More on the Hamburg Intifada

We posted yesterday about the Muslim riots in Hamburg-Altona that started last Thursday. Below is a news report from Bild TV about what happened on Friday night.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:14   A mob attacks Hamburg police, it’s Friday night.
00:18   in Hamburg Altona in front of a Kiosk. The air is still
00:23   warm from the day, the mood of some Hamburgers obviously even more heated.
00:27   The police had been advised by several drivers
00:31   that they had been blinded by youth with lasers
00:35   Following this alarm, the Police wanted to check the group of 16 youth,
00:39   but they reacted aggressively.
00:43   According to Police, their officers are being massively threatened
00:47   someone kicks the patrol car, others try to
00:51   attack the Police. While the officers call for back-up
00:55   about 150 local residents gather around. They take the side
00:59   of the youths and shout anti-police slogans
01:03   according to police. Then about 100 back-up police arrive
01:07   and arrest 16 people. One suspect however
01:11   suffers irritation in his eyes from the pepper spray. Another one
01:15   who has circulation problems is delivered to a hospital as precaution
01:19   the police investigate re “Resistance against enforcement officers”
01:23   and “criminal damage”.

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