

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A Notice About Comments

Dymphna is ill at the moment with bad eye allergies, among other ailments, and can no longer monitor and approve comments on her posts. It’s all I can do to manage that with my own posts, so I don’t have time to do hers, too.

For this reason she has closed her recent posts to comments, and will continue to do so with additional posts until her health improves.

Commenting will proceed as usual on my posts.

Some Thoughts on the Dubai Rape Case

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has a few choice things to say about Marte Dalelv, who was sentenced to prison in Dubai for reporting a rape, and the way the Norwegian authorities have responded to the case — which he considers anything but satisfactory.

Some thoughts on the Dubai rape case
by The Observer

The despicable treatment that the Norwegian rape victim Marte Dalelv was subjected to by the authorities in the UAE — who sentenced her to 16 months in prison for alerting them of her own rape — has by now made its round through the various international news channels. The entire world has gotten a glimpse into the depraved mentality of an Islamic regime that relies heavily on the inhumane Shariah when it metes out punishments to non-Muslims and women, whom it views as second class citizens. However, despite the repulsiveness of the case and all the media coverage that it has generated there is nothing unique about it. Women and non-Muslims have always been treated as inferior citizens in the Islamic world, and this highly unorthodox pardon should by no means be interpreted as a change in policy concerning these matters on the part of the authorities in the UAE.

When people in Norway and the rest of the West rejoice at the release of Ms Dalelv, they should bear in mind that there are thousands of women who are in exactly the same situation, women who are locked away in prisons for being raped or who are living under slave-like conditions where they are mistreated, sexually abused and looked upon as subhumans by their perverted and cruel masters, who draw their moral guidance from the Quran.

The fact that Ms Dalelv has now been pardoned for her ‘crime’ of being raped by the ‘generous’ and ‘benign’ regime in UAE is cause for celebration, however there is no reason to celebrate the Norwegian authorities’ craven handling of this case, which can only be described as abysmal. When the incident was first brought to their attention they chose to keep quiet about it, or to use diplomatic lingo, they decided to rely upon ‘silent diplomacy’ to try and lessen Ms Dalelv’s suffering as a convicted rape victim in a misogynistic and morally corrupt Islamic nation which treats rape victims like dirt. This spectacular tactic adopted by the Norwegian authorities result in absolutely nothing, apart from drawing unwanted media attention to the Norwegian authorities themselves. Instead of informing the media about this incident in order to make as much noise as possible and to create an atmosphere where it would be very hard for the authorities in the UAE to ignore this issue, the Norwegian State Secretary, Espen Barth Eide, chose to sit back and twiddle his thumbs while one of his compatriots was treated in the most appalling manner possible in a nation that completely disregards basic human rights.

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Journalistic Malfeasance and the Kangaroo Court

Over at the Conservative Treehouse Sundance describes Bill Whittle’s video as having “quite an impact”.

Now there’s an understatement. In the four days since Mr. Whittle aired his criticism of what went down in Sanford, and his praise for The Misfits (Sundance & Crew) and Jack Cashill’s essays the numbers of hits keep climbing for this latest “Afterburner” video. When Sundance published his update, the counter was over 500,000 views. It has since climbed another 156,000 and shows little sign of slowing. In addition to that video, he provides thumbnail links to previous PJ videos which have received a high number of views.

Since I subscribe to Bill Whittle’s channel, I saw this video when it first aired. His work is admirable and this one is a particularly fine effort. I hadn’t planned to publish it since it appears in so many other places, but requests for us to put it up continue to come in:

An essay by Paul Green was not available when Mr. Whittle’s video was posted, but our readers will find his ideas congenial. Yesterday, Paul took the conservative poo-bahs to task for dissing George Zimmerman. No doubt they’re anxious to prove themselves fair and balanced to their liberal cronies. But if they’d bothered to research Zimmerman, as the FBI certainly did, they’d find he is exactly the kind of neighbor any of us would want.

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Would-be commenters can leave their sentiments on Paul Green’s post at AT, or at the threads on the Conservative Tree House – Dymphna]

BREAKING: Fjordzilla Rampages Through Downtown Oslo

The second anniversary of the massacre by Anders Behring Breivik was marked by an outpouring of even more journalistic bile than usual directed at Fjordman.

In the space of a single month, from late June until late July 2013, the Norwegian media have compared Fjordman to Adolf Hitler, Vidkun Quisling, Heinrich Himmler, and several convicted murderers. It has been suggested that he represents a “modernized Nazism”.

A journalist in Adresseavisen referred to him as “Breivik’s ideological mentor”.

Øyvind Strømmen insists that the mass media don’t tell people how extreme Fjordman really is. At the same time, a professor emeritus in history, Hans Fredrik Dahl, wrote in one of the country’s three largest newspapers directly comparing Fjordman to Adolf Hitler. He predicts that there will now be more books exposing the alleged “right-wing extremist” ideology behind Breivik.

I’m afraid that Messrs. Strømmen, Dahl, et al. have it wrong. They have greatly underestimated the monstrously evil danger that has been spawned and is growing in their very midst.

It’s worse than Quisling. It’s worse than Hitler.

It’s worse than Lex Luthor, Darth Vader, and Sauron combined.


Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/23/2013

Scandal is swirling around the front-runner in the New York mayoral race after news emerged that a man who used the name “Carlos Danger” when sexting selected people and sending photos of his, ahem, apparatus, was in fact Anthony “Dangerous Dick” Weiner. Mr. Weiner insists that he has no intention of quitting the race.

In other news, a nursing student is suing a community college in Arizona for suspending her after she requested that her classes be conducted in English only.

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Gavin Boby Calls for Volunteer Researchers

Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation is asking for a volunteer researcher to assist in its mosque-busting projects.

Researchers: The Law and Freedom Foundation’s mosque project needs your help!

A message from Gavin Boby

We need a researcher to help us do empirical research into the effect on property values once a mosque goes up in a neighbourhood. At the moment we are focusing on English neighbourhoods.

You will need to be sympathetic to this cause, and have some basic idea of the effects that a mosque has. You will also need to be comfortable working analytically, and meticulously, online.

We can guide you on the methodology, and the presentation of the information, but you may find aspects to the issue of which we were previously unaware.

This will be interesting to someone who likes to think about these issues. And very valuable to the cause!

We look forward to hearing from you.

You may contact us by email:

For more on Gavin Boby and the Law and Freedom Foundation, see the Law and Freedom Foundation Archives.

Halal Meat is the First Giant Step of Our Islamization

The following article by Enza Ferreri was published earlier this summer at the Liberty GB website.

Halal Meat is the First Giant Step of Our Islamization
by Enza Ferreri

Halal meat — made from animals sacrificed to Allah, often brutally — is being given to unknowing non-Muslim consumers and diners in supermarkets, restaurants and schools throughout Britain. How did this come about, and what can we do to stop it?

A few days ago I got up determined to keep Islam and politics out of my mind — I tend to think about such subjects a lot these days — at least until I would turn my computer on and start working.

I went to the front door to check my mail and among the letters there was a leaflet with the menu of a local takeaway. I inspected it and found the dreaded word: “Halal”.

There is no way you can keep Islam out of your life, or even out of your thoughts for long, in today’s Britain, even more so in today’s London. The saying “If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain” seems particularly appropriate under the circumstances. I did not want to figuratively go to Islam, but Islam came to me.

I threw the takeaway leaflet in the dustbin, but not before phoning the place to let the people running it know that I was about to keep their leaflet, since the takeaway is convenient and close to us, but that when I saw they were selling halal meat I got rid of it — which is exactly the truth. I added that there are many other people like me in our area who don’t want to eat halal meat and that the takeaway is going to lose business because of this issue.

The only thing I did not mention is that I am a vegetarian, which is the best, surest way not to be affected by halal if you live in Londonistan — although I was vegetarian long before the birth of this problem in the West: I recommend it to everybody, regardless of the halal question. Let’s not delude ourselves: even in the best conditions, slaughter is always atrocious for the animals, it is in fact murder. But although a vegetarian, I would not buy anything from a halal-meat-peddling outlet.

People who haven’t seen the light sometimes say to me during a discussion that the Islamization of Britain is never going to happen, a view, alas, shared by many.

The fact is that we do not even need to talk about the future, because it is already happening.

A clear case of Islamization already present is that of halal meat.

This subject is one of those that most antagonizes British and other European natives against Islam for two reasons.

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This Baby Needs a Shave

Wherever immigration laws grant unaccompanied undocumented minors special treatment — which includes a number of Western European countries and Australia — there is widespread age-related fraud. “Children” with heavy beards and gray in their hair make appear in these countries and claim asylum, giving their age as 15 or 17 to immigration authorities.

Sweden has one of the most liberal asylum policies in Europe, plus a very generous smörgåsbord of welfare benefits for new arrivals, so “child” asylum-seeker fraud is pervasive in the country.

Thoralf Alfsson is a member of the Swedish parliament for Sverigedemokraterna (The Swedish Democrats). The following article was posted today on his blog. Many thanks to LN for the translation:

Hypocrisy has no limits
by Thoralf Alfsson

Sometimes you see things the way they were intended. Yesterday I saw a group of “unaccompanied children” with their staff. I can only say I am upset, to say the least, when I look at the age group in which these “children” belong. One of them was certainly not a day under thirty years old!

What hypocrisy from our authorities! The hypocrisy is even greater from the staff of these places who are players in this theater. They do it with the argument that it is not their duty to assess the age of the “kids”.

I believe that you, as employee, have the obligation to report any anomaly in your workplace. Liars and cheats will be reported! Anything else is malpractice!

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Love, Afghan-Style

A “German” man was spurned in his proposal of marriage, so he stabbed his would-be bride — a fellow culture-enricher — in the neck. Thanks to the help of relatives and rapid medical intervention, she survived to testify against her erstwhile fiancé in court.

Many thanks to our German correspondent Tiedar for translating this article from Die Welt:

Marriage refused — woman stabbed

A 39-year-old Afghan wanted to marry his girlfriend but she refused it. He threatened her with hanging her up by her bowels. The woman countered that he was not in Afghanistan; then he stabbed her.

She didn’t want to marry him and made fun of his threats, although he had already beaten her — then he stabbed her. A 39-year-old Afghan admitted at Passau County Court that he stabbed the woman he loved in the throat with a knife because of jealousy.

He saw her sitting beside a fellow countryman on a bus and went crazy. At the beginning of the trial he said, “I lost control.” The detailed circumstances of the crime he couldn’t remember. The 39-year-old and the 26-year-old Afghan met in Athens as refugees. He gave up his wife and child and paid a smuggler to bring the mother, living in divorce and her three children, from Athens to Germany.

According to the woman they began a sexual relationship two years ago. Since they moved to Passau May 2011 he visited her three times, but the plans for a future wedding were too fast, and her 8-year-old daughter didn’t like the prospective new husband.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/22/2013

In a surprising move, the foreign ministers of the European Union agreed that Hezbollah should be added to the blacklist of terrorist organizations. However, the ministers only applied this designation to Hezbollah’s so-called “armed wing”.

In other news, a French politician caused controversy when, after seeing a gypsy camp, told a reporter that Hitler had perhaps not killed enough of them.

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